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Can the Chiefs do it again?

Can the Chiefs do it again?

28 Jan 2014

I can smell it, I’m not talking about Rotorua folks, the Super season is just around the corner and all smells rosie in Chiefs country.

World Cup year brings out the crazy

1 Aug 2011

In a year where the nation’s proud rugby traditions are meant to be celebrated and proudly displayed to all those millions of eyes who will be watching around the globe, it seems to me that regular level-headed blokes are slowing becoming crazy.

Injured All Blacks - risk or reward?

24 Jul 2011

If there is one big question mark hanging over the All Blacks World Cup squad, it is whether or not the injured players can recover in time to hold of the desperate advances of those players thrown a lifeline.

Flashy Wallabies up against an All Black wall

15 Jul 2011

Cooper gathers the kick, he looks up to see acres of space ahead, sidesteps the first, then the second, swivels past the third, throws a no-look pass to Ioane who caterpillars before doing the “Dougie” (his super final try celebration) on his way past his opposite, flick passes to Genia, who forward flips with a […]