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There is no question that your comments on Starc’s form are accurate. However your suggestion that he should be dropped is just the uninformed sort of comments that have been bedeviling Australian cricket since Durban. Oh he has 200 Test wickets. drop him anyway put someone else in who has 6 wickets.
By all means try to increase the depth in our bowling attack because as we know injuries are just around the corner, but to discard him after a lack-lustre summer is folly.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

What does Mitchell Starc have to do to be dropped?

Except for Finch who has lost his bearings at the moment, our ODI team put up a solid batting performance. I would have liked to see a little flexibility in the batting order with Maxwell in after the fall of Marsh’s wicket but 288 seemed a defendable total.

The big surprise was the excellence of Richardson and Behrendoff. Blooding new players is always good especially with your top bowlers rested.

More please.

Keith Hurst. Sports fanatic

Richardson and Handscomb star in ODI win over India

The Pucovski pick should not be an experiment but an investment in the future of Australian Test cricket. The selectors must give him a good opportunity to get used to the International game. Sri Lanka without Mathews is a good opportunity and a learning tour of UK is a must.

Picking Renshaw when apparently out of form is also an opportunity for him before the Ashes. He is at this time the best contender for Warner’s partner as opener. Keep the faith and don’t panic if there are a few low scores.

But Siddle must have been picked to cover a mass attack of measles among all of the bowlers. There can be no other explanation.

Keith Hurst – sports fanatic

Will Pucovski must be a two-year commitment, not a two-Test thought bubble

His latest exploits are not very impressive

Australia vs India: Where did it all go wrong?

I can’t understand the point you make about league union and AFL. All are now professional sports where money rules.

Australia vs India: Where did it all go wrong?

South Africa were not relying on him steady the side. They had a number of great players at the time

Australia vs India: Where did it all go wrong?

Funny! The whole Australian cricket public thinks they were.

Australia vs India: Where did it all go wrong?

Why are these changes so surprising. Both Finch and Mitchell have failed repeatedly in the last 6 Tests. The selectors had to do something or they would be criticised for repeating the same mistake over and over again.

If this doesn’t work more changes will be made for the Sri Lanka Tests.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh set to be dropped for Sydney Test

David you must be right. Legally it is not justifiable to withhold contract payments unless their contracts have been validly terminated. I do not remember reading that CA did this.

Therefore any attempt to start from scratch with these players would be a breach of their existing contract and would lead to a substantial claim for damages by the players.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic and lawyer

What's wrong with the baggy greens?

You have to feel sorry for the selectors as no one is putting their hands up for selection.

But you don’t recycle duds, you carefully introduce younger players and persevere with them. This should be done for the Sri Lanka tests, not SCG.

Renshaw must come back as the long term partner for Warner,

The Australian selectors are grasping at straws adding Labuschagne to the SCG squad

The lost art is not batting but irony. This article is soaked with it.
But seriously folks, all of the commentators are right. Until you have a serious first class back up to Tests it is unlikely that we will produce Test bats. It doesn’t always work. Look at Matthew Renshaw who killed them in England them came back to Australia and nothing!
Next year make sure that T 20 runs behind not in front of Shield cricket, more “A” tours keep the pathways open and sit back and hope. We may have to wait a few years but soon we will be producing centurions again.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Failing Test batsmen ordered back to Big Bash to "spend solid time in the middle"

Great comment

Keith Hurst

Rating the Fox Cricket commentators

Rubbish! You obviously know nothing about television and how to present a sporting event.

Rating the Fox Cricket commentators

Here is the problem! Fox’s timing was bad for everybody but Fox. If the MCG had not served up such a dud wicket we would be all talking about the cricket not old news.

What can Warner say that won’t bury him further?

Let it go don’t hound Warner but just get on with the season.

Keith Hurst

Bancroft’s BBL return must force CA clarification on Warner

Talk about a weak article, what is your response?

My first draft had rating scores, but I considered that my own figures are irrelevant to my comments on them. Choose your own figures.

As for being sexist, Isa impressed me not Brendan. I am glad he rocks your boat.

Keith Hurst

Rating the Fox Cricket commentators

I feel depressed when I heard Bancroft seem to say that ball tampering is equal to not fitting in to the team. Forget culture I would like to think that a grown man of 25 would know the difference between right and wrong. Although not a crime, ball tampering is against the rules and spirit of the game, not fitting in is a social problem. I have lost whatever respect I had for Bancroft.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Cameron Bancroft reveals Warner's involvement in ball-tampering saga

Remember Luke Keary: I think over the season he outperformed Widup. Apart from that can’t argue with the selections.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

The 2018 NRL team of the year

I agree with Paul. Why have a negative depressing headline and then 6 positive headings about non scandalous events. What scandals have I missed.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Australian cricket's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

At last a scribe who has his finger on the right problem.

Lack of aggression is a fools way out to explain why we lost a cricket match.

The best teams are those with the better and most consistent bowlers, batters and fielders.

Skill and performance are what counts and that is what our players,coaches and high performance people should concentrate on

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Australian greats can't see the 'good hard cricket' lie

I read your article 3 times and still don’t get your point.

Culture is defined as social behaviour in a society. If most people think that a group’s behaviour is not satisfactory they blame it’s culture.

The Longstaff report thought that Cricket Australia and their cricket teams behaved in a fashion that was reprehensible and not in accordance with society’s expectations. You may or may not agree but something is wrong and we are losing. Shock, horror.

You can’t change “culture” by selecting a different team or firing the CEO or shaking hands. It takes time.

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Aspirations versus reality: Cricket and our national culture wars

The issue that heads your article is very important it but every comment whinges about individual selections, not what the topic is.

Selectors do not have a divine right. They must rise and fall with the success or failure of their selections. As we do not know which selector favours which player one has no evidence to discard or retain the selectors.

So our only criteria should be success and/or consistency. On these grounds the present panel must go.

Another panel should be appointed. I have no qualifications to suggest who should be on it and I really don’t mind. Let the chairman pick a new panel or the coach. Even ask Steve Waugh or Shane Warne to nominate it.

Then give them 2 years to see how they go.

Isn’t this the fairest way?

Keith Hurst sports fanatic

Why Australia needs some new selectors

Our Test attack is world class, our T20 attack pathetic. How can anyone justify picking Tye and Coulter-Nile when they will never have an economy rate under 7. If you can’t find replacements and the big 3 are reserved for Test cricket pick 3 or 4 spinners. They could not do worse.

Keith Hurst

India expose Australia's pace obsession once more

I have watched the last 7 T 20 games played by Australia and are amazed at the lack of tactical awareness shown by the players and coaches. We went through “must hit out in the power play” to “don’t throw away your wicket”. Of course neither is the solution.

T 20 prolonged batting success comes not from everyone hitting 4’s and 6’s but from the whole team moving the score along. Have they forgotten the humble single and the turning over the strike. Yes they have.

Their bowling is not bad but the emphasis should not be on wickets but economy. Both Tye and Coulter-Nile take wickets but go at over 8 an over. Not good enough. Our lack of emphasis on spin bowling is killing us. Let’s blast them out only work on a fast wicket. How may of those are served up in T20 games. The top T 20 bowlers are spinners. We need at least 3 full time spinners.

Wake up Justin

Dot ball D'Arcy has to go

Hi Paul

Thanks for your comment.

Most Player agent contracts are for a term say 3 years, although I heard about an 11 year term the other day. For a good player say at $300K per year most agents have quite a lot to lose by letting their client walk.


When a contract is not worth the paper it is written on

Wow! Welcome to “heads must roll in Rugby”
I am also fed up with the steadily decreasing performances from our Rugby teams.

Firing everybody is the dumbest of dumb ideas. Out goes the baby, the dog and the whole family with the bathwater. I would start with the board resigning and being replaced with a new body. That body would then review our current malaise and take advice from rugby notables past and present. They would then issue a white paper or a current review of the future of rugby in Australia and the appointment of a new coach. Sorry: next years world cup isn’t as high priority as putting the Rugby train on the rails .

Keith Hurst

To save the Wallabies, Clyne, Castle and Cheika must go