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I am a lawyer and accredited specialist specialising in business, property and sports law



Any solution that involves interstate travel at this time is unworkable and in breach of all the social distancing guideline.

Interesting but utopian idea.

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NRL island is here to save the NRL

What a world cup?. Admittedly there were 5 good teams and 3 average ones.
Australia had the best skills player by player and were far more athletic. The final game was the best performance by an Australian sporting team ever. This includes the Opals and the Matildas.

I believe that women sport in Australia was already on its way up with its standard improving year by year. This win was the proof of that.

Gender politics is so 90’s and should be consigned to the history books

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Where to next for women's cricket after the T20 World Cup?

The Israel Folau story is,I hope, over and while I appreciate educated and reasoned comment on the whole saga I couldn’t find it in Mr Cleary’s ramblings.
I hope this is not permanent.

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The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

We all seem to blame his old and new managers. As I don’t know what advice they are giving and whether the advice is listened to or not we really don’t know what the hell is happening.
What we do know is that a young very promising player is looking greedy and indecisive.
In the end he has the talent and he is entitled to make the best possible use of it. As long as these moves or lack of them are his decision we can’t complain but I hope that he doesn’t burn his bridges before he has the opportunity to realise his undoubted potential.
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Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up

Thanks Paul

I remember Trevor Bailey batting all day in Brisbane for 60 odd in the 50’s. I thought this was normal.

Dancing in Bradman's shadow

It is hard to believe that any Court will determine that the right to publish something that is critical of your employer, when the employee has already been warned, will render the termination of his contract void.
That would make a mockery of the common law separation of powers principle as well as most
commercial contracts.
So if I am right this Court action will be a huge waste of his benefactors’ money and only make Israel look more unwise for taking these steps.
Unless he wants to be a martyr with someone else’s money. What does the bible say about that?

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The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

I think that the RLPA offered moral support but doubt that they would have the financial resources or the will to use other players money to support De Belin.

A tale of two disasters

I have read my article on March 7 and can’t find the words you quoted.

A tale of two disasters

I agree with the thrust of your article and do not agree with Israel’s views in any way. I could write an article discounting and objecting to them. But who wants my opinion?

I also believe that he is entitled to his beliefs. He is also entitle to express them in whatever forum that will have him as long as he doesn’t incite racial or religious violence.

But excluding any contract issues which certainly may be relevant, his employer if it sees that these articles are damaging the good name of Rugby is entitled to tell him to go to AFL or NRL or Hell.
Israel has deliberately expressed his views in contravention of his employer’s wishes and should not be able to consider himself part of the Rugby family.

If he wants to, he can seek out whatever religious institution, print or internet site that will have him and spout forth his truly objectionable rhetoric. I will miss his athleticism and his lovely smile
but I will not miss his bigotry.

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Rugby union would be a more inclusive, kinder place without Israel Folau and his backwards views

I have submitted an article to The Roar earlier entitled. “Drop all this pitch talk”.
No-one is happy with this arrangement but unless the Swans move back to ANZ or the Giant’s ground, they will have to put up with it. The AFL regularly inspect it and declare it safe for AFL football.
Stop whingeing. Just win a few home games first.

Keith Hurst

Swans coach keen to talk drop-in pitch at SCG

Everybody is entitled to their opinion which must be respected.
But once you try to justify it that is where you become unstuck. Putting an untested player into a world cup squad instead of a proven high performer makes no sense unless your real purpose is to exclude he and Smith because of past crimes If this is the reason say it.
Roar articles are usually carefully written and justified with sound reasoning. I don’t think that your article meets that test. Sorry!

Keith Hurst

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

Guess what! The MCC have now decided that Ashwin took too long to make his mind up to run out Butler and that the out decision was incorrect and “against the spirit of the game”. I am sorry but this has left the whole issue as clear as mud.

Keith Hurst

The Mankad rises from the deep

This is a long article, but I kept looking for the promised fix. I never found it.
The opinions of those quoted by you didn’t help.
What is your opinion and can you give me some evidence to support that opinion. Otherwise I fear that I wasted my 10 minutes.

Keith Hurst

How to fix the Australian cricket team

Thought provoking but too revolutionary at this time.

100% agree with the change that if do not play a shot can be out if pitches outside leg. This will redress the balance a little.

Little step but a start

Keith Hurst

It’s time to change the leg-side no-LBW rule

Far be it for me to discourage new authors but you seem to be on the wrong track. I know of no junior cricketers who are as disillusioned as you claim.

Look at NRL wingeing that all of this bad behaviour is ruing the game for our children. Rubbish. What evidence is there of that?

Kids play cricket for many reasons. They won’t stop because some idiots try to affect the ball.

Culture is not why we were playing badly; culture will not be the winner when we play well.

Won't somebody please think of the children?

It is always a shame that this matter ends up in Court. You just hope that the parties are sensible enough to reach a compromise that works until the criminal charges are determined.


When sport attacks civil liberties: The NRL’s no-fault stand down

Your article addresses a serious issue. Does standing down on full pay constitute a punishment and if so is it fair. Note the de Bellin Federal Court proceedings seem to allege deceptive and misleading conduct.
Your last commentator doesn’t really care. With respect that is clearly wrong.
Everyone supports the NRL trying to deal with the problem before the Courts do. I am not sure that is a fair way to deal with it.
I can see a Court determining that until guilt is established the staus quo should continue and he should be allowed to play. Paying him if not playing doesn’t make sense.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

When sport attacks civil liberties: The NRL’s no-fault stand down

Hi Reesy

Sorry you don’t what you are talking about.


Crisis of common sense


Your points are sensible. There must be something in between paying him nothing or paying him everything.
Here is the paradox: Standing him down seems to say “your guilty” Paying him his whole contract seems to say “Shame this is not your fault”. Both of these statements can’t go together.
Standing down can only be seen as a decision by the NRL for PR purposes. They seem to be saying “A person who does these things shouldn’t be allowed to play.” Isn’t that an accusation of sorts. It seems to be accepting the fact that he is guilty which he is denying flatly.
I am not privy to his contract nor the NRL regulations but what we are trying to get is natural justice. They haven’t got it right.

Crisis of common sense


Great try, but something is fundamentally wrong with your reasoning. Greg Chappel may be a prickly character, I have never had a discussion with him, but what evidence do you proffer as to his competence as a selector. Only that the teams he helped select during his period as a selector did not do well. As you said yourself there may be a whole lot of good reasons why they lost.
This like saying that we lost a war because the army recruited the wrong soldiers.
By all means sack the lot of them and start again. They have collective responsibility and should fall if they do not do their job successfully.
It seems to me that the highest profile member has been made a scapegoat. This is not fair.

Keith Hurst

Greg Chappell: Great player, terrible selector

Here’s the problem. Shane Warne is an insightful commentator and at times makes brilliant comments. But Shane is a larrikin and sometimes can’t help and show his bias whether for the Renegades, Victoria or Australia. the ABC would try to fit him into the mould a little more, but Fox sees the entertainment value in a vibrant and interesting coverage. For the viewer it means that we have to endure in-jokes that we don’t understand and hilarity that goes over our heads. But given some of the boring channel 7 commentary that wee have had to put up this year I want to watch and listen to Shane.

Keith Hurst

Iconic commentator slams Shane Warne over 'disrespectful' coverage

The W league final is getting as much attention as the media wants to give it. To say Mike should not write about the FFA shambles because of the final is nonsense. This is a newsworthy story that has a long way to go. Go Mike!

FFA have lost control of a narrative now threatening to consume them

Nice idea Paul
I understand your point, but although it may work in codes of football, I have not seen it work very much in cricket , where the difference between attitude and performance doesn’t always work. There are exceptions. If Sean Marsh played in Tests like he does in ODI’s or T20’s he would be more successful.

Are Ponting's World Cup comments a help or a hindrance?

Thank you Jordan

Why can’t the FFA come clean?

Roar encourages everybody to express their opinions, but surely it is not too much to ask that the opinions be understandable and in some way justified by the facts.
You are obviously not happy with the game. OK I got that: but not only don’t you cl;early articulate the problems your conclusions don’t make sense either.
Maybe Phil understands it. I don’t

Keith Hurst

Is the game dying or already dead?