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This is what happens when the ABC’s funding gets cut year after year that it has to keep cutting staff and programming to stay under budget and yet keep its national and regional newsrooms running.

It doesn’t have money anymore to waste on Olympic coverage so a bunch of Boomers can listen to Athletics like it’s still the 1960’s

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

“Was City football coming to Melbourne a blessing or a curse?”

It was absolutely a curse. Heart being rushed in with no identity and nothing to differentiate themselves from the existing club apart form being “Not Victory” doomed them and robbed Melbourne of the chance to have a proper derby with meaning like in Sydney. It’s extremely telling that Sydney FC is still MV’s biggest rivalry, despite there now being two Victorian teams in the competition.

At least if South Melbourne came in, the narrative of the two biggest clubs of the “New Football” and “Old Soccer” era would have been easy to transition into a fierce derby.

The Hearts marched in, but how many have marched out?  

“ football and rugby fluctuate between 1st and 2nd for most popular professional sport in the republic” well thats kinda easy considering the Irish games are strictly amateur

Wellington Phoenix get screwed every week and nobody cares

Pffft I have no idea where you read that but literally every Irish person could tell you that’s not true. Football is very popular, especially come international time and has a lot of players but like Rugby, it is has not reached the likes of the GAA yet. If it was the Aviva Stadium probably wouldn’t have been built with 30000 less seats than Croke Park.

And even if you wanted to discount Ireland, the point still holds for other small countries like Finland or Slovakia where football also isn’t the most (or 2nd in parts most popular sport), they still manage to run a professional league.

Wellington Phoenix get screwed every week and nobody cares

“bit hard to have a pro league in a country of 4mil where football is not the most or even 2nd most popular sport”

So exactly like the Republic of Ireland then?

Wellington Phoenix get screwed every week and nobody cares

If they feel so bad about it, NZ are free to start their own league with the Phoenix invited rather than keep leeching off Australian football.

I still don’t see why I as a fan am supposed to care about anything to do with NZ football and that includes Wellington Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix get screwed every week and nobody cares

Thank god for that, I would hate for the A-League to look anywhere near the MLS for inspiration.

It is a league designed for the benefit of its Billionaire owners cartel, with everything so centralised in the single entity system that players sign for the league, rather than a club and often don’t get to choose where they are going. To top it all of they persist with horrific American sports league rules like drafts, trades and rather than even pretending to move to fall in line with global standards.

It’s competitions like the J-League, with their strong Football-familiar structures, that we should look to. Not the mutant experiment with a round ball in the states.

Major League Soccer is what the A-League cannot be

VAR is a farce and ruins the live fan experience. The only technology football needed was goal line technology, which deals with the real howlers that people were screaming about and does it in a quick fashion.

Once the new Allianz and Tarneit stadiums are built, they should just invest in installing (admittedly pricey) Goal Line technology and ditch VAR if they insist on keeping some form of technology in the league.

Is it time for the A-League to scrap VAR?

Yeah righto, I’m sure everyone in the Shed was totally stoked to lose their standing terrace to be put a mile away on level 1 in a seated area just to acommadate a bunch of people who hadn’t been to a game all season and won’t buy a membership for this season either. 👍 👍

Docklands has passed its use-by date

Why should people bother wasting $30 a ticket minimum when they know the experience is going to be terrible? There is enough scope for the game to grow by playing in appropriate stadiums without selling out the fans to play in venues that are terrible for the game.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

They aren’t new fans though are they? They are just bandwagoners who went to the latest trendy event, otherwise they would have bought memberships and come back to a game this season.

It was the people who actually go to games who get their match experience ruined to accommodate this and people like you who think we haven’t seen this scenario a billion times and encourages everyone to continue the cycle.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

Can’t happen quick enough. The other half of the problem is that Aus Sports Administrators have this ridiculous mentality that selling out grounds and locking some event goers out is a big no-no if there is a bigger stadium available, regardless of how inappropriate it is.

Even this week we had Sage gleefully saying Perth would move games to Optus Oval if they signed a big player like Zlatan. This is despite the fact they already did that for the GF to accommodate all the bandwagoners and super predictably none of these extra fans returned to watch Perth round 1.

Getting our own grounds is half the problem, dragging the suits who make these decisions in line when we already have the venues is next battle.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

That’s fine but Football should just stop using them. Once the Sydney stadiums are built, we will have a number of different sized rectangular venues that we can chose to play games at.

If a state like South Australia continue to think their “world class” non-FIFA compliant oval is still good enough for our major events, then they should just miss out.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

It was passed it’s use-by-date years ago but it’s only this week that the media have actually decided to start making noise about it. Football fans watching games there, the pitch is always terrible and there are plenty of people who just outright refuse to go there.

The idea that MV fans should begrudgingly accept that we play there because the club makes money is such a cop out. WSW would have also made a lot of money in the early days if they played all their big games at Homebush but they chose to stay at Parramatta at the request of fans.

Frankly the time has come for oval stadiums to be completely scrapped for both club and international Football.

Docklands has passed its use-by date

Waz is right the cup needs to be reformed ASAP. It was exciting in its first year but as usual, FFA meddling and failing to appeal to football tradition has led to people growing tired of it already.

The rigged draw is an insult to the intelligence of fans, moving games to empty pro stadiums miles away from home teams is a huge buzzkill and the suggestion by O’Rourke that we should leave the bottom 2 A-League teams out of the tournament to avoid restructuring qualification is pathetically lazy.

It is time the cup reverted to a proper cup like fans are used to, with most games played on Saturday early afternoons to avoid lighting issues and encourage attendance from home and interstate fans.

The real appeal of the cup, watching A-League teams struggle with lower standard facilities against a team of part timers.

If some Vic State League 4 team draws Melbourne Victory and plays out of a grass paddock with a bog for a pitch and facilites that are little more than some dodgy cold showers and cramped change rooms, then play the game there.

Moving games to a neutral stadium that is miles away and too big for an A-League team interests no one.

Erick Mombaerts seeking redemption for quiet Melbourne City revolution

He definately has declined massively over the decade. I know Australians are very fond of him because he is recognisable for his work with SBS for big tournaments like the World Cup but his week to week commentary on the premier league is terrible and truly .
Peter Drury is possibly the best English language commentator at the moment with his genuine enthusiasm for the game in front of him and talent for fresh poetic commentary.
Even the pairing of Jon Champion and Ally McCoist on ITV at the World Cup was the unlikely favourite of fans by a country mile with their enthusiastic and fun (but always respectful) approach to the tournaments less hyped games, with half the fun being Ally’s travel guide like reports on host cities.

Sydney derbies, Caitlin Foord and Matt Simon entertain, Archie Thompson does not

Half time Interview is one of those “innovations” from Fox Sports that FFA fall over themselves to accomadate despite no one wanting it and refusing to wind it back when it inevitably proves to be unpopular.

The cringe worthy pre derby “face off” is another one that comes to mind.

Sydney derbies, Caitlin Foord and Matt Simon entertain, Archie Thompson does not

Linekar is a rare breed who could be a considered a national treasure for both his contributions to football and TV. He has now been presenting for longer than he was playing senior football.

Sydney derbies, Caitlin Foord and Matt Simon entertain, Archie Thompson does not

“how do we account for pundits such Martin Tyler, regularly heralded as being the best English speaking commentator”

Dunno about that, everyone in England has been begging Tyler to put down the microphone for over 10 years now. Regularly ruins the game of the round on Sky with his disinterested and outright stale commentary.

But you are right a lot of the best pundits haven’t had playing experience and yet still are highly respected. It’s those with backgrounds in journalism or other Football media that usually have the best to contribute and can actually string a sentence together. Simon Hill and Adam Peacock come to mind locally and it’s kinda annoying Mike Cockerill still hasn’t been replaced at Fox Sports.

Sydney derbies, Caitlin Foord and Matt Simon entertain, Archie Thompson does not

Well it’s probably because Rivalry games carry a lot more interest and that’s no different anywhere else.

Brisbane vs Newcastle or whatever else is on is just another A-League game but a Sydney Derby is about more than just what happens on the pitch and will naturally demand more attention.

The A-League finally has a derby to rival Europe

Well if that’s the case then it makes the FFA’s decision to block Melbourne Victory signing him three years ago under the new Cahill rule because he was “only” a former Serie A star not known in the anglosphere look even more bone headed.
Up there with rejecting Bielsa for the NT job because of his English.
Also lol at snearing at someone who has a 1/3 record of scoring the championship. There have been plenty of players who’ve had far worse records than that like Berisha or Janko who have had far worse records than that who came to Aus and tore the league a new one.

Geelong is already home to the A-League's best player

So despite most people in your last article explaining why the days of marquees are over, you’ve just decided “nah i don’t like that” and put your head further in the sand.

Saying a bunch of naff lines from a life coach seminar like “once you limit yourself with your imagination, then the battle is lost” or “You think outside the square and you strategise” doesn’t change the fact that the world (and player market) has changed in a very short time and we can’t compete for these players anymore.

Dear A-League fans, it's time to take off the rose-coloured glasses

I’m not confident no.

The government only spent $40m AUD on the mens FIFA World Cup bid, something that was nowhere near close to what was required and yet has still been a figure that was hung around the FFA and the federal governments necks as excessive.

As for the economic benefits of hosting major tournaments, the numbers from recent events have shown to be dubious at best. It is hard to quantify such impacts and only really tend to look overwhelmingly positive when cost of initial outlay and infrastructure upgrades are considered seperately.

Australia should look to the Pacific for their 2027 Rugby World Cup bid

I’ll back that. If there is anything our game has done badly is maintain the connection of each generation of football fans to the games history.

A trophy tailor-made for a national second division

Pretty sure it’s clear as day that the ARU, even with a joint bid, couldn’t afford to host the world cup any time soon.

World Rugby wanted something like £150m as a hosting fee for 2023, and not only could the ARU not afford anything near that, there is no way the Australian government would pay that.

Not to mention that its getting dull having the same countries line up to host. I’d like to see someone new like Italy or Argentina have a go. A seriously left field bid like Canada or Russia would also be good, considering they will both have modern stadiums in place after hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Australia should look to the Pacific for their 2027 Rugby World Cup bid