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Dwight Yorke may have played all his football in England but he is still from Trinidad and Tobago.
Anyway the deriding of English influence on Australian Football is nothing new, it was a pretty central part of the games culture in the post war years and only got stronger as the rest of Europe and South America started to outpace English football technically and tactically in the late 20th century.
Older heads would remember the cries of “Pommy Mafia” that started up during the games tenure under rampant Anglophile Sir Arthur George.
The sacking of Rale Rasic as Socceroos Coach after the 74 World only to replace him with two inferior Englishmen with no qualifications was a key issue that split the game between migrants, particularly those who were raised in the Danubian school of football and the established British culture looking to cling to the English way of Football as the way forward for the game.
The absolute glut of sub par English players being imported at the start of the NSL compared to the real talents that NSW and VIC clubs were signing (albeit with very dodgy methods) from central Europe in the previous decade didn’t help either.

Sunday's clash in Ballarat is the grudge match of the season

The MCG is a glorified dump that is nothing special on the world stage.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

“Is if Foxtel disappears – who does the outside broadcast? Currently Foxtel have their team of producers, camera operators doing this – is there another commerical body in Oz who can provide this service?”

No they don’t. Fox Sports uses a third party company for their matchday broadcasts that owns the cameras and hires all the operators. If Optus take the rights for Super Rugby or the A-League, they will do the same.

Roll up, folks, it's time for another round of rugby broadcast negotiations by media

Half of this is the Lowys fault.

They were terrible at finding sponsors beyond Frank’s mates and they poured so much energy into delaying the Congress reform that the game stagnated and hasn’t had any time to pick it self up before key contracts like this and potentially the TV deal were renewed.

Its just like the world cup bid all over again.

Reports: Hyundai to end A-League sponsorship

The fault, more often than not, lies with Fox Sports. Nearly every single fixture related issue comes back to them being stubborn.

It doesn’t matter if the issue is unsafe weather conditions, the length of the season, number of games, FIFA international breaks, ACL breaks or FFA Cups having to be moved because the lighting isn’t good enough for a midweek broadcast, Fox Sports always have a fit and threatens to withhold money if the fixture is interfered with.

The FFA don’t escape blame though. Not only have they encouraged this culture of cowering to everything Fox want but this Wet Bulb system is their cowardly way of hiding behind process, knowing full well that the conditions required for a game to be called off are so ludicrously high that it will never happen.

Why does the A-League keep playing afternoon games in mid-summer?

So what if there is a difference on squad make ups or popularity of the sport? It’s purely an assessment of player ability where upper League 1/Lower Championship has been commonly cited as a comparable standard of the A-League, especially by foreign players such as Adam Le Fondre.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that that is about where we are now.

Markus Babbel is a goose, but is he entirely wrong?

The other sports are irrelevant. Australia doesn’t need more “Athletes,” we already have far too many of them in our professional ranks and we don’t need any more of the marathon runners that could make an AFL squad. What we need are technicians and creative players that will only come with improving player pathways.

Markus Babbel is a goose, but is he entirely wrong?

Dragons are lucky they operate in relative obscurity down in Perpignan that they can get away with this. I don’t even think Olympique Toulouse would be able to avoid the media storm signing him would cause, let alone if there was a club in a much bigger city like Lyon or Paris.

Rival club has the perfect response to Israel Folau signing with Super League side

Babbel might not have performed as a coach but nothing he said about the state of the game in Australia is wrong and people getting their knickers in a knot about comments about the standard need a dose of reality.

Even the most biased fan knows the standard of the A-League has been approximately in line with the top end of League 1 for a while now. The problem is that for a “growing” league, it has been stuck there for a while and a lot of the problems Babbel mentioned have been known to contribute to that but we’ve had little to no sign of movement from the administration to fix these problems.

Markus Babbel is a goose, but is he entirely wrong?

Only in Australia is there this mentality where games should be played in cities which have large numbers of potential away fans residing in Australia.

Relying on these fans to turn up and support the opposition to fill a stadium is good for the bottom line but it is hardly something that Australia should still be relying on.

Perth to host All Blacks and Springboks in 2020 Rugby Championship

More games at inappropriate oval stadiums is not a step in the right direction.

Perth to host All Blacks and Springboks in 2020 Rugby Championship

Rojas is a good signing but it still doesn’t change the fact that the MV midfield is still junk. Half of their games has been defined by struggling to get the ball through the midfield before either losing it or getting frustrated and lobbing a ball over the top for Kamsoba. Rojas or not, they need a new 6 and 8 before they can progress.

The really frustrating thing though is that instead of being able to go to the market and make these changes now, the salary cup forces everyone to waste their time watching Basha and Poulsen be ordinary for 4 months before inevitably being released.

Is Marco Rojas the man to turn Melbourne Victory's season around?

Just because Aloisi said it doesn’t mean it should be taken as gospel. The wish to move to night football was actually a very big part of the desire to switch to summer and the lack of lighting facilities at NSL clubs meant that it was too difficult to implement in Winter.

Football in Australia has a bad habit of making up new narratives around key moments and norms because the game is shocking at remembering its history properly and people forget why certain things happened in the first place.

It’s like the salary cap. When the A-League was being set up, there was no mention anywhere of the caps purpose being to equalise the competition, it’s function was solely to keep the league stable in the early years without anyone going bust.

But listen to people now (and the ffa are very guilty of this) and apparently from day 1 it was always about maintaining a balanced competition.

Go figure.

Winter switch opens up endless opportunities in Asia

Football already overlaps with the other codes at the end of the season and the pitches are crap anyway in Summer. Even if we stayed in summer, the season is inevitably going to be extended further into winter as teams are added (and thats without going into the argument that it isn’t long enough for player development).
The question though is why pitches in Sydney and Brisbane turn into bogs/dustbowls after the slightest amount of stress whilst AAMI Park will often hold up perfectly after a Union game despite having 4 clubs playing on it in Autumn.

Winter switch opens up endless opportunities in Asia

Saying the US Sports system is some sort example of “Sports Socialism” is the laziest take in sports media.

These leagues are set up like cartels for the billionaire oligarchy that owns the teams and squad rules have nothing to do with some equality and all to do with ensuring the owners collectively make a return on their investment. Half the country is locked out from having a team, cities are constantly threatened with relocation unless they spend billions on stadiums and player wages are suppressed so owners can maximise profits.

Living in England, I have to act like sport's not business

Other grounds have had terrible pitches, Docklands and the SFS in particular but Suncorp gets the most heat because they put out a disgraceful pitch for the Asian Cup which was unforgivable.

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

Reducing the number of games even more would not only be terrible for our player development but it’s also impossible as the AFC states leagues must be played over a minimum of 27 games (including cup rounds) to eligible for AFC Champions League qualification.

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

The pitch has usually been junk at this time of year though as it usually gets trashed by Taylor Swift concerts, just as the new summer turf has to be laid. Usually I’d be pretty happy with my team avoiding Suncorp at this time of year.

That said, Dolphins Stadium is clearly an option now and there is no excuse for a game not being there instead.

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

*but if the Summer season is what we stick with and it keep getting hotter, it’s going to become a bigger safety issue for players and fans.

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

” there’s a clear danger of the A-League being completely ignored by mainstream media outlets with a long-held preference for covering the other footy codes.”

Not exactly any different to how Football is ignored by mainstream media to focus on Cricket, Tennis and Horse Racing. The idea of clean air is a myth that needs to die, we are always going to overlap with other popular sports at some point of the season and trying to constantly avoid them is pointless.

Other concerns about stadium availability and pitch issues also seem overstated considering we already overlap with the three other codes at the end of the season and pitches still manage to be rubbish in summer, especially in Brisbane.

The reality is no matter when the season is played, we need our own grounds but if the Summer and it keep getting hotter, it’s going to become a bigger safety issue for players and fans.

Would a winter season even work in the A-League?

What an enormous waste of money. The Olympics are a disaster for cities with all the infrastructure that needs to be built that becomes useless after 2 weeks.

Brisbane is going to be left with a 80000k seat white elephant with a useless athletics track when what its actually needed for decades were an inner city indoor venue for sport and concerts and a boutique football stadium for events that don’t justify playing at Suncorp.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

He should have got far more caps when we were playing 4-3-3 under Ange as he was by far the most technically capable 6 available and was an absolute machine at the 2015 Asian Cup. His sense of positioning and calmness under pressure made him an excellent link between the centre backs and creative midfielders and his performance at the Asian Cup final was one of the most heroic performances seen in a gold shirt (even after he was moved to an unfamiliar RB position).

Sadly instead of Milligan easily getting to 100 caps, he got lumped behind Jedinak half the time who was a completely unsuitable type of player for our style of play and couldn’t pass a ball 6 yards if he tried.

Former captain Milligan announces Socceroos retirement

There’s no way the French will touch him.

France is one of the most LGBT friendly countries in Europe and the big city clubs who could afford him would not want a bar of the storm that would come from signing him.

I would your a bit off on religious importance in France. When you look at EU data, they are very similar to the UK.

If anything, if you were to go down that route, it would be the Italian clubs that would be more likely to sign him (if they had any money to begin with)

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

Caxton St is the most overrated sport precinct in the country, especially for Football. A street of bogan pokie pits with staff that hate A-League fans is hardly anything special.

The death of active support will be the death of the A-League

Honestly don’t waste your money. Bledisloe Cup games in Melbourne means paying a premium to sit miles away from the action in a crowd that is comfortably majority Kiwis.

Docklands might have a rectangular mode but Rugby Australia are too cheap to pay for it to be moved, let alone risk missing out on ticket sales due to the decreased capacity.

Melbourne to host 2020 Bledisloe Cup clash as part of Wallaroos double-header