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I have always said the Giteau law was a dumb law.

Players are busting their guts week in, week out playing Super Rugby for Australian teams. They turn down overseas and League offers in the dream of chasing that Wallaby jersey, only to see some bloke who’s plying his trade offshore get selected with a big wad of cash.

Those players, become disillusioned with the ARU and will start taking those offers from League and overseas. This will in turn mean selecting players of club standard only to play Super Rugby. You’ll have close inter state clashes, but lose by 50 points against any overseas team, including the Sunwolves.

Fans will fall away in droves. Your TV networks won’t have viewers and therefore, wont be buying content. More and more young players will switch to league as they see the ARU lose money hand over fist and can only offer its players bugger all.

You then have clubs not releasing its players. You make it to the world cup. Hooper playing, For Sale, has an “injury” and is “unavailable”. So are all the other flankers you’ve let go (because you know the law will get less and less stringent and more and more players sod off because some bloke overseas keeps getting selected for the Wallabies). So Hoopers replacement will be Shane from Coober Pedy who’s played three Super Rugby games for the South Australian Outbacks.

You will almost become the Brazil of the Rugby world. A great international record (thanks to the firm arm of FIFA), but a broke, second rate local comp. Like Brazil, but without the firm arm of FIFA. (or the international record)….

Get rid of the Giteau Law.

Is it time to scrap the Giteau law?

Excellent piece and very well thought out.

I think the biggest issue is going to be the reffing. When the Boks or AB’s play England in the semi and then possibly the final, which hemisphere will the ref be from?

I have always advocated for guest ref’s from the NH in our Super Rugby to cover that very scenario.

Six paths to hoist the World Cup

Never right off the French in a RWC. I think Australia is in a lot of trouble and will be knocked out in the 1/4 final against either France or England.

All Blacks v South Africa RWC final. Finally, a chance to lay some demons to rest….

Six paths to hoist the World Cup

Haven’t been happier to lose $10 all my life :stoked: . Shag has put my mind at rest :happy: .

Why Australia's Bledisloe Game 1 wonders are unlikely to be repeated in Auckland

That was one of the reasons I went into meltdown last week. Dropping Smith for not playing the superstar on the wing instead of where he’s the best in the world at. But I think his comments about his hammy indicates he’ll be taking him. Hopefully not on the wing though.

Mounga/Smith to start and Barrett off the bench at 60?….

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

“Another player who had his best ever game for the All Blacks. Good defense, some good offloads and a very good try. Would have got an 8 but for all the time he spent looking at himself on the big screen.”

Agree about Hansen’s love child. If he performs like that throughout the RWC and doesn’t get injured, I’ll be glad he had him.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Time will tell. We have each other first up.

Loser of our pool plays Ireland who the AB’s have lost twice to in recent years. I don’t think either team will be wanting to do that. so I doubt there will be any strategic losing in the pool match as the French did in 2011.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

As per my review. “SBW, best ever game”. “Mounga, best ever game”. I base my opinions on what I see and have gladly put my hand up to say I was wrong. As you would have remembered seeing in one of my 60 posts you read. Thanks for reading BTW, you must have found them interesting 😉

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Love your monkier Alan. Perhaps Rik’s greatest character :thumbup:

The media are to blame for the Wallabies' failure

150 points would be all 15 players getting 10’s. If that were the case, we’d have won by 100 points.

Coles got an above average rating because he is a brilliant player. He started at 8, lost a point for his penalties, lost a point for his yellow card (albeit harsh), lost 2 points for his lineout throwing, a key component for his position which he sucked at. He got a couple of points for his turnovers and general play. 8 minus 4 plus 2 = 6.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Like I said, he’d have been given an 8 if he didn’t look at himself on the big screen all night.

He played his best game yet, but wasn’t as good as Mounga or Bridge. So he gets an 8 -1 for vanity. 7.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Start at 8, points off for the penalties, points off for the lineout that he commanded gives you 6 points.

Accept with those stats I didn’t give him credit for his defense. Obviously lots of tackles in and around the ruck that aren’t as noticeable. Typical tight forward play. So I’ll give him another point. 7.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

He’s a brilliant player, but he’s even better off the bench. He didn’t win us the game starting last week, but I’d put money on us winning if he came on with 20 to go. Futhermore, had that been the case from the start, we’d still have Arron Cruden.

Some of the highest paid and valuable players in MLB are the closing pitchers. They pitch a third of the balls the starter does, but can be paid 3 times as much.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings


Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Yes, Tonga’s much vaunted physicality and risk of injury from it is why I’d like to see the established stars left out. But that speed test is such a tasty prospect.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

You’re never going to dominate the AB’s just like the Kiwis will never dominate the Kangaroo’s. But when they do, they are awesome periods. League in NZ is Rugby in Australia. Followed by a small group of fans. But when the Kiwi’s get it over the Roo’s, the whole country loves them. It’s not often it happens, but it’s awesome when it does.

It are those periods that I mean swing in round a bouts.

It is in fact Australia NZ can thank for the Bledisloe Cup contest. When Australia won it in 1978 with 4 tries by Greg Cornnelson, the Wallabies paraded the cup around the field like champions. Stu Wilson asked Bernie Fraser what the cup was as he’d never seen it before. Bernie told him it was the Bledisloe Cup. (Story from Stu Wilson). The All Blacks won it the next year and held onto it until 1986.

After Australia crowed they had the Bledisloe cup after being knocked out in the 1987 RWC, the All Blacks took it off them again. It’s been a much loved rivalry for New Zealanders since 1978 thanks to a bit of Aussie swagger.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

I’d liken the All Blacks best team against Tonga like a Formula 1 on a Nascar track. Would probably blow a gasket.

I think continue with a M/B combo at 1st 5 and fullback if that’s what they are going to use at the RWC. Maybe start a couple of the new guys to get as much game time in the AB’s before the RWC like Reece, Bridge and Laulala. SBW for game time since they are adamant to use him. But don’t risk the other stars .

Then again, a Formula 1 on a Nascar track would be a good speed test.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

I’m still not happy with the M/B combo even though Mounga played brilliantly. Time will tell.

I think BB is the best bench player in the world and is devastating coming on against tired legs. I would wager he would have won us the game last week if he came on with 20 to go. He should be made Rugby’s first special teams player like a closing pitcher in Baseball. Paid huge amounts to play a small part in the game but with a massive impact.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Would have gotten a 7 but for the lineouts. Not really noticed in either defense or attack if you’re honest. But did some great work in the tight. An old adage is, if you don’t see a tight forward, he’s probably having a blinder.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Like I said, he’d have gotten an 8 if he didn’t spend so much time looking at himself on the big screen. Nonu is better and has more dimensions to his game. But SBW will be on the plane.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: If I was Australian, I’d probably be a Reds supporter since that’s where my bros live. But I’m not on both accounts. Certainly not a Warratahs supporter and certainly not a soft in the head Beale supporter.

I am being objective, you are clearly not if you think Beale single handedly cost Australia the test. Every single player wearing a canary yellow jersey on Saturday was adjectivally useless. Did O’Connor even play?

O’Connor has played two tests since his return. One good (in which Beale was even better) and one bad in which Beale was also bad. Before his time in purgatory, he was incredibly unreliable. So you can only take what you have in front of you. Two games. One good, one bad. Just like Beale.

As for Hodge? He was so pasted by Bridge, that the player people are saying that got burned was LSL. Hodge was so smashed, he wasn’t even noticed.

Banks better against SA B than Beale against an All Blacks A? If that’s how you make your judgements, Australia will thank you for not applying as a selector.

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings from Bledisloe 2

Despite the appalling performance by one of the almost universally considered worst ref in the world last week, Australia absolutely deserved to win. The All Blacks (as evident this week) played well below what is expected of them.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Sounded like it. Why does Australia need 16 players and a whistle to win?

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Bridge burned the Wallaby #6, but don’t forget the other defender he burned. The Wallaby #14.

His toss of the tosser isn’t what he was penalized for. That was legal. It was his hand going near Whites neck area that got him penalized. He was binned because it was the second time the ref spoke to him in the space of two minutes. However, the first talking too was wrong as it was Coleman who was completely at fault in that incident.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

That is why I offer such insightful insights for Australian rugby. I want a contest. I want an atmosphere at Eden Park.

Unfortunately, the aussies only see it as criticism instead of positive criticism.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks