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Wouldnt say its impossible for WSW to make finals, Heart made a short run late last season and had they held form they could have made it. So if the wanderers can find some form quickly and maintain it they’re a chance, a very slim one though

Was Poppa prepared for the Wanderers' A-League woes?

Sterling can’t finish.

as you point out he was made to look better than he actually was. He wont be world class, because he’s english and they just dont develop world class players anymore.

However if he goes to Madrid wouldnt be suprised he becomes a star

Raheem Sterling is being unfairly burdened by Liverpool

I’d hand my victory membership in if we signed Zadkovich

Newcastle Jetting towards oblivion

It’s consistently the worst surface in the league. And this isnt the Jets fault but the way cameras are positioned it looks empty.

If you want something constructive fold the club and look elsewhere.

Newcastle Jetting towards oblivion

Victorians watch SOO in the hope that two meatheads try and stick their fists in someone’s teeth

Australia vs Japan has quietly become one of sport's great rivalries

Newcastle are an embarrassment.
Second Worst Stadium(CCM have the worst)
Worst Active Support(tied with CCM)
Worst Football

Newcastle Jetting towards oblivion

No last season was a success

On your marks: Wanderers and Roar to come home with a wet sail

You left out all the other times Fuss makes good point so you’ll probably have

Fuss 94874524*vs Everyone else 23.
*Everytime someone claims fuss is biased against WSW he gets an extra 5 points

FFA deny wrongdoing in 2022 World Cup bid

The whole football section on this site has become a WSW love-fest. Get off your knees the side isnt that great, they play piss poor football. The only person who seems to say anything on the contrary is fuss, and when he does people bite his head off as being biased even when he brings out honest truths. Nobody wants to face facts when it comes to the Wanderers, they all want to live on the glory of winning a champions league and blow smoke up the WSW players asses about how they should be picked for Asian Cup and they all have an “ACL Hangover” or “the new players haven’t gelled with the rest of the squad.” Your having a laugh. Give it a wash. Jog on.

On your marks: Wanderers and Roar to come home with a wet sail

These comments what a laugh. Les Murray is the worst host i have ever heard. Should be respected for his service to the game no doubt. But i would rather listen on mute then listen to Les.

To call him an equal to Johnny Warren makes me wanna poke my eyes out. To compare him to Martin Tyler makes me laugh

Les was good, not a great

Mr Football, signing off in true style

People flock to midweek T20s because it’ll be sixes and boundaries galore.

To play or not to play: The A-League's international date question

Although i agree with him, i just cant take Kenny Lowe seriously.

I think perth will finish 4th, traditionally in the a-league that would make them part of the second tier with no real chance of making a splash in the finals. However this year i feel that the gap between the top 3 and the rest will not be as wide.

Scary how good Perth can get, Lowe says

What part of the side did Mulvey actually have anything to do with? Ange built the whole system at brisbane, rado couldnt get it to work and Mulvey walked into a double if you ask me. We’re seeing similar at Melbourne with Muscat, however i feel that Muscat has changed the system Ange put in place by adding in a striker and bringing in some depth and reliability.

Tensions boil over for winless Roar

I think the expectation of city to win the lot/contend was ridiculous from the start. They need a whole new back 4 maybe Kisnorbo can stay, a striker(which they may finally have in Kennedy) and maybe a keeper(jury’s still out on redmayne). None of this could be done in the amount of time since the takeover.

[VIDEO] Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne City highlights: A-League scores

Try 2 points with Villa in 4(if you want to count the derby as a game he ‘played’ in)

[VIDEO] Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne City highlights: A-League scores

semi final as well. FFA is going to embarrass itself while AAMI, coopers & even nib sit empty

[VIDEO] Newcastle Jets vs Melbourne Victory highlights: A-League scores, blog

If mabil could consistently finish he’d be world class. Same can be said for Connor pain at victory, but mabil has a bigger ceiling imo

[VIDEO] Adelaide United vs Sydney FC: A-league highlights, scores, blog

The issue this year is, assuming the Victory earn a home final, that Bulldogs vs Freo at Etihad. 5 people and their dogs will turn up for the game as oppossed to a sellout at the A-league granny. So simply move Dogs v Freo to Skilled stadium in Geelong may even get a bigger crowd.

How to fix the scheduling nightmare of the A-League finals

Dont know what your smoking but obviously Covic has only conceded 0 goals in the last 2 games

Wanderers' success prove the salary cap fits the A-League

Aww someone said western sydney have to actually win? Look at the fans scowl as if thats totally unfair!

Western Sydney can't let Australian sporting history slide away

Brilliant ref just brilliant

Is this an a-league ref? serious question

[VIDEO] Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory highlights: FFA Cup scores, blog

Classic Danny Vukovic with the over-reaction on the goal celebration

[VIDEO] Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory highlights: FFA Cup scores, blog

first yellow wasnt one, he won the ball first was barely a foul. Regardless of what happens the rest of ET victory will struggle against the nix

[VIDEO] Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory highlights: FFA Cup scores, blog

This’ll end up as a game of five a side the way the refs dishing out the yellows

[VIDEO] Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory highlights: FFA Cup scores, blog

He got abit of the ball

[VIDEO] Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory highlights: FFA Cup scores, blog