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I agree that in this case it’s debatable as to whether the one-handed put-down was necessary or not. But Kata uses it all the time – that is asking for embarrassment (ask Stuart Hogg).

Solomone Kata's stunning put down as the Brumbies thrash Sunwolves

A great try and good lead-up work by Banks and Valetini. . But one day Kata is going to embarrass himself by dropping the ball over the line. He needs to be told to cut out the flashy stuff and to hold the ball in two hands to touch down.

Solomone Kata's stunning put down as the Brumbies thrash Sunwolves

After Stuart Hogg butchered a try against Ireland last week by trying to touch down holding the ball in one hand it’s disappointing to see that Australian coaches are allowing such poor technique.

Solomone Kata gets his first Super Rugby try as Brumbies surge clear

And they played together for Australian Schoolboys in 2007.

Hooper to the bench, To'omua at flyhalf among ten Wallabies changes for Georgia clash

Anyone who is thinking of donating to this should read the disclaimer at the end of Folau’s spiel on the website. As far as I can understand it the money is given as a gift with no strings attached. Folau apparently will not not be giving it back if the litigation doesn’t proceed or if the litigation proceeds but costs less than he collected. The notion of funding normally means that the funders get to share in the profits of the project (as a commercial litigation funder would) but in this case Folau would be able to keep all of any damages awarded.

If donors want their money to do some good in the world they should give it to a worthwhile charity, not to a rich man.

Folau thanks crowd-funders after raising more than half a million for legal case

The Waratahs must be wishing that Nicole Beck was available to play 15 for them.

Kurtley Beale's poor defensive effort cannot stop the Jaguares from pouncing

Jesse Mogg was pretty quick too. Pith he’s not in Australia any more.

Brumbies turn back the clock as Reds set their 2019 bar

I agree entirely. Loud music absolutely ruins the experience of going to a game. I cancelled our family membership because of it.

Brumbies turn back the clock as Reds set their 2019 bar

A disgraceful waste of money for a supposed full-back who can’t (and usually won’t) pass, can’t kick and is a poor tackler. This sort of thing is why I am quickly losing interest in Australian rugby.

Israel Folau commits to Wallabies with new four-year deal

You’re not. The rules of tennis say that the server must release the ball by hand and hit it before it reaches the ground. The “serve” was not valid.

MUST WATCH: Bernard Tomic wins match point against Kyrgios with a trick serve!

I agree. Jake White’s major achievements in his time at the Brumbies were
– identifying potential and unrecognised talent; and
– getting a team to be stronger than the sum of the individual players.

Ironically those are Cheika’s great weaknesses.

It's trendy to just blame Cheika, but you'd be wrong

Great work! Remember also Jesse Mogg – runs like a greyhound, kicks 50m touchfinders, and can actually draw the man and pass. Thank goodness we pissed him off to France !

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

The change to the laws doesn’t help. There is now virtually no contest for the ball at the tackle, and the forwards are spread across the field instead of being drawn into the ruck. When backs get the ball they are constantly confronted by a wall of forwards so it is inevitable that size becomes essential to making ground. The small fast winger simply can’t compete. Running rugby requires laws which force the forwards to commit to the breakdown in numbers to create room for the backs; then speed becomes more important than sheer size.

Has running rugby had its day?

Very true. Also, don’t forget the players who have gone overseas because they have been either ignored or told they are not wanted.

England stuff the Wallabies - again