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Finch should have been gone at the end of the Australian summer and Langer should have gone at the same time.
Langer replaced by Ponting
Finch replaced as captain by Maxwell

Finch on thin ice for World Cup

No reason to keep Langer any longer when there is so much quality sitting on the sidelines.

Calm amongst the chaos: McDonald’s meteoric rise

This guy gets to holiday around till September living it up and doing more damage. CA should thank him for his time, pay out his contract and show him the door by the end of the week. While they are at it they should get out the broom and get rid of Hohns and Langer as well.

Greg Chappell saw the writing on the wall, and hopefully the mess his panel has made this summer

Stoinis in for Starc

Stoinis set for Test debut

He couldnt even finish his ten overs in the ODIs, how could he possibly bowl in test cricket! Old man Siddle never to be seen again.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Underarm bowling……more elite honesty from the selection panel.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Finch shouldn’t be a “Worry” at all. Because the bunny should be at home in Aus watching it on TV. Mitchell Johnson has nominated his replacement for Finch as Captain….Glenn Maxwell. Fantastic choice. Johnson also suggests a lot of other sensible picks for his side. At the same time the current bumbling selectors and this terrible coach should also be replaced. Ponting as new coach and Johnson as one of the two selectors.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

Ponting…..Wonderful idea, perfect!
Just need some credible replacements for these joke selectors

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

Classic Moneyball!

Patterson ton versus Sri Lanka upstages Test rivals

I don’t get this article? Maybe it was co written by Langer or one of the selectors! Aus cricket has a lot of people that shouldn’t be involved going forward and Maxwell should not even be a point of discussion apart from why he isn’t playing in all forms of the game for an extended period of time. The below need to go for a start…

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

Candidates for next Australian Coach?……………and selectors while we are at it.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

That’s an appalling record and surely enough is enough. Langer hasn’t worked. Replacement time.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

It was incompetent for the selectors and Langer to pick old man Siddle for any Australian side. Hohns and Chappell need to be replaced before they can do any more damage with their bumbling selections. Who selects the selectors? Who chose these two? They have probably been sacked already.

The Peter puzzle: Why is Peter Siddle being picked for Australia?

You are correct. The bunny has been found out and should simply retire from the game. Everyone will be onto him now. It’s sad to see.

India square the ledger but Aussies go down fighting in ODI thriller

Please not Hussey. To much of a great bloke and way too soft for the job.

India square the ledger but Aussies go down fighting in ODI thriller

Most of the above seems to focus on the failings of three players. Finch, Siddle and Lyon. Time for Finch to go. He just looks horrible and has done all summer against this Indian attack. He’s in a massive form slump and he’s become India’s bunny. Must be replaced for the decider in Melbourne and sent back to the BBL to see if he can find some form away from his Indian Groundhog Day nightmare. . Siddle should also go now, he looks like the old man that he is and no longer has any place being in any of the national teams ever again. Lyon looks worn out and tired and he probably is. I think the guy is fantastic but maybe he needs a break.

India square the ledger but Aussies go down fighting in ODI thriller

Blocking and pushing your way to a 50 at well under a run a ball is not going to even get Aus into the finals of a World Cup. Not even close. I thought a great win and some awesome bowling by the opening two to deliver that win. But we shouldn’t let that gloss over the very real problems. Finch is so out of form it’s actually sad to watch him, March & Khawaja batted for themselves at well under a run a ball. Old man Siddle was pedestrian at best and couldn’t even get his ten overs done.

Jhye Richardson and Jason Behrendorff paper over the Australian selection and tactical cracks

Siddle????? This has to be a joke doesn’t it. A 34yr old bowler who hasn’t played for Aus in 8 years! Are things really that bad in Aus that we cant find a young fast bowler more than ten years younger than him. Why play someone that literally has no future in the team. Terrible Terrible Terrible selection. On the other hand, Maxwell at 7? That can’t possibly be correct.

Peter Siddle named for first ODI in eight years as Finch reveals Australian XI

Still did not explain to anyone’s satisfaction why Maxwell isn’t in the side.This was Ugly behaviour by Langer who looked guilty, desperate and cornered.

Justin Langer furious over Glenn Maxwell questions

At this present time Maxwell deserves a place in the test side. There seems to be a majority of opinion here. The same cannot be said for Hohns and Chappell who are clearly in job preservation mode and probably don’t have a future as selectors.

In the face of public anger, Australia's selectors finally back down

This is a fantastic article and really happy it’s been brought up. Not enough true and meaningful statistical analysis is done prior to test selections. Way too much “he looks great” “has great style” “left v right” “personality” “surname” stuff going on in Aus cricket.

Time to end the dark ages of Aus cricket and get rid of this selection panel. Replace them with an open and transparent new system utilising statistics!

Moneyball: Selecting the Australian Test team on stats only

There is so much wrong with this article that I had to sign up to Roar to help hit back.

Taylor was on the board for a very long time. As you said the longest at 13 yrs. He was clearly a big part of the problem. If there is a toxicity in Australian cricket then a lot can be put at Taylor’s feet. Board members get stale well before ten years and Taylor was well past his used by date.

I would also suggest that Taylor was a lazy captain for Australia and as a board member probably the same in the end. Jobs for the boys.

The Chappell’s have had their fingers in Australian cricket for decades. At all levels. Also time for them to exit the building. They are also part of the problem. The move from Nine to Ten & Fox was a great move and a greatly needed fresh start. CA needs to do the same. Fresh faces and a new beginning.

Best Captains? You seem to have forgotten the two best. Allan Border and Steve Waugh.

Tubby pulls the pin on Cricket Australia