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The power of '1' - an ontology of numbers

I must acknowledge Bluesfan, who germinated these thoughts, and apologise to Wilbur Smith – this is no story of the courage of a single person in the face of oppression and adversity, or the conversion of a drop of water into a waterfall – this is a story of the numbers, plain and simple.

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Roar Guru

Super Rugby fantasy versus reality

I worked with a group of Englishmen who introduced me to Fantasy English Premier League – I performed poorly until I learned that picking a side to win a fantasy league is entirely different to picking a side to win an actual game.

Agree. I’m putting heard-earned in the Jags

Five talking points from the Super Rugby semi-finals

You got this right:

“….where things get difficult for anyone that dares pay them a visit…”

How will the Jaguares fare in 2019?

Super Rugby semi-finals: All eyes on the (sur)prize

KP – nailed it! We have to deconstruct the ancient texts to make sense of it. Agree it is deeply part of the human condition – but I call God “love” – a better tern is “Logos” – it’s the spirituality within humans that separates us from being mere matter. Call it consciousnesses, morality, ethics, civility – whatever. Without it we enter a state of nihilism. We are simply cells, genes and organs inhabiting a skeleton.

The very fact that anyone can take issue with Israel is founded on Logos. Yes my man, we all so deeply want to believe! And we do – as exhibited by this article. The author’s opinions are based on some sort of morality. Where does this come from?

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

A “conservative” newspaper editor holds this view.

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

Indeed! From The Australian editorial this morning:

His views about gay people are niche, repellent and divisive. They may be honestly held, in line with the teachings of his church, but they are out of step with mainstream Australia.”

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

You make a coherent argument Keith but as to two points:
– calling out homosexuals isn’t doing “the right thing”
– and your point about the recent election: there was also a recent vote on same sex marriage “which provided clear evidence” Folau is out of step with most Australians.

Applying another iconic phrase: Folau failed the pub test.

Why I donated to Israel Folau - and why I will again

The thing that gets me is his enormous wealth and owing a Lamborghini – a $500,000 car. What message does this send? While he eulogises from the pulpit to the downtrodden masses, his representation of the virtues of Jesus is a stark contradistinction. I’m mighty confused by all this.
At the same time I absolutely support free speech and “will defend to the death his right to do so” I’m having a very hard time reconciling his wealth, and how he show-cases himself amongst his congregation.
Something’s missing….

'Sickened by it': Former Wallabies blast Folau for fundraiser

CHeika should have done the same after mid season tests 2018, but the fact he hasn’t, and hasn’t been fired says more about the maladministration by RA than his own ineptitude.

No national coach has had such poor results and survived, or had the arrogance to remain in the position.

Daryl Gibson resigns as Waratahs head coach after dismal season

Harry you’re a marvel, but you’re take on Cheika’s mantra “team is king” requires a by-line: “Team is king, so long as I’m the King”.

I find him a despicable reprobate.

Team is king: Deciphering the new prose of Michael Cheika

If you didn’t see the humour in my post your pretty dim.

And based on your lack of critique, I’m sure of it.

Looking at your language too, you’re also a bully – “listen champ” You’re kidding?

"Team is king": Cheika speaks on Folau sacking

No? Didn’t think so. Another spineless anonymous critical.

"Team is king": Cheika speaks on Folau sacking

Same something original. Something contributory. Give it a go. Or, maybe, just sit in judgement. Useless.

"Team is king": Cheika speaks on Folau sacking

Life’s equations:
– Actor/ Actress = Climate change expert
– Cannon-Brooks = nobody = billionaire = respected opinion maker
– Twiggy = risky deal maker = billionaire = GRR = devil [to RA]
– Folau = Christian = sinner [to Joyce]
– Cheika = cauliflower ears = psychologist

"Team is king": Cheika speaks on Folau sacking

Ambivalent is too optimistic!

Super Rugby Round 18: For the clubhouse lead

Fait point. BTW, I’ve known Twiggy since he was a junior broker with Jacksons in 1984…..but never worked with him.

Twiggy: The hero we need but not the one RA deserves

They are not Australian!!!

Twiggy: The hero we need but not the one RA deserves

Yes. In March he gifted $600million. More than any other.

Twiggy: The hero we need but not the one RA deserves

Anaconda Nickel was groundbreaking technology – high pressure acid leach laterite – it took guts and leadership to sell the dream and garner the investment community – also the first globally financed mining project via bonds. That takes guts and vision. Yes, entrepreneurs loose money sometimes, but your dismissal of Twiggy is entirely misplaced and unwarranted. He is the single greatest by $$ charitable donor on the planet! And, ask the proper and balanced question: how many Fortesque shareholders are unhappy. Absolutely none.

Your comments and observations are churlish and unbalanced.

Twiggy: The hero we need but not the one RA deserves

Need resembles an unmanicured poodle.

Wallabies reveal their jersey for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Can’t polish a turd.

Wallabies reveal their jersey for 2019 Rugby World Cup

Same commentators create the people-myths like “the iceman” and fail to condemn their golden-eyed players – false mythologising – I can think of plenty and plenty will come to Roarers’ minds….

The Wrap: It’s all about the rugby FFS

Yes, Harry we need multivariate analysis to explain non correlative data and Sprio’s ultimate conclusions are questionable.

But, as to Spiro’s point about obvious TMO interference, and the examples he’s quoted, are a major blight akin to cheating and should be treated as such.

Oh dear, away Lions draw the penalty count and lose the match

Michael Hooper is J-PR reincarnated!

If rugby's World Cup had begun in the same era as football's

Sheek that’s a terrible conundrum because you’re still a prolific and valued contributor…. (looking for a chin-up emoji!).

If rugby's World Cup had begun in the same era as football's

Chin up Sheek!! It’s Friday, and footy starts in 3 hrs, good game in NZ, then the Brumbs v Bulls – looking for some redemption….

If rugby's World Cup had begun in the same era as football's