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Bowl off. But like a penalty shootout there would be different bowlers for each delivery. How good would it be to see Ussie knock out middle stump to win a world cup shootout 2-1 with a combined 13 misses after Eoin Morgan misses the square?

Nine better ways to settle the World Cup final

Chris you’re better than that. You understand the game better than just about everyone else on this site. Edging a ball you played at (although maybe shouldn’t have) has nothing to do with my point. There is of course a place for luck in the game be it through a dropped catch or a mistimed shot through a corden gap but runs resulting from a deflection when running between the wickets have no place on a wagon wheel. I’m pretty sure Ben Stokes and many others would agree.

England win World Cup final in thrilling super over finish against New Zealand

Correct. I’m quite confident that when a fielding side is faced with the opportunity to hit a moving batsman to prevent an overthrow that has as yet not presented itself or a stationary set of stumps to bring about a wicket, I reckon they will have a ping at the sticks……

England win World Cup final in thrilling super over finish against New Zealand

The deflection rule is pretty bad. Dead ball makes sense. All runs scored should be the result of a batsman attempting to play a shot or an error on the part of the bowling side. What happened last night fits into neither of these categories

England win World Cup final in thrilling super over finish against New Zealand

And Carey also pulled of the catch of the tournament last night after getting flogged in the chin

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final

I think the kiwis are a victim of there own soft early draw. Of course everything seems fine when you are winning but having played one or two of the big sides in the first half of the tournament may have forced Nichols into the side a little earlier and with a few games under his belt against the lesser sides who knows.

Also Latham is an odd selection in so many ways. Is he an excellent keeper that they need to accommodate somehow? No. Is he a dashing bat in the style of a Butler, Dhoni, De Kock (even Carey) that makes up for his keeping? No. Is there not a part time keeper who can score at a decent clip in NZ?

New Zealand's batting order rots from the head down

Would have loved to hear this from team management, “I think it’s important moving forward that we are certain Shaun Marsh can get through being in a squad without getting injured before we consider him actually playing cricket”

Maxwell, Marsh injured as Australia forced into World Cup swap

I’ve been trying to find an article or some footage of Warne accepting that he was wrong in saying Usman should be dropped and acknowledging that the selectors have shown that they know what they are doing but just can’t seem to find it. I’m sure it is out there somewhere. I just must be typing the wrong thing into my Google machine. I’ll try searching for humble pie recipes instead

Australia keep winning as the selectors keep ignoring Shane Warne

In the England camp there seems to be both a sense of complacency and also a lack of understanding about how to win matches in a world cup. Frlm the outside looking in it’s like they feel they can ride the number one ranking all the way through and win the thing on reputation. They are trying to Joe Biden their way to a world cup

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Good luck with the run. Better you than me. Great cause

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

“Geez that Scott guy can coach!”
“Which one?”

Asked by no one. Ever.

Winners and losers from AFL Round 6

I know there are others at the club with input into the list and who gets signed but do you seriously think that after 10 years this poor list isn’t Brad Scott’s responsibility? Another way to look at it is that the list is stronger than you think it’s just that the players are poorly coached and therefore represent as a poor list.

Eight talking points from AFL Round 3

Hopefully Essendon winning frees up some column inches and Brad Scott finally starts to feel the heat. For a guy who sat on the panel that came up with the new rules to be so far behind the game is disgraceful. The board seems happy with mediocre but the vast majority of us fans are not. If they are worried about the cost of booting him I’m sure winning games and in turn putting a few more bums on seats will pay for some of it. With a new coach we may even sign one of these big players we have gone after. I have little doubt players at other clubs are looking at Scott and thinking will this guy make me a better player? I know the answer. For weeks I have been trying to find a team in top flight sport anywhere in the world that has stuck with a coach for ten years despite no top four finish or a title. There is not one other

Eight talking points from AFL Round 3

You can’t put together a list of this kind and not have Mr Michael Whitney feature heavily

Australia’s most entertaining batsmen

So let’s not get too carried away with Freo’s win on the weekend. It was against this year’s wooden spooners

North Melbourne's worst losses under Brad Scott

If you look at his record in terms of developing young players I think this is a factor in players not making the switch. I am a big believer in the top rookies list being a sign of a good coach. 2016, 2017, 2018 no NM youngsters in the nominated best 30 under 23yo. Look at Luke Davies Can’t Spell It.

No coach in any top tier competition in world sport lasts 10 years without a title or at least a top 4 finish. We are like Everton but they make money.

He has gotta go

North Melbourne's worst losses under Brad Scott

Today’s Herald Sun has us (North) as $1.70 Favorites this weekend. Get on the Lions at $2.10

Eight talking points from AFL Round 1

That’s my side and I would go with Burns to partner Warner. I think the contrasting styles are a good thing. Harris is a bit too Warnerish

Cameron Bancroft has put the Aussie top order on notice

Lasagne seems like an easy guy to drop for Smith without anyone getting too upset

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

I understand the thinking but many of your selections send a mixed message. Some say that current first class form matters (Stoinis/Harris), others say it doesn’t (Khawaja 100*/Starc 10 wickets), some say incumbency matters (Harris/Hazelwood/Paine even), others don’t (Khawaja/Starc). You have Hazelwood in your squad despite not being at his best against India and not playing at all against Sri Lanka. This logic makes not picking Starc a head scratcher. You are selecting many players on form (which you should) but for other reasons you welcome back Smith but not Warner.

If I was a player I would be permanently nervous with you as a selector.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

Yeah that’s not what I meant. I think you’d see a better squad if you asked the English to name it.
You pick Harris despite not converting his starts and don’t pick Khawaja despite coming off a ton and shouldering an enormous load in the absence of Smith and Warner. You also talk about Khawaja being inconsistent yet pick Burns and Patterson on the back of one score. You also take a guy averaging 20 something in first class cricket (Stoinis) as a batsman over Khawaja.
Somehow untried bowlers are better than Starc coming off 10 wickets in an attack that has had no runs to bowl to or any helpful surfaces all summer. And to finish it off you take a 40 year old leg spinner with an average red ball record.
I don’t mind taking Wade as bat/keeper cover over Handscomb maybe

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

It’s hard to know where to start here

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

If my memory is correct there was no specialist back up keeper was there? A very Australian thing to do would be to take 6 seamers. I’m thinking we did something like that

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

It feels like based on the 12 Daniel names here that you need one more spinner, one more quick, a top order bat and a middle order bat/batting allrounder. So 16. I’d add Renshaw, Maxi, Pattinson (if fit) and take your pick on the spinner.
Although I would not be surprised if Handscomb is picked as bat/keeper cover

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

How many do we usually take over for an Ashes tour?

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up