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You’re not. The rules of tennis say that the server must release the ball by hand and hit it before it reaches the ground. The “serve” was not valid.

MUST WATCH: Bernard Tomic wins match point against Kyrgios with a trick serve!

I agree. Jake White’s major achievements in his time at the Brumbies were
– identifying potential and unrecognised talent; and
– getting a team to be stronger than the sum of the individual players.

Ironically those are Cheika’s great weaknesses.

It's trendy to just blame Cheika, but you'd be wrong

Great work! Remember also Jesse Mogg – runs like a greyhound, kicks 50m touchfinders, and can actually draw the man and pass. Thank goodness we pissed him off to France !

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

The change to the laws doesn’t help. There is now virtually no contest for the ball at the tackle, and the forwards are spread across the field instead of being drawn into the ruck. When backs get the ball they are constantly confronted by a wall of forwards so it is inevitable that size becomes essential to making ground. The small fast winger simply can’t compete. Running rugby requires laws which force the forwards to commit to the breakdown in numbers to create room for the backs; then speed becomes more important than sheer size.

Has running rugby had its day?

Very true. Also, don’t forget the players who have gone overseas because they have been either ignored or told they are not wanted.

England stuff the Wallabies - again