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I was going to write an article on this. Your article says all of what I was going to say. History will not remember the AFL fondly for ignoring the greatest medical emergency the world has faced for a century.

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

Yes he has. Its so sad.

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

How are the players going to play for a free when they are being tackled? Are they going to drop it intentionally, because that would be a free kick against them? Mathews, Cometti and Clarkson are right. They are obviously right. It just beggars belief that the current AFL administration consistently gets this important issue so horribly wrong.

Hocking's tackle crackdown is the non-issue to end all non-issues

Massive call to make about a midfield which is yet to achieve anything on a team level. To say nothing of the fact that none of those Collingwood players have won a Brownlow. Until they have achieved greatness it’s premature to suggest they are the greatest. I concede they are a talented group with great potential. The Cat’s, of the late 00’s, the Eagles of the mid 00’s, Brisbane of the early 00’s, North of the late 90’s and Carlton of the mid 90’s all had ‘greater’ midfields than the current Collingwood midfield rotation.

Why Collingwood’s midfield is now the best ever

Tom Cole…. You know the guy who just won the rising start nomination could of been playing. Yeo – the guy who’s doing so well in the midfield this year could of been in the midfield instead of half back. Duggan, whose development completely stalled last year, but who is now playing across half back could have been playing. Partington could have got more games, same with Venebles.

Furthermore we don’t know who we could have gotten for pick 88. Stranger things have happened. Dean Cox was a rookie.

Its your view that doesn’t stack up. mate.

Reviewing the Mitchell trade

West Coast only have themselves to blame. It was a dodgy trade from the very start. Its end very very predictable.

Reviewing the Mitchell trade

You’d be surprised how many people have a blind spot on this though.

Furthermore, to suggest that Mitchell is mostly responsible for West Coasts rise up the ladder is absurd. He is a first year assistant coach. I’m confident he’s added some value, but he is not responsible for turning the team around. Mitchell’s old coach…. the guy who taught Mitchell….. Should receive the credit for that..

Memo St Kilda: Give Sam Mitchell the top job

Your suggesting a player was recruiting for his coaching and I’m missing the point?

Also….. what does Mitchell know that his previous coach does not?

Reviewing the Mitchell trade

From the Hawthorn Team song.

We’re a happy team at Hawthorn
We’re the mighty fighting Hawks

Reviewing the Mitchell trade

I’m convinced that Freo will improve but it’s doubtful they will improve enough to play finals. Whilst the back six looks solid and the mids have potential the forward line a mess. I can’t see them kicking a score often enough to win twelve games.

I have them penciled in between tenth and twelfth.

I suspect this year might be the first in many where there is not a ‘bolter’ from the bottom six. If I had to pick one team to strongly improve I’d suggest Carlton might be the team to watch.

Fremantle will be 2018's surprise finalists - no really, I'm serious

I agree with most of the authors comments. Test cricket is probably finished – at least as we know it. I’m usually amused at those making a case for the continued existence of test cricket. No-one has time to watch a five day match and the viewers are where the money is.

Where are Test cricket's fans?

I’m surprised Rioi’s name keeps getting mentioned. Whilst he is undoubtedly skillful, he is not fit enough to be an AFL footballer. Murrey Newman’s ‘record’ time trial is under serious threat this year I suspect. I just can’t see Rioli running 2km in under 8 minutes.

Having said that, lets hope he proves me wrong.

Waterman is the one to watch I think, provided he stays fit. The guys kick is elite. His marking is elite for hie size. He will be an absolute gun – provided his body does not let him down.

AFL draft analysis: West Coast Eagles

Well said about Lamb. He just seemed like he was going through the motions. His marking was at times extremely frustrating.

AFL draft analysis: West Coast Eagles

I didn’t know the Hawks were covering his costs. That might change things a little if that is the case which I’ve got to say, seems unlikely.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

Yep he was pretty good on the weekend. Lets see how he goes during the season.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

I’m writing this now because anyone can look in the rear view mirror and sound like a genius. Perhaps I’m wrong. We’ll see.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

If he’s going so well then why gift him…… Either way at the end of the season one club is going to look more than just a bit silly.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

I think perhaps I should have balanced this article with a more positive description of Mitchell. For the record I think he’s been a fantastic player. I just don’t think he’ll be the player he has been for the last five years. Quite frankly, I find it absurd that people do. He will almost certainly deteriorate as most mids do. He’s bucked the trend just making it to 34.

Five reasons why the Mitchell trade is bad for West Coast

Rose’s article was particularly disappointing.

Tom Jonas' hit on Andrew Gaff wasn't hard, it was cowardly

That’s a reasonable point Vocans. I agree some concussions can come on sometime after the initial contact. I am calling for an immediate send off when the victim has been obviously concussed because they are being stretchered off the field.

I accept this does nothing for other concussions. Perhaps there is a case for that but it is much harder to enforce. This is very very simple to enforce.

Tom Jonas' hit on Andrew Gaff wasn't hard, it was cowardly

I agree that the majority of the commentary around this incident has shown little support for Jonas. His coach, however is a good example of someone not dealing harshly enough with Jonas. Hinkley insisted on referring to Jonas as a good guy. Good guys do not bludgeon defenseless professionals in the back of the head.

However Jonas’s hit is not the only example of cowardly behavior which is often excused by the media. Another commentator here picked up on Rance’s inexplicable knock to the back of an opponents head a few weeks ago. I believe Brown also offered some excuses for May’s high hit on Martin a few weeks ago.

In short whilst the article was picked up on this latest example of poor on field behavior it is not the only one and excuses are regularly given by those in the media, the AFL itself and particularly past players.

Tom Jonas' hit on Andrew Gaff wasn't hard, it was cowardly

The Tigers have started slowly before and recovered to finish strongly. I want to see where they are at week ten before there’s talk of another rebuild.

Richmond did what they had to do

The problem with that analogy Milo is that Brooke Cotchin was not telling people ‘not to pick on him’. She was simply supporting him.

The very idea that any reasonable persons support of a reasonable position, regardless of gender, could somehow make someone look ‘weaker’ is absurd.

Those that would suggest that the public support of their partner make’s someone look weaker are often deeply insecure themselves. Others are simply envious of those who have people in their lives who are willing to publically back them.

The ‘real’ point here was made quite eloquently by the article.

Shut up and look pretty! Why 'WAGs' should speak out

I am a Royals member.

Giles for in the WAFL has been embarrassing. It’s a shame but at this stage he seems a placeholder. I suspect West Coast will pinch hit with McGovern in the Ruck as his intercept marking will be less important on the small Sydney ground.

West Coast face litmus test in Sydney

North was in my top four at the start of the year. Given their soft draw I find their strong start unremarkable. What I do find remarkable is how Scott has managed to cobble together talented but under performing players from other clubs and get them firing for the Shinboner’s. Waite is in career best form, so is Higgins.

The most glaring thing about North is their lack of an obvious weakness. There is no obvious superstar. Just a team of above average players.

I’m not convinced they have the depth to go all the way this year but I suspect they’ll be amongst the last four teams at the business end of the season.

North Melbourne top of the table? Guess what? No one cares!

You might have felt bulletproof…… But you were not – actually – bulletproof. There is no evidence which confirms that recreational drugs enhance performance in any way at all.

Zero tolerance of drug use would cause more trouble than it would prevent