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The power of '1' - an ontology of numbers

I must acknowledge Bluesfan, who germinated these thoughts, and apologise to Wilbur Smith – this is no story of the courage of a single person in the face of oppression and adversity, or the conversion of a drop of water into a waterfall – this is a story of the numbers, plain and simple.

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Roar Guru

Super Rugby fantasy versus reality

I worked with a group of Englishmen who introduced me to Fantasy English Premier League – I performed poorly until I learned that picking a side to win a fantasy league is entirely different to picking a side to win an actual game.

Irrespective of the money and let’s assume it was $0, the fact that RA got his dismissal so wrong and even had to apologise means they comprehensively stuffed up.

Why everyone got it wrong about Rugby Australia and Israel Folau

Don’t disagree at all. It’s usually the CEO that proposes the strategy, often working closely with the Chair who canvasses the board so that the CEO isn’t totally embarrassed. All very cosy really.

Raelene Castle's tenure has been a failure – what else did RA expect?

And, Clyne interviewed by Ben fordham on Friday said the settlement was unanimously endorsed by the Boards of RA and NSW.

NOT the CEO acting alone.

Raelene Castle's tenure has been a failure – what else did RA expect?

Agree. Folau thinks he is beyond reproach.

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

100% agree JCM – lazy and self indulgent. And now, bigoted fundamentalist.
so, just for the record:

The last column about Israel Folau ever, I promise

or Kearns.

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

Agree 100% tactical.

David Pocock bemused by Israel Folau's captaincy claim

Here are the some of the important numbers from 2018 audited accounts:
Broadcasting $60M
Sponsorships $28M (Down by $3M from 2017 – mainly Force sponsorship)
Matchday receipts $20M (Down by $3M from 2017 due to weaker attendance)

Wallaby team costs $10M
National 7s Team costs $6M
Super Rugby funding $25M (Down by $2M due to Force axing)
Player payments $16M (decreased by $8M due to Force axing)
High performance National Teams $$9M (mainly staff costs to support programs)
Community Rugby $4M
Corporate $15M

doesnt tell usn much, but the author of this piece was a little wooly so i though id have a look…

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

This is true – I had never considered it’s a long term ploy to subtly subjugate us. In 1983, the 1st grade side I played in Oz with had 13 kiwis….

we’re done for!!

Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop playing the All Blacks

7th!! 😱

Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop playing the All Blacks

This is a very interesting perspective Tsuru. I have no doubt from personal experience like yours, that a stronger better opponent lifts your own game, as an individual. But with a team sport and team game plan orchestrated by an idiot like Cheika, who ignores opponents’ game plan, how the opposition play is irrelevant.

Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop playing the All Blacks

It would make sense to invade NZ and make it the sixth State of Australia. Or maybe the third Territory. Maybe we can merge. Or swap SA and Tas for the North Island.

That would put an end to the losing streak.

Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop playing the All Blacks

Do you think the State Unions were engaged/ informed/ consulted ?

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

Refer answer to TWAS above.

I completely accept what you say about their relationship, my point was on engagement of stakeholders and transparency.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

Refer post to yours above.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

I get your point TWAS. RA doesn’t have shareholders like, say BHP. Recently, at BHP a new CEO was appointed. As a member of the public I was aware of that and indirectly engaged in the process. I understood the timing and the preferences. Also the candidates. This occurred because the Chair Ken McKenzie engaged in a process of open and constructive engagement. The major shareholders (as opposed to stakeholders) were – and I know his for a fact – widely canvassed for their views and opinions as to the replacement.
RA has stakeholders – not shareholders – but it’s the same thing.
My answer to your specific question is I don’t know of any ASX 100 company that does not engage in equivalent transparency and stakeholder engagement. I’m involved in a lot of it.
Probably the most egregious of all the governance errors by Clyne is that once you have signalled your decision to step down, you do not engage in appointing successors to the Executive.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

Yet another opaque decision from RA.

Not being critical of Rennie, the appointment and selection process is a mystery undertaken by a failed Executive and Management team.

Dave Rennie inks deal to become next Wallabies coach

“So, I’m the type of man who always going to back what he says…..”

This tells me everything about Cheika – a self-reflecting narcissist, referencing his unimpeachable character, how he honours his commitments – because “I’m the type of man who…”

I’m my book, the type of man who makes this sort of statement has a poorly composed character, lacks anchoring, and probably falls asleep at night erecting more scaffolding around his self-image, from which to ascend to proclamate his aggrandisement.

Cheika's legacy: Consistent inconsistency and puzzling selection to the very end

Last game Beale played, Roar readers scored him a 3.

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

How Beale plays against in any game provides no basis for a reliable prediction as to how he’ll play next.

A Wallabies Rugby World Cup quarter-final against England: Dream or nightmare for Michael Cheika?

No Spiro, not Beale. He (typical play for Beale) jammed Petaia against the touch line – the youngster had nowhere to go but had skill to cut in and beat two defenders before off loading for Kurandrani’s try.

Use Jordan Petaia to re-boot the Wallabies' World Cup challenge

some with their careers being destroyed by what all of the Australian rugby community has known for several years is that they were doomed for a farcial World Cup.
– name the players whose careers have been destroyed…?

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Wales


Would have thought he’s worth commenting on….

Rugby World Cup: Five talking points from Wallabies vs Fiji

It’s not an opinion-piece Carlos – if you read the first article you’ll see it’s empirically constructed.

The Roar's 50 greatest players in Rugby World Cup history: 15-11