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The concept works in Brisbane because there’s no much to do.
It’ll struggle in Sydney.

LISTEN: Can Magic Round ever work outside Brisbane or Sydney?

Here I am Nat. I think you mean Michael Ennis, not Innis. When Inglis talks, the team listens? What was he talking about, how to lose the first game at State of Origin?

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

Matt, The Valentine Holmes intercept should have been pulled up because the QLD inside backs were standing way offside. Take a look at the reply. So there’s six points they shouldn’t have been awarded for a start. Qld weren’t dominating the middle in the second half. That’s rubbish. QLD were looking tired and out on their feet. Next game I hope the game is refereed more like an NRL game, which I know Kevvy Walters and his coaching staff don’t want to happen. Why? Because the QLD side is too old, too slow.

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

Mathew, there were only 5 penalties for the entire match. If they’d have been refereeing the game like the NRL games this year, which average 17 penalties per game, the scoreline would have been a bigger blow out to NSW.

Greg Inglis: Handy footballer, but not captaincy material

Good one Cam…Think you’ve gone a bit early on your call of the Bulldogs season.

Who else would you write off for the season on the back of one game?

Dogs' season over, Luke Beveridge to blame

What’s wrong with Muscat? He has done very well as a coach, he knows the players, he’s well respected by outgoing coach Ange, and he has a similar attacking style as a coach.

Be great to have an Aussie in charge at World Cup.

Who are the contenders to replace Ange Postecoglou?

Here’s the harsh truth Harry, which must be difficult for you to handle; Buddy has been a huge success for Sydney. Measuring everything by premiership success alone is a very limited way to assess the performance of a football club over a period of time. The article explains some of the obvious impacts that Buddy has had on and off the field. Three All Australians, two Coleman medals, one GF, countless finals appearances. Sydney has done remarkably well off the field as well during the Buddy Franklin era. Look at the membership base since he’s arrived, the sponsors, and the merchandise sold. Sounds like you’re one of these toxic trolls out there who just like to be contrary for the sake of it. In fact, based on your comments I think you’d struggle to understand the rules of AFL.

The Swans and Buddy: A match made in heaven

Cheika always comes across a bad loser…needs to stop with the carry on.

Five talking points from Australia's loss to England

I think Australia will give a good account of themselves at the next World Cup.
If Ange doesn’t hang around, I hope his tactics do. Australia can play some pretty attractive
football, and if you look back over their results in the last 10 -15 years, they’ve knocked over
some pretty formidable teams, even if they were classed as friendlies.

I hope Ange hangs around for the World Cup because it’s the biggest tournament in World Sport, and
I think the players believe in the way he wants them to play.

It might come down to ‘money’ and that’s where David Gallop and the boys might have to dig a bit
deeper into their pockets to keep him on board.

A tale of two teams: Australia, Italy and the World Cup

Matt Renshaw won’t ever make it back to the Australian side in my opinion, unless he changes his surname to Marsh.

Matthew Renshaw: The unluckiest man in Australian cricket

It’s a truly sad reflection on the current mindset of the selectors, more than the players available in my opinion. Shaun Marsh has been given every opportunity, and more, to hold down a permanent spot. (and he simply hasn’t performed well enough consistently). If the selectors continue to pick older blokes like Shaun Marsh then what’s it say to the young up and coming batters across the country. It’s just plain dumb.

If Shaun Marsh is the answer, you have to wonder what the question was

If Wade and Neville were playing well, then this type of selection would not happen. It may have come from left field, but that’s only because the blokes who have been on the field playing for Australia were not playing well enough. I’ll back Paine to hold down his spot for the series against England.

Tim Paine's Ashes selection is a farce

Think we need to mix it up and change the order.

Lyon. (He can hold down an end).

Starc (He can throw the bat)

Maxwell. (Captain, why not?)

Handscomb (handy batter)

Smith (Mr Reliable ca bat through the innings)

Bancroft (not too shabby with the gloves)

Cummins (pretty nippy with the bal1)

Warner (bit unreliable these days)

Bird (he’s OK)

Khawaja. (great Shield player, not so good at Test level).

Renshaw. (he’s gone off the boil, maybe he could bowl).

Pick your Australian Ashes team for the first Test against England

I think Robbie Slater and Harry Kewell will make a difference in the return leg.

Brave Roos earn the right to be confident of qualification

Nice work Peeko. I agree….I think he’s carrying on like a pork chop.

Maybe he needs some post-traumatic Kangaroo disappointment counselling.

Big Mal's even bigger stuff up

What is the point in running an article postulating the theory as to why Adelaide would win the grand final? They didn’t. Lots of people who were happy to give their considered opinions to anyone who’d listen about why Adelaide will win are walking around with egg on their face today. (I’m one of them!)

The column that never was – what if Adelaide won?

Head says Crows. Heart says Tigers. Heavier heart, says I wish It was Swans!!

How Richmond can beat Adelaide and win the flag

it’s an interesting debate, and the views expressed reflect the grey area of this rule interpretation. There’s a couple of things that won’t help Cotchin’s case. The first thing is that I don’t see how he can be seriously going for the ball when he clenches his right hand into a fist and then braces his shoulder for impact with Shiels. Secondly, the bloke has a bit of form with strikes, albeit pretty soft. And thirdly, Shiel’s actually had delayed concussion (presumably from the hit), failed the concussion test and was ruled out for the game. I reckon he’s gone if they’re fair dinkum.

WATCH: Will this high contact cost Trent Cotchin a grand final?

Come on Josh. Give it a rest. You make it sound like winning a premiership is easy. There’s too many of ‘Monday’s experts’ giving a post analysis of the latest team to bow out of the AFL premiership race. These so called experts change like the wind. Any chance that Sydney has given itself for winning a premiership in recent years has been through clever, astute and sometimes ballsy recruiting, a terrific culture, and playing a hard contested brand of footy that stacks up most games. But the competition is so even. They got beaten by a better side last weekend. That’s footy. Stop pretending you’re Nostradamus and just accept that no team has a God given right to a premiership.

The Sydney Swans are built to win flags - so why don't they?

While I should have been sleeping last night, I stayed up and watched Nick Kyrios play a tremendous match against a bloke who is seriously good on clay, as well as a very intimidating local crowd. He hung in there so well, and toughed it out, which is something I’m not used to seeing from him. Congratulations to Nick and all the Davis Cup squad for coming so close to making it through to the Davis Cup Final. I thought it was one of the best matches I’ve seen from Nick, playing on a surface he doesn’t like against a very talented player, David Goffin, who played a great match. Congrats to Belgium, but ‘super proud’ of Nick last night.

Australia out of Davis Cup after semi-final loss to Belgium

Me thinks Catsky Gonsky.

What happened to the Cats who dominated September?

Never give your opponent any sense that you underestimate them, otherwise they’ll use it against you.
You’ll never hear an AFL coach bag the opposition, regardless of who they’re playing. It’s something the coaches in the English Premier League could learn.

Cats pose big threat in AFL semi: Longmire

Hi Gordon,

Interesting read. Thanks for digging bit deeper into the ‘premiership quarter’ than my article of a week or so ago. (and thanks for acknowledging the article by the way). You found sound interesting stats that I wasn’t aware of.

In terms of our AFL game, even with the stats you’ve provided, and interpreted, I don’t think there’s any justification to continue using the expression, after the third quarter or any other quarter, which is essentially the point I was making.

Digging deeper into the 'Premiership Quarter'

You weren’t far of the mark Josh.
Hurley had a stinker!

Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bombers second elimination final preview and prediction

Give it a rest ‘ghost’. Long way to go for both these sides. But it’s pretty funny for you to carry on about grand final strike rate. When was the last time Richmond made it to a finals campaign, let alone a Grand Final?

Supreme Swans make it a three-team race for the flag