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worst footy show ever on tv , all ego’s and self importance

'Get out before I get pushed!' Billy Brownless announces Channel Nine retirement in typical style

no excuses but have a look at the massive injury list WCE suffered this year , worse than the early 2000’s with Judge as coach which was always going to be hard to beat. yes we lost games we should have won and yes we played poorly with some horrible beltings but also, lets put things into perspective. Simmo’s game plan was out dated and thankfully will now get a new lease of life with Schofield employed as mid / stoppage coach, Rioli will become a “new” recruit and some of the kids we played this year showed some real promise and with some early draft picks and the Eagles will be a force again – we never stay down long.

Flying high? Not likely, as the West Coast Eagles might be headed straight down

PTA , how do you know he was “on the snort” that day? did you ask him ?
maybe your club is unique from all others with your players past and present never done anything wrong, that’s a miracle. Cousins didn’t belt anyone in the finals and get away with it which is what the Dom was commenting on so why bring his name up – obsessed much ?

Greene saga takes another twist as McLachlan flags potential AFL appeal

Eagles will be without Duggan, Kelly and Shep. Now i hear possibly Gov and Kennedy are possibly out as well. 😢 😢 😢

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 23

A confirmed hater of West Coast and Freo for years, when he officiates his usual sub standard insipid umpiring tommorro will he still be held accountable? Which team will he be barracking for?

Why Razor Ray continues to be a great asset for the AFL

Your time is done . Time to reflect on you and your supporters arrogant behaviour . Good riddance

Tigers can bounce back in 2022: Hardwick

Gee i didnt see that coming….. ha ha ha Clarko swore hed be at hawks next year, so since it’s rubbish and everyone knew it was , he’ll probably coach carlton or pies next year as well even though he swore he wouldn’t

CONFIRMED: Clarkson departing Hawks early

said it before and ill say it again , there are protected species in the AFL including franklin, burgoyne and selwood and it will never change. Its blatant and bias and the AFL have to know about it

UPDATE: Swans succeed in appealing Buddy ban

Shannon Hurn you star!! one of bunga’s best games holding up the back line against the crows , brilliant effort. Gaff’s usual 15 km game run set up numerous scoring opportunities, Bull Yeo starting to become his dangerous self again and big Nic had some wonderful tap ruck work for clearances .
welcome on board Connor West , great work effort for a debutante

'Ridiculously Melbourne trend': Six talking points from the AFL Round 18

Barrass is out for the Eagles and Kelly and Yeo are touch n go. We’ve been “lucky” Barrass has been in the side the past 3 weeks or we would have got smashed by even more points. Congratulations for Connor West making his debut and the West Coast champion Nic Naitanui will celebrate his 200th game. I’m not very optimistic but i really hope they put up a decent effort this week
Eagles by 15

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 18

my Eagles were atrocious yesterday and embarrassing . I recon teams have worked out Simmo’s plan a while ago and he’s totally oblivious to it. i’m not putting all the blame on the coach because a lot of senior players were insipid , however, i’m now questioning the future plan of the game considering what’s currently on the drawing board is either outdated or to complicated , or both. Something is drastically wrong and the club is in dire need of an independent toe cutter to go through and assess every player and every coaching move going back to the titanic disaster against Geelong resulting in a 97 point smashing. As a long term West Coast member i am ashamed of yesterdays result and i DEMAND answers right now

Six talking points from AFL Round 16

Put money on the suns next week , hardwicks arrogant mob are finished

Tigers under pressure in finals race

take into account the Eagles will get back a few of the guns that have been missing for a while, Shuey, Kelly and Gov. Yeo is starting to show why he’s a superstar again and the young kids like Edwards, both Luke and harry , and Foley are showing great signs of maturity. I recon the Eagles are about to cause some real serious problems for other teams now starting with the bulldogs after the bye . Lets not forget either , for a good portion of this year West Coast have been without 8 of their top 10 guns for large amounts of games so to be where they are at the moment is a huge achievement

Who will finish in the top four for the 2021 AFL season?

get rid of there massive ego’s and the real richmond will appear

Will the real Richmond please stand up?

With the pathetic commentators drooling over dusty im surprised they realise there are other players in the team. Beyond sickening. Mind you his massive ego doesn’t help

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 13

What exactly is your comment supposed to say? Ripley something bla bla bla what ?

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 13

Appropriate comment WCE. After the Eagles beat Gil’s favourite team richmond on Sunday night I’ll get home about 10pm for an early start for work Monday. As long as the vics are looked after thats all that matters . I hope the Eagles win by a point after the siren

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 13

They had 8 of the best top 10 players out for most of the season so far and you stab a knife in the guts of the Eagles performance this year. unfounded ridiculous story

Another failed season for West Coast, the perennial underachievers

so has clarko run out of excuses of why his team loses? it was always some other excuse except his own coaching or players that lost a game. no sympathy

Hawks in ruins, a victim of hubris

how many current footballers smoke pot ? id say heaps. anyone wishing to see Rioli hung from the rafters should think long and hard if anyone in their own club is or has smoked pot or for that matter anything worse that we dont know about yet. Every club has problems whether you want to admit it or not so dont yell to loud about what punishment should apply to Willie, take a good look at your own back yard.

The Eagles need to give Willie Rioli another chance

every year freo fans say , this is our year, well going by the atrocious kicking for goal, lead by captain of points no other than nat fluff on the weekend id say “your” year is decades away

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

critical or not, he’s the best center half forward in the game right now

Jack Darling makes possibly the most bonkers decision in AFL history

hardwick is incredibly blinded by the gifts he’s already been given by the AFL now wants more. no wonder his team have massive egos and are arrogant

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

How sick

Jordan de Goey investigated for pre-game 'groping' act

its possible big Tom Barrass might be available for the Eagles , touch and go at this point. He will make a big difference still without Gov and Hurn in the back line. Either way West Coast should get the win. North over the Pies, Crows get smashed by port and Carlton might surprise the bullys

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