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It is a shame, it would been great to see what both players could have done if they both stayed at their respective clubs

What if Gary Ablett stayed at Geelong?

I would love to see Chris Paul head there but his contract is just too massive. Rondo is a better fit on the Lakers in my opinion than Rose, we have already seen how Rose went on a LeBron team during his stint with the Cavs

Derrick Rose to the Lakers: Good for everyone?

Oh definitely, Ablett could have been the difference maker in a lot of those Finals they have lost. Unfortunately, we can only predict what could have been

What if Gary Ablett stayed at Geelong?

His best years were certainly with a bad side which is unfortunate. I think the Cats could potentially qualify as a dynasty, Richmond if they win tomorrow will and Hawthorn’s three-peat will cement them in history as one of the best teams out

What if Gary Ablett stayed at Geelong?

Definitely agree, losing Ottens really hurt the team when up against quality ruckman like Sandilands. Spending his whole career with Geelong definitely would have made the Little Master more of a legend than he already is.

What if Gary Ablett stayed at Geelong?

I agree wholeheartedly Boo. Ablett re signing with Geelong could have resulted in far more premierships, however we all know that Geelong puts the team first as you have said with the team making this years Grand Final after losing Tim Kelly and the team winning the premiership its first year without Gary Ablett.

It will be a sad day tomorrow and I hope to see Geelong get up for the star

What if Gary Ablett stayed at Geelong?

Indeed, but it is always good to dream 😁

Season review: Golden State Warriors

I would love to see Ben Simmons over on the Warriors, would certainly be interesting to have him run the floor for the team

Season review: Golden State Warriors

Thank you Trent, the Warriors have a few interesting moves they could make. Interesting to see what could happen

Season review: Golden State Warriors

Very bold predictions, I see some of the Eastern teams improving to take on the Heat. The Bucks will be trying to go big in order to keep Giannis on board and the Celtics are only getting better. I don’t think the East will be that straight forward. As for the West, if the Lakers can keep their squad together they are likely to repeat in my opinion. Having LeBron and Davis alone gives them enough to make a deep run.

The Warriors definitely need to improve the bench and I believe you are right about Luka winning MVP. The Nets will also be interesting to watch this season, they could be really good but they could also very easily just be average.

Great article!

Five way too early predictions for the 2021 NBA season

Spurs and the Magic are both intriguing teams since they both have a lot of pieces to work with. DeRozan and Aldridge either need to move on or take a back seat for the young players development while I think trading some players will benefit the Magic in the long run. I love Jonathan Isaac and Mo Bamba and think they’ll be players that will be deadly for the team in a few years

NBA offseason: Two franchises that need to start rebuilding

Great article! That game 7 in 2016 was unreal to watch. Such a great game that had me on the edge of my seat, even though I do not support either the Cavs or the Warriors

Ranked: The five best NBA finals games from the last five seasons

I agree on points 1 and 3. If a player has given a sizeable contribution to the team, they should definitely be rewarded with a premiership medal. I’ve always thought it was a bit stiff for players to miss out simply because they missed one game.

And point one definitely needs changing, half the commentators on the list barely get a word in and the Channel 7 commentary feels so bias at times. However, I do not agree with point 2 simply because the idea of forcing the losers to do all that is a great way to light a fire under them to come back bigger and better than they have played already

Three things the AFL can learn from the NBA finals

We definitely need some gritty players in the midfield. While De Goey is a great talent, I do not believe he is the answer for our club. I could be wrong, but we seemed to get flogged in clearances against the Tigers so improving our midfield is crucial

St Kilda are on the right track, but how do they take the next step?

Jimmy Butler has been an absolute gun this postseason and especially during the NBA Finals. Now that the series is 3-2, if the Heat win Game 6 then we definitely have a ball game. Currently though, I am still backing the Lakers to get it done

Banged-up Heat not done yet

It is definitely going to be an interesting Western Conference next season. Barring any injuries, the Warriors will be back in the hunt, along with maybe the Thunder or the Jazz sliding out of the Playoffs.

Pelicans and Suns are also interesting young teams which ooze talent. I see one of them cracking into the top 8 next season

The NBA's wild Western Conference outlook

Could be huge for the Lions. They would certainly make their deadly forward line even deadlier, it all depends on who they would have to give up for him

Daniher nominates Brisbane as new club for 2021

I’m tipping Richmond and Geelong. As much as I want my Saints to get up, I reckon we are outclassed, especially since we are missing a few key players. This season has been a great improvement though and I am proud of the boys

2020 AFL semi-finals preview

I agree somewhat, Butler has not fit with the organisations he has been with in the past. However, I feel like this is more the fault of the organisations rather than Butler, who everyone assumed was the problem.

The Bulls did not trust Butler enough to run the team, and the Timberwolves and Sixers both have had poor management the last few years. I honestly believe that the Heat are the best fit for Butler as well, however I do believe people were wrong calling him the problem when the fault lied with the organisations

Everyone was wrong about Jimmy Butler

I agree Josh, none of the players and staff at the Heat have had a problem with him, and they have all followed his leadership to an NBA Finals appearance. He has had a positive impact on the young players such as Herro, Adebayo and Robinson, while leading this team beyond expectations.

The point of the article was to address that all three previous teams he played for, despite the problems, were better with him there and have a history of poor management. Take the Timberwolves and the 76ers. The 76ers should have made it further than what they have, and the Timberwolves have done nothing without Butler there since KG played for the team.

All the organisations could not handle the harsh reality that Butler bestowed to them, and while he has surely been hard on the Heat staff and players at time, they see it as it is; constructive criticism and that he generally wants the teams to succeed.

Everyone was wrong about Jimmy Butler

Great article. I agree, the centre position has definitely changed. The centre must be able to defend the paint, as well as shoot from mid range or even three pointers. It’s an absolute treat to see a player like Anthony Davis or Nikola Jokic play, as at times they can play and run like guards. It is incredible to see how the position has developed and changed over time

The versatility of the modern NBA centre

I watched that game against you guys and absolutely was stunned by the way we played. It was a great effort from the boys. You guys have had an incredible year as well. If St Kilda get eliminated, I wouldn’t be mad to see Port win it

Ten talking points from AFL Finals Week 1

Definitely the most entertaining and unpredictable year in sports in a long time

Why 2016 was sport's best year

2016 was definitely a big year for the underdogs. Both the Cavs and Bulldogs had no reason winning the championships for their respective sports, but they were carried by great performances. I can’t get over how amazing LeBron James was in that series

Why 2016 was sport's best year

Thank you Michael, it has started well. Loved it so far! And oh yeah you’re definitely right, it’s pretty horrid to see the tricks some players use to get away with dirty tactics.

Finals footy is back, hallelujah!