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I am nervous. However, I also have a funny feeling that the All Blacks are going to send a message to the world that’s going to be loud, clear and irrefutable.

Here’s hoping.

England vs All Blacks: Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final preview and prediction

Disagree. Kerevi put his arm up to stop his face colliding with Patchells head. The distance between the two allowed only a forearm up to stop it. He used this defensive action to act also as a fend in the act of defending himself.

It wasn’t an intentional forearm to the Welshman. I wanted Wales to win and I though it outrageous. A decision that goes against everything I played the game for.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

21 – 19 semi final to England. With a NH ref, 5 penalties and 2 drop kicks to England. 3 tries and 2 conversions to the AB’s. Whistled off the park, 4 sin bins and a red card for looking scary.

England demolish Argentina after early red card

I think Loosey nailed it for you.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

You’re being factious. Grow up.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

Kervi’s fend against Wales.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

I watched as Kerevi was penalised for a fend. Then switched over to the NRL and saw 4 tackles in a row that would have had the players sent off in Rugby.

The once “thugs game played by gentlemen” is most definitely fast becoming a gentleman’s game played by no one as scores of people start switching over to the new “real mans” game.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

Not at all. It wasn’t the team that did it. It would be an individual player. Send him from the field, let the team play 10 minutes a player down and then replace him.

Why ruin the game as a contest for an entire team and all of those who payed good money to see a contest for the brain explosion or badly executed actions of one player?

BTW, it would probably do Australia some good if they lost Hooper to injury. He’s not half the player you think he is.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game


England demolish Argentina after early red card

Which one was that? Obviously long ago and far away.

England demolish Argentina after early red card


England demolish Argentina after early red card

They will look invincible with a NH ref. I have always maintained that we should have 2 or 3 guest refs from the NH in the Super Rugby comp so SH teams can get used to their pedantic officiating.

England 15 – 14 in the final with Jerome Garces or Nigel Owens reffing.

England demolish Argentina after early red card

They are. They are holding back the ref. You can guarantee a ref will decide this RWC and it will be a NH ref and it will be England who benefit.

Put an undy on England taking the RWC with a 15 – 14 win in the final.

England demolish Argentina after early red card

Because the NRL does it, means that the IRB most surely won’t do it.

Remember when there was a push to make penalty kicks less influential by having them reduced to 2 points like in League? Nah, we’ll make tries worth 5 points.

So don’t expect the IRB to have a “on report” function since the NRL already do it. Most effective will be having the red carded player replaced after 10 minutes.

England demolish Argentina after early red card

A red card is a punishment way out of proportion to the offense. It is also highly unfair. An All Blacks team against most teams can live with losing a player. If France losses one against England or vice versa, the game is effectively lost and has been ruined.

I propose a red card offender is replaced by another player after 10 minutes (a sin binning). That way the game isn’t effectively ruined for the team reduced to 14 men. The infringing player is punished by removal from the game and the fans will still have a competition to watch.

England demolish Argentina after early red card

Red cards have far to much impact on a game and are unfair. If the All Blacks lost a player to a red card against Canada, it won’t hurt them to much. But if Samoa lost a a player to a red card against Japan or vice versa, it would effectively end the game for the team with 14 players.

In cases where a player has infringed so badly as warranting expulsion from the game, then he should have a replacement come on after a 10 minute sin binning. That way the team is sufficiently punished without effectively having the game taken off them. The infringing player will be removed from the game and the fans won’t have the game ruined.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

So being penalized for fending off a tackler in a way that happens in every tackle, in every game, on every weekend in every part of the world is ok by you? BTW, there were coathanger tackles when I played. They have been rightly and effectively outlawed. There was tackling players in the air when I played. That to has been rightly and effectively outlawed.

Players going into a game know they can’t coathanger or tackle a player in the air and try to avoid that. Because it has been effectively outlawed.

What we are seeing at the RWC is the IRB deciding to outlaw other aspects of play that might be under consideration and are ruining the game in the process. It’s like the cops stopping you for doing a perfectly legal U turn, because the police department wants to make them illegal.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

No, Faf was seriously flat. His box kicks were totally ineffective. Too far, to deep, to aimless and to pointless.

Five talking points from All Blacks vs Springboks

I have always said the Giteau law was a dumb law.

Players are busting their guts week in, week out playing Super Rugby for Australian teams. They turn down overseas and League offers in the dream of chasing that Wallaby jersey, only to see some bloke who’s plying his trade offshore get selected with a big wad of cash.

Those players, become disillusioned with the ARU and will start taking those offers from League and overseas. This will in turn mean selecting players of club standard only to play Super Rugby. You’ll have close inter state clashes, but lose by 50 points against any overseas team, including the Sunwolves.

Fans will fall away in droves. Your TV networks won’t have viewers and therefore, wont be buying content. More and more young players will switch to league as they see the ARU lose money hand over fist and can only offer its players bugger all.

You then have clubs not releasing its players. You make it to the world cup. Hooper playing, For Sale, has an “injury” and is “unavailable”. So are all the other flankers you’ve let go (because you know the law will get less and less stringent and more and more players sod off because some bloke overseas keeps getting selected for the Wallabies). So Hoopers replacement will be Shane from Coober Pedy who’s played three Super Rugby games for the South Australian Outbacks.

You will almost become the Brazil of the Rugby world. A great international record (thanks to the firm arm of FIFA), but a broke, second rate local comp. Like Brazil, but without the firm arm of FIFA. (or the international record)….

Get rid of the Giteau Law.

Is it time to scrap the Giteau law?

Excellent piece and very well thought out.

I think the biggest issue is going to be the reffing. When the Boks or AB’s play England in the semi and then possibly the final, which hemisphere will the ref be from?

I have always advocated for guest ref’s from the NH in our Super Rugby to cover that very scenario.

Six paths to hoist the World Cup

Never right off the French in a RWC. I think Australia is in a lot of trouble and will be knocked out in the 1/4 final against either France or England.

All Blacks v South Africa RWC final. Finally, a chance to lay some demons to rest….

Six paths to hoist the World Cup

Haven’t been happier to lose $10 all my life 😁 . Shag has put my mind at rest 😊 .

Why Australia's Bledisloe Game 1 wonders are unlikely to be repeated in Auckland

That was one of the reasons I went into meltdown last week. Dropping Smith for not playing the superstar on the wing instead of where he’s the best in the world at. But I think his comments about his hammy indicates he’ll be taking him. Hopefully not on the wing though.

Mounga/Smith to start and Barrett off the bench at 60?….

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

“Another player who had his best ever game for the All Blacks. Good defense, some good offloads and a very good try. Would have got an 8 but for all the time he spent looking at himself on the big screen.”

Agree about Hansen’s love child. If he performs like that throughout the RWC and doesn’t get injured, I’ll be glad he had him.

All Blacks starting XV player ratings

Time will tell. We have each other first up.

Loser of our pool plays Ireland who the AB’s have lost twice to in recent years. I don’t think either team will be wanting to do that. so I doubt there will be any strategic losing in the pool match as the French did in 2011.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks