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Spurs, Bombers and Pacers. Fan of any sport really, except rugby...



Celtics have too many varied weapons that can cause matchup nightmares, particularly on the wing positions. Too many questions in regard to the Leonard dynamic in Toronto. I’m betting it’ll be Celtics vs Pacers in the ECF.

Beasts from the east: Will it be the Celtics or the Raptors?

Agree with you on most of your points, just don’t know why this is called a ‘hot take’ article.

Nine hot takes from AFL Round 20

It’s just banter dude if you don’t find it funny than fair enough. My point wasn’t to look for negatives, it was to look for funny stuff. If you don’t believe me than that’s too bad.

ICYMI: World Cup Night 1 Wrap

I apologise if the satirical nature of the piece didn’t come across. But I do actually enjoy soccer, so much so that I decided to poke fun at it.

ICYMI: World Cup Night 1 Wrap

ICYMI= In Case You Missed It.

Although on second thoughts this abbreviation is not really common knowledge so next time I might just leave it out.

Glad you enjoyed the piece despite the early morning spelling and grammatical errors plaguing it. Hopefully there are going to be some more polished versions in future.

ICYMI: World Cup Night 1 Wrap

I don’t think we have forgotten about Hinke at all. He is arguably the most well known NBA executive as the whole Trust the Process movement is a literal quote from him that he harped upon constantly throughout his tenure. Secondly. I don’t believe Morey took a ‘huge risk’ as he only traded away role players for a bonafide star. Plus, with the success of the Rockets, there was a high chance that many effective role players would want to join on small contracts to be a part of it’s success. Luc Mbah a Moute and PJ Tucker are examples of this.

Have we already forgotten about Sam Hinkie?

Fair play, LeBron will probably drop a 40 point triple double next game then clean us up in 5 and I will turn out looking like a right idiot.

NBA first round entertainment rankings

By the way we did it without sucking for four years. Process that.

NBA first round entertainment rankings

Please keep ignoring Indiana. I know you haven’t watched more than a second of us play and don’t understand that we have the best chemistry in the conference and can beat anyone (literally, we have beaten every Eastern conference playoff team at least once and have won the season series vs Boston, Cleveland, Philly, Milwaukee and Miami) but I like it like that. Oh well you are not the first to do this.

NBA first round entertainment rankings

This is not enough.

Australia name new skipper after Smith, Warner step down temporarily

Westbrook didn’t deserve the MVP last year this is just so funny. This entire article is based upon either irrelevant or poorly understood arguments that make no sense.

Russell Westbrook is being robbed of back-to-back MVPs

Unbelievable, I can’t say this was the tipping point for myself in terms of not liking this Australian side. David Warner taking the stance of the moral arbiter for the series is just so hypocritical and hilarious. However, the sheer cowardice of the leadership panel and coaching staff to ask the youngest, most inexperienced member of the team to carry out it’s plan of systematic cheating is disgusting. It takes full advantage of the precarious placement of Bancroft in this team, and whilst not completely absolved from blame, Bancroft’s struggles just looked to be turning and will now all be forgotten behind this low act. It’ll take a long time for the entire nation to get behind this team again.

Oh yeah, and the completely hypocritical behaviour of Cricket Australia and Lehmann in demanding ‘zero tolerance’ toward unruly crowd jibes towards players is staggering considering his stance against Broad in 2013, in which he asked the Australian public to “give it to him right from the word go for the whole summer, and I hope he cries and goes home”

This is just plain hilarious. If the English are the whingers, Australia are the unruly hypocrites.

The integrity of Australian cricket is in tatters

Bit of an overreaction to his hot streak during the second half of the year and particularly this week. He is a great player no doubt but there is no way he is better than James Harden as a guard.

Check your watches: Lillard has been the NBA’s best guard in 2018

Rodney Hood is extremely disappointing, he should’ve been primed for a fantastic season replacing Gordon Hayward and fitting right in to a nicely coached Jazz halfcourt offence but purely hasn’t lived up to expectations. The more time goes on, the Trailblazers trading up to 10 to select Zach Collins is even more perplexing with Mitchell’s play. Kennard to the Pistons ahead of this guy? Yikes, that felt bad at the time and is even worse now. That being said, Mitchell does still need to limit turnovers and find more efficient shots (typical rookie things) but to carry the offensive load like this is truly great. Still jumps out of position and gambles a little too much on defence put the Jazz are perfect in being able to take that out of his game.

The born-again Jazz already have the outline of their next great team

What are these guys smoking? You had years to give Bancroft and Paine chances yet you wait until the biggest test series of the lot to test them out? After being so intent in bringing in youth like Renshaw last summer, you immediately get rid of him once he plays poorly? Ride the ups and downs of these guys would be my advice, yet they don’t do this with Renshaw and do it too much with Marsh. It makes no sense! Even though most fans like Paine, the horse has bolted! You screwed him over 5 years ago and by sympathetically selecting him it seems as if you will be screwing over players of this generation and making the same mistakes. Bancroft is nice, no question yet maybe give the youth you blooded in low priority test last summer a chance and hold off for at least the first test match. But it’s ok, our bowling and a combination of Smith, Khawaja and Warner will hide these cracks against this England team and once again we will be exposed once we face opposition of any quality.

It's official: Paine, Marsh and Bancroft bolt into Australia's Ashes squad

And for this Victorian/Eastern Coast bias I do apologise. Will try to pay more attention out West in future.

The three biggest winners of the AFL trade period

Yeah that is probably fair enough Macca. I was just thinking of the stereotypical Carlton mismanagement when I wrote that 🙂

The three biggest winners of the AFL trade period

Well I didn’t want to write on something I didn’t know. I reckon that’s a decent principle to live by.

The three biggest winners of the AFL trade period

Yes I completely agree. The midfield does need heaps of work but hopefully McGrath or Smith could run through there and help out. Kelly did play mostly down back but the Bombers do desperately need big bodies like his in there. Heppell is really the only big guy and to really challenge they need these ball winners more than anyone else.

The three biggest winners of the AFL trade period

Yeah I was tempted to put them in, however I didn’t really watch enough of Freo last year to write on whether guys like Lachie Weller were worthy of the price Gold Coast paid for him (although I suspect he isn’t). Plus I don’t think anyone thought Essendon could land all three targets and still have a decent pick in this draft.

The three biggest winners of the AFL trade period

Cringeworthy stuff here from Tim. Luckily, it wasn’t too prominent in the broadcast and we will probably forget about it soon.

Tim Cahill's heroic moment sullied by alleged cash-grab celebration

I agree with signing Embiid. Love his talent as you described. But there is no way the 76ers should’ve signed him now. Wait to the end of the season! You are going to be paying him around the same amount anyway if an offer sheet does come in, plus I doubt Embiid would want to leave anyway. If Embiid’s body breaks this season again, you can get him at a discounted price or just not. This is Un-Hinke like.

Extending Embiid is a risk the Sixers had to take

Yeah I hope each guy can sacrifice. My real concern in that regard is Paul George as he is coming into his contract year and will want to showcase his abilities to get that $$$. But these guys are professional, I’m sure with the right coaching and mature leadership from all three guys, this can work. It’s definitely going to be an exciting season, I don’t remember there being so many newly formed and changed “superteams” entering a season like this before.

What the Anthony trade means for OKC and the Western Conference

It’s funny how Trump decided to be more harsh on these black athletes peacefully protesting rather than white supremacists violently protesting in Charlottesville. Sorry to kinda be political but sports and societal issues are closely linked and athletes not only have a right to protest like everyone, but cannot sit in silence like other athletes such as Michael Jordan used to. I personally love LeBron even more now.

Trump vs the NFL: How did it come to this?

The Tippett contract should be the deal in discussion. Buddy is the best key forward of the modern era.

Dumbfounding Franklin hyperbole just an old man yelling at cloud