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I can’t see them moving Widdop from 6 . Why move your best playmaker ? Norman might get a crack at fullback but it’s been so long since I’ve seen him play there – I can’t remember if he was any good in that position . I see Norman as a very handy 14 that can cover plenty of positions . I reckon Dufty will start the season at fullback , as he probably deserves to .

Dufty on the outer at Dragons?

The Cowboys were able to act swiftly because there is obviously clear cut evidence on which to make a decision . This is only an assumption based on them not wanting to sack their star recruit before he had played a game based on ” he said , she said “.

In the other cases ,where there is no definitive evidence ,the clubs and the NRL have no option other than to let it play out through the courts . Justice is not always simple . That’s why lawyers all seem to drive really nice cars .

If you want to start handing down extreme punishments , for being stupid , that’s another whole can of worms . You would be asking the NRL to implement some new moral code that differs to the one our current legal system has .

Cowboys sack Ben Barba for 'significant' breach of contract

I do miss Captain Charger … One of the greats .
Mark The Magpie … never heard of him .

While ever all this bickering over who’s in and who’s out is left to a decision from the controlling body it will always appear to be unfair for some . The only reason several other NRL clubs haven’t gone the way of the Bears in the last 20 years , is simply because there is no pathway for a better run and more enthusiastic organisation to take their place in the NRL competition .

Rugby league and the battle for hearts and minds in the west

Through his years at the Warriors Johnson was criticised consistently , over just about everything . The change of scenery should be great for him . I think he will slot right in there no drama . I would like to see him do really well . I am also looking forward to Kearney’s post game presser if the Warriors are winless through the first 6 Rounds .

Johnson gels with Townsend at Sharks

The Dogs should go ok in 2019 and maybe sneak into the 8 if Lewis continues to improve . There must be serious doubts that Foran will ever get back to where he was . He has had some periods of decent fitness in the last 4 years but hasn’t shown he still ” wants it “. Can see him finishing the season in the reggies . I think Pay was a good appointment and has done really well so far .

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

Team spirit and harmony is a big factor in success .
They may well be a better team without the Hayne and Norman influence . Sometimes it only takes a few changes to totally alter a team dynamic . If Arthur can get them putting in for each other they could be way ahead of where they were in 2018 . If he can’t , as much as I like him as a coach , his days could be numbered . I can see Brown getting a run in the halves however , Gutherson to 6 and Smith at fullback could be the way to go .
If they cop a few long term injuries , another spoon could well be on the cards .

Season preview: Can Parramatta escape the spoon?

rakshop … outstanding ! I think the Broncs have gone the 5 year contract … just in case they got it right . They don’t know … they were pretty hot for Craig at one point . At this point in time though , Seibolds appointment still has to be considered as betting on a long shot . I reckon he has 2 seasons to deliver the roast chicken otherwise he gets henjacked .
Its amazing to think that Seibold is only the 4th Broncos coach ever .
It is definitely a hard gig to get – ” chockers with perks ‘n prestige ‘n that ” and he will get to keep all his outdoor furniture ….. outdoors . Good luck to him .
It could turn into a real snakepit up there for the rookie coach if getting results is slower than expected .
Either way , it will be great to watch .
Like the experiment where the boiled egg ends up inside milk bottle ! Outrageous …

Are there any winners from the Broncos-Rabbitohs coaching swap?

I am pretty sure Bennett ( along with the entire playing group and front office ) fully expect to deliver a premiership in his first season ….. otherwise, why bother turning up ? There’s no rebuild going on here . He has an excellent squad to work with and would be well aware expectations are high .

Rumblings at the Rabbitohs as Bennett takes charge

Unless things go terribly wrong the Broncos should make the eight without too many problems . Young side , new coach . There’s plenty of factors bringing the squad together . The release of McGuire was surprising , but looking at the probable lineup for Round 1 it now makes plenty of sense . I think Maca , Gillet and Glen can provide the forward leadership for a group of talented youngsters . If I was a Broncos supporter I’d be looking forward to ’19 .

Can the Brisbane Broncos make the finals in 2019?

Love it . Wayne must be laughing … all the way to the bank ! He got what he wanted and got paid too ! I am not sure if he still the master coach on the field …. but a bunch of headless chickens just got well and truly schooled off it . They got out maneuvered by the 68 year old . No wonder White looked embarrassed at the presser . I am not a Bennett fan but I might be starting to waver .

Broncos sack Bennett, sign Seibold

I just think it was a reaction by the Bronco’s board to everyone telling them Walter’s was the man for the job . They probably feel like Seibold will be a bit more manageable . Whilst ” we’re all professionals ” , team morale is still everything , and I fear both clubs might suffer from this season .

Experts expose the heartbreaking reason why the NRL is doomed

Massive challenge for the Maroons .
Walters had a lot of coaching to do after losing Game One last year and proved he is more than capable . They have a great crop of youngsters coming through that have plenty of big game experience .
Keep your eye on the ball NSW .

Smith has been incredible at all levels of the game .
Congrats to him on an amazing rep career .
He will be missed .

Cameron Smith announces shock representative retirement

I can understand clubs getting into bidding wars for players and paying too much . We have a developing market in player agents who all want to make a buck .
I can’t see any upside to a long term deal for the clubs . If they are looking after their man and paying him well they are always in the box seat to retain him anyway . They won’t be getting him cheap by the end of the deal either . DCE’s contract is set up to rise automatically in relation to the cap .
DCE could well go through 4 or 5 coaches during his contract .
Manly could miss 4 or 5 halfbacks better than the one they’ve got in that time .
They could miss the finals every year till 2023 , and have no options .
The downsides of a long term contract are many and have been well laid out in this article .
I think every clubs most valuable marquee player …. is the coach .
Pay him the big bucks .
The stability and smarts Bellamy brings to the Storm is undeniable .

Marquee signings are poison for good salary cap management

I can’t wait to see the Nrl’s condensed pre game interpretation of Oedipus Rex .

And the horses birthday clash !

Nice one TB .

Eleven talking points from NRL Round 8

I am all for the referees trying to crack down on holding / professional fouls .
Even though I watch a lot of football I really can’t tell (most of the time) when a penalty is going to be blown for a ruck infringement .
Will the Dragons be able to drag the Storm into the trenches and keep them there ?
I am not sensing much love between team mates at the Roosters .
Losing MP , the long serving head of the Bondi boys social committee, has had a much bigger effect on the club than anyone could have predicted .

Eleven talking points from NRL Round 8

Great points Scott , on a week full of action .
Broncos are up the creek without Macca .
So are the Knights without Pearce , but maybe not quite as far .
DCE as captain reminds me of Steve Smith . Great players … but captain ? Really ?
In a situation where the captain was required to tell some team mates to pull their heads in , they both ended up doing nothing then added fuel to the fire .
My talking point for the round is how did Canberra lose a man for 10 minutes for a very minor indiscretion while Sam Burgess gets nothing for a high shot in the same game ?
Burgess will miss some games via the judiciary but that doesn’t seem fair to the Raiders.
The Raiders probably didn’t deserve to be within cooee of the Bunnies, but that aside,the game was well in the balance when Croker was binned .
It seems a bit odd to me that a referee can make a snap judgement on the pull of a jersey but can’t be trusted to make a judgement on a malicious tackle .
There was method in the madness when the esteemed inventors of the game came up with the send off rule , but if that part of the rules has been abandoned , surely a high shot is worth as much time in the bin as a shirt pull …… if not more .

Twelve talking points from NRL Round 7

This seems to be a phase that all sports go through as they become more professional .
Is there actually anything in the NRL rule book related to diving ?
They just need to call it for what it is ( diving / simulation) and in obvious situations start to penalise for doing it .
It will soon go out of fashion .
They need to stamp it out quickly or we will end up with the situation we have now regarding professional fouls while defending your try line . They let sides get away with it all last season until it became a plague . Now the refs have a mountain to climb trying to get it out of the game , whilst being criticised by all and sundry for trying to do so .

Slater's dive claims split NRL opinion

I don’t think anyone actually considers Hadley to be a journalist ….. do they ? He is just another mouth with an opinion that I find hard to respect most of the time , and as has been pointed out , a personal agenda .
Brad Arthur has been great for the Eels as this article clearly points out .
Lets not forget they played the best opening 14 minutes of the season !
They certainly have some issues in the roster that were papered over at the end of last season by the outstanding form of a few players that have coincidently been missing so far this year .
I am not sure Hayne will ever be the player he was , but at the money he was asking … worth a punt .
Gold Coast do seem a better team without him , but they also have a new coach and have a had a chance to form a fresh team dynamic .
Interesting , the departure of some big names from the Tigers and Panthers this year , sees them much better and more balanced football sides .
There were pre season reports Griffin had lost the dressing room but that doesn’t seem to be the case .
Then there are the reports no one wants to play with Hastings at Manly .
Team harmony and spirit can be a mysterious animal . It is often overlooked when people look for answers based on talent and rosters alone .It doesn’t take much to upset things sometimes , but it can return in an instant as well .
They just need a win , and soon if they are to salvage anything out of 2018 .
No better time than this weekend against the arch enemies .

If the Parramatta Eels lose Brad Arthur, they lose me

Ha ha . The Elite ! There are so many bylines for Sunday nights game . With crowd support pretty evenly split it should be a cracker . Roosters in a thriller .
JT to be too good for a Storm still finding their feet with Croft .
Panthers .If they start well it could get ugly !
I expect the Tigers bubble to burst …. but not just yet . Tigers by a field goal .
Warriors to continue to surprise – They will run around an out of shape Raiders .
Manly to win well .
Parra to bounce back in the cool of the evening . Too much attack for the disjointed Sharks .
Gold Coast to surprise the Dragons in a close one . Gotta make up some tipping ground somewhere .

2018 NRL season: Round 3 preview

Couldn’t agree more Ron . Using ‘Warriors’ and ‘resilience’ in the same sentence is something I haven’t seen in sometime !
There are quite a few new faces and combinations for the Warriors so the good start is a real positive . The additions have made a noticeable impact already . There is no reason to expect the improvements won’t continue as they play together more . To see SJ and RTS running the ball is awesome .
The only worry out of last weeks game was that they really should have been out of sight by halftime . They squandered good opportunities . Hopefully they can learn to be a bit more ruthless when they have teams on the back foot . Just keep the pressure on until the points come .
They still have Mannering to return as well . Without him in that pack last season they might not have won a game .
It will be interesting to see what they bring against some of the heavyweights over the next month .
Can they really compete for the full 80 when under pressure ?
At least they look fit enough to give that a crack in 2018 .

Who is this team and what have they done with the Warriors?

There is such a preoccupation with size these days . If your pack is lacking size it may well be noticeable ,but the Raiders pack clearly has plenty of size . They look to be a bit short in the fitness and mobility department .They get tired and don’t stick at their defence or guys simply run past them cause they are too big and too slow . To concede 60 points to the Titans and Knights in the first two rounds is a real worry .Now they will be tested in the next month by injuries . I know it’s early in the season but the similarities to 2017 are scary .

Worst Knightmare: Canberra lose to Newcastle in thriller

Barrett won the coaches battle yesterday before the kickoff by keeping his squad in the cool for as long as possible . Parra started the game like they had already been defending their line for half an hour . There was no energy in any of their play and the game was gone after 20 minutes .

What's the matter, Parramatta?

It’s ridiculous to write of the Broncos after one game but I do agree with some of the points well made .
Lodge and Pangai look good but they are lacking some go forward off the bench . Maybe just an attitude adjustment is all that’s required .
Macca will make a huge difference when he gets back up to speed , but they will miss a solid “football brain” in the halves . Milford and Nikorima are both fine players but both very similar . One of them has to do the dirty work .
They did play plenty of good games together last season so it’s poor to judge them on last Thursday behind a well beaten pack .
Many have questioned Bennett’s moves in the past only to be proven wrong . He plays the media well , when he needs to protect his boys . You have to admire him for that .
Didn’t this exact same scenario go down after round 1 in 2015 ?
Rabbits pumped them 36 to 6 . Look how that turned out .

My Broncos are no chance for the 2018 NRL premiership

Well said Bunney . It was pretty obvious to me how much they are going to need Lodge and Pangai this year . When they got interchanged , the Broncs weren’t in the game .
All the talk about how the Raiders lost so many close games last season , that they should have won .Thats a really bad loss for the Green Machine first up . Absolute coach killer .
Eels looked like they were going to win by 50 .Oh No ! All he talk out Penrith way must be true ! The love is gone .They look slow and disinterested . What a turnaround . I don’t even know what to make of it . Crazy game . Amazing what a difference a win makes .
Griffin is the man … for the next week anyway .
Good signs for the Warriors … but it still only amounts to one win in a row . Check back in a month .
They look like they will be plenty of fun to watch this year . RTS and Johnson look sharp and there is plenty of fit and willing young forwards coming through . Afoa , Lisone and Papalli were all running straight and hard . They will be a real handful for most sides if they can keep up that sort of commitment for the whole season. I know its early but Tohu Harris looks to be a fantastic signing .
Gutsy win by the Tigers
Inspiring scenes on the bell at Newcastle .
Mitchell Pearce – The Musical .
Great weekend !

Twelve talking points from NRL Round 1

Say what you will about Lodge , but the Broncos really need him this year .
When Lodge and Pangai were off the field the Broncos didn’t offer much at all .
Bennett will sort it out , but could be a slow start for the Broncos .
I fear that after the Origin period , they may have left themselves with too much work to do .

Matt Lodge booed as Dragons bone Broncos in the tunnel of love