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Hopefully this will put a final stamp on it “Port Adelaide cannot sell a home game” The jumper issue is certainly Port’s fault and making commercial assumptions when buying this game has backfired. That being said I think the issue has been completely blown out of the water and I don’t think Koch should be getting as wound up as he is.

Who knows how the game will play out and everyone will have different views on what will constitute a success with this venture. For me Port Adelaide having a relationship formed with Gui Guojie is already the biggest positive for them.

Kochie is kidding himself over 'Jumpergate'

And surprise surprise Leicester perform against Liverpool. Not sure if that vindicates the decision to move Ranieri or says more about the players who have now chosen to put in a shift.

Loyalty is lost in modern football

Yeah Leicester will take that result this morning. But a massive game coming up against Liverpool. A loss and they may very well slide into that bottom 3 which is not what you want at this time of year.

Fearless Foxes must take the fight to Sevilla

Very enjoyable match to watch.

Aloisi hails finest moment as Roar beat Shanghai Shenhua, and Tevez

I will answer this with my Port supporting hat on. 2013 and 2014 I think complicated things. I remember when we were at rock bottom in 2012, sacked Primus and people believed this was one of the worst lists in the AFL. 3 years later the same people thought Port were underachieving not winning a Premiership. Maybe they are simply just trending as they should be after winning 5 games in 2012?

Even last year was the first time Port lost more than 50% of games in a season under Hinkley so I think he will be supported to coach beyond this year. On the proviso it is not a complete crocker of a year and Port win 1 game for the year!

I look at Melbourne and St Kilda in comparison. Port have finished above Melb every year for the last four years and above St Kilda 3 out of the last 4, but those teams are regarded as being on the right track and Port falling miles off the pace. With a lot of those mid -tier teams I don’t think there is much in it between playing finals and not.

I think Port like many sides that are not in the upper echelon need a bit of luck on the injury front. Ryder back drastically helps, a lot of people don’t rate Angus Monfries but he will give you more than Jake Neade. Outside run was an issue last year with Polec not really getting back to his best after missing most of 2015 and Matt White again while not highly rated does give some much needed experience and outside dash. Defensively I think Jack Hombsch is the most important key defender Port have and he obviously missed the last 12 odd games last year so they need to get him back and firing. Depending on what Port supporters you speak to some will either rate or dislike someone like Tom Jonas who hardly played a game last year.

Losing the close games did not help either, both in 2015 and last year. 5 losses by fewer than 3 goals, a couple of those especially were on a plate and should have been converted to wins. But I guess all teams will have similar tales of woe.

I am not sure I completely buy into the Port were fooled into thinking they were about to win a premiership and traded accordingly. I think we traded like any other club by getting in players we thought were needed. I certainly think we paid over the odds for Dixon but the club was very light on for Key Forwards and knew some on the list were coming towards the end. Schulz and Butcher now gone.

Even during the 2014 Port fairy tale the finals matches for me made it obvious Port needed another ruckman. Lobbe had a poor finals series. His re-signing will go down as one of the worst bits of business the club has done. Port looked so much better in 2015 with Ryder and no Lobbe.

The season has not started yet so I am still in the positive camp. Every player is as fit as they have been and we are burning on the track. I might re-visit if we get pumped by 20 goals by Sydney round 1!

As for David Koch everyone at the club owes him massive gratitude. What he walked into compared to the position the club is in now is chalk and cheese. I went to the last AGM and I have 100% faith in his role at the club. He is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is holding up his end of the bargain.

Port Adelaide, 2017: The final act of Kochie and Ken's Bogus Journey

Yeah you could be right. I really like Smedts but his injury history is a concern as well. 11 AFL games in 3 years. I guess with the coin he is on Dale Thomas is rightfully going to be copping his fair share of criticism. But that period 2010-12 he was a very consistent player for the Pies. Played over 20 games each year and averaging over 20 touches and always handy to pop up with a few goals. His career wont probably finish as he would like but he has been a good player.

Carlton's best 22 for 2017

I didn’t think Thomas was terrible last year. Obviously nowhere near as explosive as he was when playing his best footy at Collingwood but still played 18 games last year. I agree he is not worth the coin he is on but I still think he is in the best 22 for now.

Carlton's best 22 for 2017

He is a fraud a lot of clubs would like as there Manager!

Guardiola is being exposed as a fraud

For the first time in a long time there is proper direction at Everton. Koeman is slowly but surely turning over the squad and putting his stamp on things. Steve Walsh will hopefully work his magic like he did with Leicester in the transfer window.Not a bad start with Lookman.

Moshiri though is the best thing to happen to this club in a long time.The debt free loan he provided was massive, new sponsorship deals already in place and Everton can actually start spending significantly. The pipe dream of a new stadium is very much a real possibility.

The notion of Everton being a powerhouse will be scoffed at by many as evidenced by the early comments on this article. As a Toffee fan I am feeling very confident for the future. Having an Iranian Billionaire as a stakeholder will do that.

Everton: The EPL's sleeping giant from Merseyside

I can always rely on Everton to let me down against Liverpool.

Everton vs Liverpool highlights: Merseyside Derby EPL scores, blog

As an Everton fan I do not have a lot of confidence for this game. I hope I am proved wrong. The club is certainly on the right track, Moshiri has cleared our debts and for the first time in a long time a proper vision for the club exists. But the last transfer window showed it is going to take time to bring in the players Koeman wants and Liverpool will present a significant challenge. A draw would probably be a good result from an Everton perspective.

Merseyside mayhem on Monday

I think this sums it up perfectly Pete and why Buckley is rightfully under pressure.

Why Nathan Buckley must remain at the helm for 2017 and beyond

I enjoy having the Phoenix in the league provided they are financially viable. I am not sure non-performance is a reason to kick them out of the league, they are 1 point out of the top 6 with a game in hand currently.

The Phoenix isn't rising, so let's cut it loose

As an Evertonian it can be difficult to give praise to Liverpool but they are playing brilliantly well. If the inevitable happens with a title win then I will be in hiding!

EPL state of affairs: Liverpool

I have no idea how Sunderland managed to win that game Saturday night but a win is a win!
Massive game against Hull.

Is David Moyes the man to revive Sunderland?

It might be simplistic, but like many clubs they need some luck. It seemed to be that every little thing that could go wrong did and that would snowball the situation. You have Ryder suspended, then Lobbe playing like rubbish and injured, then Dougal Howard does an ACL. Someone like Angus Monfries returning is not the saviour, but you are going to get more output from him despite his age and missing a year than someone like Jake Neade.

Polec struggled to recover from injury and outside run was a major issue with Matt White missing the entire year. I am sitting on the fence as to how they will go next year. Part of me thinks two years without finals and losses last year against teams like Fremantle and Carlton this year do not bode well but my internal optimism hopes for a revival. Sydney away in round 1 next year could destroy that optimism straight away!

A major concern is still winning the tight games. 5 odd games this year lost by less than 3 goals. They just don’t close games out and too much reliance on Dixon as the key forward. With Schulz missing most the year and the refusal to play Butcher the team looked very disjointed. The home record at Adelaide oval was poor.

There were still a few positives to take of out of this year. DBJ was great, Austin I think can comfortably fill the void left by Carlile retiring and I reckon Jesse Palmer could be a surprise packet next year. The club is under pressure, but I think Hinkley will be safe still if Port miss finals.

Port Adelaide in a footballing no-man's land

Port Adelaide have lost the plot. There has to be more to this deal because on face value it makes no sense from them.

RATE THE TRADE: Pearce Hanley on his way to the Suns

Yeah I don’t think Oviedo is up to it. Funes Mori concerns me, I think he gets caught in the wrong position a lot of the time. I thought Lennon finished last season off pretty well so would like him to get a bit more game time.

I thought this would be the real breakout season for Barkley but not to be at this stage.

Why Everton will be a tough match for Man City

Called that one pretty well!

Why Everton will be a tough match for Man City

Good read. I am not convinced Chris Mayne is someone the Pies should be going after. Would be good to see Matthew Scharenberg have some luck next season.

The offseason: Collingwood

Good read!

"Make Richmond great again"

Sergi Guardiola on loan confirmed today. Probably known for his brief stint at Barcelona which lasted less than 2 hours.

Anxiousness in Adelaide: Reds need signings to back up from last season

Ross Barkley should be starting in that team.

England continue to struggle

If option 1 takes place and Richmond make the finals, but are knocked out without winning a game again. Will that classify as a succesful season?

Richmond board under siege - and rightly so

Difficult situation with Hartlett. Speaking to him at a function a month ago it is obvious how much he loves the club but his performances have been very patchy. I think this is more a tactic from Port to put a rocket up him and hope he responds. I suspect he will stay.

I certainly don’t view bringing in Polec as a poor move. Yes Port gave up a first round pick but he isnt 35 years old. He had a brilliant 2014, and after a serious injury I thought he started getting back to some better form the last 4 or 5 games of the year and is still only 23.

It may be Port Adelaide bias but I dont buy into no fresh talent coming through. The youngsters have been the clear highlight of 2016, it is the senior players who underperformed.

And for those that watched Port closely in 2015, Paddy Ryder had a very good year in difficult cirucmstances that I think conveniently get overlooked. He certainly won’t be the savour, but Port are a much better side with him than without.

AFL trade rumours: Port give Hamish Hartlett a push