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That’s my side and I would go with Burns to partner Warner. I think the contrasting styles are a good thing. Harris is a bit too Warnerish

Cameron Bancroft has put the Aussie top order on notice

Lasagne seems like an easy guy to drop for Smith without anyone getting too upset

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

I understand the thinking but many of your selections send a mixed message. Some say that current first class form matters (Stoinis/Harris), others say it doesn’t (Khawaja 100*/Starc 10 wickets), some say incumbency matters (Harris/Hazelwood/Paine even), others don’t (Khawaja/Starc). You have Hazelwood in your squad despite not being at his best against India and not playing at all against Sri Lanka. This logic makes not picking Starc a head scratcher. You are selecting many players on form (which you should) but for other reasons you welcome back Smith but not Warner.

If I was a player I would be permanently nervous with you as a selector.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

Yeah that’s not what I meant. I think you’d see a better squad if you asked the English to name it.
You pick Harris despite not converting his starts and don’t pick Khawaja despite coming off a ton and shouldering an enormous load in the absence of Smith and Warner. You also talk about Khawaja being inconsistent yet pick Burns and Patterson on the back of one score. You also take a guy averaging 20 something in first class cricket (Stoinis) as a batsman over Khawaja.
Somehow untried bowlers are better than Starc coming off 10 wickets in an attack that has had no runs to bowl to or any helpful surfaces all summer. And to finish it off you take a 40 year old leg spinner with an average red ball record.
I don’t mind taking Wade as bat/keeper cover over Handscomb maybe

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

It’s hard to know where to start here

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

If my memory is correct there was no specialist back up keeper was there? A very Australian thing to do would be to take 6 seamers. I’m thinking we did something like that

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

It feels like based on the 12 Daniel names here that you need one more spinner, one more quick, a top order bat and a middle order bat/batting allrounder. So 16. I’d add Renshaw, Maxi, Pattinson (if fit) and take your pick on the spinner.
Although I would not be surprised if Handscomb is picked as bat/keeper cover

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

How many do we usually take over for an Ashes tour?

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

I like this side and I genuinely feel that Paine has a lot of runs in him at 7 behind a top 6 that may pass 250 occasionally before he walks out

Patterson ton versus Sri Lanka upstages Test rivals

If the selectors did their job they would FC openers as openers in the test side and therefore we wouldn’t be having this conversation

Vics’ stance on Finch both politics and tactics

Yeah I don’t understand this either. He is no chance of makjng runs against an old ball in the middle order on home pitches?

Vics’ stance on Finch both politics and tactics

It’s also no coincidence that the Vics are the dominant red ball state in the country and have become so by not playing Finch as a top order bat. Note to selectors

Vics’ stance on Finch both politics and tactics

They could have certainly picked a worse squad.

While I don’t think he did enough to clearly get a gig, I hope Renshaw being overlooked isn’t a continuation of Langer’s attitude towards him last summer. Smarsh and Harris to open for mine. Everything looks solider with Khawaja at 3 given it’s his best position and Finch in the middle order. There is no clear number 4 in this line up. Burns opening with Harris and Smarsh down the order would be ideal

CONFIRMED: Harris and Tremain added to Australian Test squad

Who would have thpught when this began that both parties could end up looking foolish….?
CCM have done the right thing by offering both what his talent is worth and also what they could afford (good thing for my Mariners that he isn’t worth much as a footballer ????). But in putting forward an offer that the superstar that Bolt is would never accept they make this look even more like a publicity stunt. Did they really think Bolt hang out in Terrigal for a couple of years for loose change?

Bolt on the other hand is now set to turn his back on his dream of being a professional footballer because the money is not right. He can’t play this card anymore. At least wait till you are a professional footballer before you start acting like one.

Just really messy

Bolt may be a cow on ice, but it looks like he's here to stay

What about the integrity of the GF when a team runs out with a plan to knock out the oppositions best player? Sure you will face a lengthy ban the following season but given you will get to keep all your players on the field why not take the ban and enjoy a flag?

The AFL doesn't need a send-off rule

Imagine the outcry if thIs incident happened in the Bombers/Hawks game and an Essendon player has his jaw broken, Hawthorn win by a kick with all their players on the pitch and the Bombers season is over.

The AFL doesn't need a send-off rule

I say we start at 7 weeks, thus rubbing him out for the season, then Steve Smith the bejesus out of the whole saga and allow social media and punditry to bump it up to include all of next season as well

Andrew Gaff: How many weeks, and where will he be next year?

How about this as an idea to alleviate the pressure on the umpires.

If a player has his jaw broken intentionally by an opponents fist and a camera picks it up, you stop the play and remove the cadaver and the player who threw the punch.

Use this incident and others like it as the scope for writing the send off law parameters

The AFL doesn't need a send-off rule

We’re the Carlton of world football but without the draft picks. You think a new coach is all they need to turn it around?

The Arnold era begins: A swipe at Bert and psychological mumbo jumbo

Umtiti was just about the player of the tournament. Should have been in your team

World Cup team of the tournament: The best XI from Russia 2018

I hope articles like this stay on The Roar for the next 37 years. Really enjoyed reading this far more than I have enjoyed the GF in recent times

(North Melbourne supporter after all)

Grand final at the MCG til 2057 shows limits of AFL's power

We’re writing articles about commentary lineups now?
Who’s gonna open?

Glenn McGrath joins the Seven commentary team

In sport, just like politics, there is something to be said for where you get your news from. Publications like the Herald Sun with flogs like Tom Smithies providing ‘expert’ opinion in line with the ‘fling’ fans (check out the tripe he put up today) are a huge part of the problem.

We probably should have expected the hate to flow after how we treated Steve Smith. I just hope some of the players take some time to read some of the stuff on this site. It’s not perfect but I think our balance is better.

What social media made of the Socceroos’ exit

Why would Cahill retire? He could continue to sit on benches and not play football for another 30 years

The gig is up Bert; now do what we want

We’d also need him to weigh in on the ball tampering fiasco and in the event that the Socceroos progress out of the group stages declare that “any boss that sacks a worker for not turning up to work on Wednesday is a mug”

The gig is up Bert; now do what we want