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Handscomb desperately unlucky.

One good innings aside, Steve Smith has looked very scratchy in the IPL and is struggling to middle them.

Digging the side otherwise. Just need Stoinis to rediscover his mojo.

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction

Geez, the Dogs were atrocious – surely something outside of the back-ended contracts debacle has impacted recruitment/retention there?

While trying to distract myself from tearing my SuperCoach squad apart for the 147th time before the Storm-Broncos game, I put together this 17 of blokes named in jerseys 18-21 who would give the Dogs a decent shake…

1. Ben Hampton
2. Gideon Gela-Mosby
3. Gerard Beale
4. Enari Tuala
5. Anthony Don
6. Jake Clifford
7. Sam Williams
8. Herman Ese’ese
9. Mitch Rein
10. Matt Eisenhuth
11. Keegan Hipgrave
12. Chris McQueen
13. Shaun Fensom
14. Karl Lawton
15. Josh King
16. Kyle Turner
17. Lloyd Perrett

Five massive overreactions and scorching hot takes after Round 1 of the NRL

Top day out! And being the only Aussie fan in the entire eastern stand, with my first name on the back of my jersey (thanks for that one, Mrs Swales!), I enjoyed minor celebrity status for the day. How actual famous people deal with it is beyond me…

Aussies salute in India, perfectly timing World Cup charge

Think you’ve nailed it, James. Finch is a lock for the C so Smith/Warner have to be fit in around him.

I see Starc/Richardson/Lyon rotating through two spots in the starting XI, pending conditions. Has been slightly overlooked in all the excitement that the GOAT/Zamps partnership had the edge on Jadeja and Kuldeep last night, and with the quicks essentially cancelling each other out that ultimately proved the difference.

Aussies salute in India, perfectly timing World Cup charge

“Facing India away is one of world cricket’s toughest tasks, and in front of frenzied crowds Kohli’s side sense blood better than most.”

That the Aussies took the Delhi crowd – a feral, unwieldy beast, albeit friendlier than your average local traffic jam – out of the game for large swathes of yesterday’s match was admirable. When the beast awoke during the Bhuvi/Kedar partnership I started to fear the worst, but Cummins/Richardson held their nerve and iced it with style.

On a personal note, after witnessing 7 losses in India/SL it was great to be in the stands when we actually jagged one – and a series win to boot! Might have to tap out while I’m on top, or at least until the 2021 Test series…

Aussies salute in India, perfectly timing World Cup charge

Really like the balance of the 11 that lined up tonight. Surely Smith and Warner have to blitz the IPL to squeeze their way back into it after the way this unit has pulled together and scrapped a series win from the brink of oblivion.

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win

After losing 8 of their first 10 games by 6 points or less, Ricky Stuart sacks himself as Raiders coach but straps the boots back on to play a Cooper Cronk 2018 GF type role alongside Jack Wighton.

The Raiders continue losing games, but Stuart ends the season with the most kicking metres in the NRL.

Five fearless predictions for the 2019 NRL season

Whatever the end result of all this politicking, I think we can all agree that Daley taking down Alan Jones on his own radio show this week has made it worthwhile.

Football is the biggest loser from Sydney's stadium debacle

Agreed, have always thought Cadee was a good 6th man at best. Actually prefer Gibbo in the starting role, much more level-headed and offers more to the team than points if he’s not on the boil.

The Bullets and Kings just weren't up to NBL championship standard

Bullets season unfortunately fizzled out exactly as I predicted, but I think this is a season where making the playoffs was enough. Hopefully Lemanis can pull a more well-rounded team game out of his hat for next season, particularly if Lamar doesn’t return – and especially if he does, given how one-dimensional we looked in the clutch,

The Bullets and Kings just weren't up to NBL championship standard

Wish I shared your optimism Chris but I feel the Bullets rely too much on individual brilliance to give this a real shake. That said, if two or more of Lamar, Bairstow, Gliddon and Te Rangi (who’d have put him as a danger man when the season started!) catch fire two games running we’re half a chance.

Either way, just great to have my team back in there! And the Kings-United series could be something special.

Genuine four-team race for NBL championship

A Nine reporter writes in a now Nine-owned paper that ratings are down without noting that it’s in line with a general dip in FTA and there was no Fox, Kayo or Watch NRL app (which I watched on from OS) simulcast of the same game two years ago.

I notice the tag saying he’s a Nine reporter is now removed from his column with SMH under the Nine umbrella. Who needs transparency when you’ve got watered-down media diversity laws!

Would be interesting to see streaming figures from the trials on the weekend. The production was variable in quality from game to game but the NRL are clearly readying for a post-FTA future.

The NRL has enough problems without media-manufactured crises

Thanks Anidya! I could probably do Finchy and the boys a favour by staying at home, but who would the local fans heckle in the stands? It’s my civic duty to take one for the team. Plus the match falls in Delhi’s six weeks of pre-summer pleasantness so you’ve got to make the most of it while it lasts.

How I learned to love watching Australia lose in India

Haha well we’re 2-0 in trials so that must make us early premiership favourites! Very pessimistic about our chances, especially after how many points we’ve leaked against the Eels and Dogs full-strength teams so far. But the Raiders always perform best when expectations are lowest so I live in hope. Fortunately I’ve got the perennially awful Delhi Daredevils and Dynamos to frustrate me in the flesh until I get back to Bruce.

How I learned to love watching Australia lose in India

And not before time – how India’s mobile phone heavyweights have stayed solvent without dropping a commercial between every over bowled in anger is beyond me. Almost as excited to learn about the newest triple-selfie phone release as I am to see the matching trophy!

Australia and India to end marathon, 37-day break between fixtures

This move enthuses me. The Raiders are usually either pitied or admired by rival fans, so some lessons in being unlikeable merkins from the master can’t go astray.

Michael Ennis will make the Green Machine mean and clever

The ad was great fun – if you didn’t at least get a chuckle out of the Cooper Cringle line, you’re not alive.

Good on them for trying something different. Probably a lot safer than anointing a ‘face of the ‘game’ given how quickly the criminal charges have piled up over the summer as well.

Why the NRL hurting the feelings of Americans and Brits with those billboards is okay

Watching the steady decline of the Roar/Den from afar has been pretty sad – almost a relief the A-League is no longer screening here in India.
I’d never been to a soccer match until the A-League started. I loved the vibe at the northern end – always sat just on the fringes of the Den so I could join in when inspired without feeling obliged. Even when the Roar couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net (Reinaldo, Van Dijk era), they were at least fun to watch with Kruse/Zullo/Oar storming down the flanks and the Den riding every frustrating miss.
Some of the chants/behaviour bordered on antisocial, but the positives far outweighed the few negatives. Hopefully all involved now can get over themselves and the team can turn in some performances to encourage the fairweathers back.

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Players well into their 20s being referred to as ‘kids’ by coaches and commentators doesn’t help.
‘He’s a good kid’ – actually, if he’s old enough to play NRL he’s an adult man and should be dealt with like one.

NRL players are adults - let's start treating them like it

8: Cummins, Lyon
7: Harris
6: Payne
5: Head, Hazlewood
4: Starc, Labuschagne
3: Khawaja
2: S Marsh
1: Finch
0: M Marsh

Border-Gavaskar Test series player ratings: Australia

Such a shame Herath retired before the SL series in Jan. A month of facing off against Clive Rose’s hair would have our bats primed to end his career.

Failing Test batsmen ordered back to Big Bash to "spend solid time in the middle"

The Bullets not being absolutely awful is a most pleasing development.

Bullets make a double statement in the NBL

Prithvi Shaw is a big loss for the Indians and the series as a whole. So much fun to watch him merrily swing away without a care in the world and connect more often than not.

Pant is good for at least one Gilchrist-esque game-changing innings.

Otherwise it really does come down to Kohli. Hopefully we get some sporting wickets cos he’ll carve up on anything remotely road-like.

It's Kohli or bust for India

Was on tour in Melbourne with my band at the time, and watched the first innings carnage unfold with our local brother band downstairs at the Prince of Wales. The joint was jumping.

Went to bed at the innings break to rest up for our gig the next day and woke up seedy as hell with a voicemail message from their drummer.

“We lost! Dude, we lost!”

How I missed the most remarkable ODI ever seen

Been on this bandwagon since 2013 Ryan! The more things change, etc etc –

I think Fox League’s scattershot approach to seeding their programs with Crisis Merchants is really selling Phil short.

Why not give the man the solo vehicle he so richly deserves, stumbling and bumbling his way through an hour of vitriol straight down the lens Monday through Friday from around 9:30pm, the bottom of the screen rotating through the 6 tweets of support he’d received in the preceding 24 hours.

The Buzz Report. A veritable ratings bonanza, just like its Sky News counterpart –

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield