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Lee is a professional cyclist with the UCI Continental CCN Cycling Team. Lee is quite possibly the world's oldest neo-pro ever - receiving a contract to ride for a UCI Continental team three years ago at 37 and has since raced around the world, from East Java to Korea, Oman to Qatar. Lee has even managed to get on a startline or three in the heartland of the sport - Belgium, where he was comprehensively and properly spanked. Lee loves the millions of lycra-clad folk around the world who head out each weekend to suffer and dream, to emulate their heroes on their local hills and descents, to become noble, dammit, even if only in their own minds. They are the true guardians of the sport. Communicating with them is what makes it all so worthwhile.

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Trickle-down doping a huge success

Trickle-down doping a huge success

26 Feb 2016

Trickle-down theory is a term used to describe the belief that high-income earners should be thrown a bucketload of dirty cash to benefit all sections of society.

The era of wretched entitlement

The era of wretched entitlement

9 Feb 2016

How refreshing would it be to hear a cyclist who gets busted for cheating hold up their hands and say “you know what? I did it.”

Great Ocean Road Race preview

Great Ocean Road Race preview

29 Jan 2016

Cadel Evans hoped when he set up the inaugural Great Ocean Road Race that it would become an integral part of an already impressive legacy. Judging by the hype surrounding the 2016 edition, it’s fair to say that the event is already on its way to achieving that aim.

Tour Down Under 2016 review

Tour Down Under 2016 review

25 Jan 2016

The 2016 Tour Down Under will be remembered for the outstanding performances of two riders from the same team.

Sagan’s class act and Matthews’ disappointment

Sagan’s class act and Matthews' disappointment

30 Sep 2015

There was a ruefulness about the look of Michael Matthews as he waited to accept his bouquet of flowers on the second step of the podium after Sunday’s men’s elite World Championships.

Matthews firmly among favorites for the Worlds Road Race title

Matthews firmly among favorites for the Worlds Road Race title

18 Sep 2015

Come September 27, millions of cycling fans around the world will be glued to TV sets for one of the most hotly anticipated men’s elite World Championships in years, thanks to a punishing route that looks set to serve up an action-packed race.