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Yeah I understand that. I’m certainly not demanding a free-for-all but giving fans a bit more info so they can engage with the sport isn’t too much to ask. It would certainly be better than Fox just hand feeding stats to David King every week.

Footy fans aren't worthy of access to stats? Give us a spell, AFL

The Glory haven’t been one of my favourite teams either but good luck to them. Popovic has them playing great football and they deserve to be top of the table.

Hope they can break the Sydney-Victory duopoly. My side won’t be playing finals so I’ll be gunning for Perth.

Perth Glory topping the table is great for the A-League

2013/14 Ashes, First Test in Brisbane. As a kid in Year 10, I finished my last exam for the year only the day before, but apparently I still had to go to school instead of the Gabba. At least I could watch it on my computer, right? Instead, I had a dull and pointless PE Theory class with a forgettable doco. I walked in and England were 2/80. I came out to find they were 8/91 and I had missed the best spell in the whole series when Mitch Johnson came to life.

Don’t stay in school, kids. Be there for the moments that matter.

How I ended up just metres from the WACA for Glenn McGrath's hat-trick

Not trying to be a smarmy Queenslander here, but what exactly is with all the hate for Boyd Cordner? From the outside he seems like a strong young leader and a very straight shooter.

A bit one-dimensional as a player, sure, but it all seems a bit harsh after just one series under his leadership.

Who leaked the NSW Origin squad to the Daily Telegraph?

This is the first year without Nine’s official tinkering to structure the draw, yet the Broncos are predictably the most popular by a long way and the Knights have been shafted again despite looking pretty exciting for next year.

At least the Cowboys and Storm get their due, but the Dragons’ 13 games is a bit mystifying.

NRL announces 2018 draw

My NZ uncle who lives in San Francisco still meets people there who have never heard of NZ. At least all rugby fans certainly have!

I found out I'm a Kiwi citizen - can I justifiably support the All Blacks?

The world is a melting pot of cultures and I suppose it is not unusual to identify with more than one nation. Thanks for sharing.

I found out I'm a Kiwi citizen - can I justifiably support the All Blacks?

You have beautifully summed up everything wrong with the Pies’ football department, Cam.

I still can’t believe some are saying Buckley should be given more time. After six years at the helm, this team is entirely his and not Malthouse’s, and Buckley has to take full ownership of it.

That a club with the resources of Collingwood has allowed this to occur is scarcely believable. I think I will head down to Carrara this weekend to see it for myself.

List management the coach-killer at Collingwood

Great read, Chelsea.

Being there on the day, I’ll admit to being disappointed my Lions couldn’t get over the top of your Crows, but the bigger picture is that the event itself outweighed who won and lost.

It’s fantastic to see how far women’s footy has come after a single AFLW season, both at a professional and grassroots level.

AFL Women's: Riding the change of seasons

I think I’ll take you up on that offer Mike. I’ll be wearing orange 😉

BBL and the A-League: Why can't we be friends?

The RFL knew what they were getting in Bennett. He was never going to change his approach to suit the English media.

I’m not saying he has the right to be disrespectful to a reporter like that, I’m just surprised that they didn’t see this coming.

English media hit out at Wayne Bennett after post-match interview

Couldn’t agree more Tim. Even as a Broncos fan, the game needs another team in South-East Queensland. I just hope it isn’t the Bombers – the only reason they would exist is to not be the Broncos and would always be the little brother team.

As for Ipswich, they could build on their existing working-class identity and really offer something different to the league. No doubt many Brisbanites would get behind them as well as the whole of Ipswich.

I believe that (NRL admission pending) the Jets want to play at Lang Park until North Ipswich Reserve becomes redeveloped to hold 25k+. NRL in South-East Queensland every full round – if only.

The five-day turnaround: Brisbane wins again

Unfortunately, Marngrook’s ratings are very low compared to the Footy Show. It doesn’t get the exposure it deserves.

Marngrook and League Nation Live are far better than their Channel 9 equivalents, but women need far more exposure than mid-week shows on NITV. That being said, SBS can hold their heads high with the number of female panellists for their AFL and soccer coverage.

Why girls need to join the boys' club of AFL