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Lisa Sthalekar – a current member of the NSW Breakers and the Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars. She has recently returned from Sri Lanka after retaining the T20 World Cup which the team won in 2010 in the West Indies. She has recently released her autobiography “Shaker” which you can purchase on her website

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Boof’s boys bring optimism on the eve of the Ashes

Boof's boys bring optimism on the eve of the Ashes

10 Jul 2013

As the Ashes heat up with the first ball about to be delivered in less than 12 hours, there seems a certain level of optimism amongst the Australian public of how the Australian team will go.

The Champions Trophy final - preview

23 Jun 2013

With the final match left to be played in the last ever Champions Trophy, most Aussie supporters have tuned out and are focusing on the success of the recent Socceroos and the Wallabies series against the Lions.

Would you adopt a new country to play at the highest level?

6 Jun 2013

From when I first took up cricket, and even tennis, my goal from a young age was to represent Australia by playing at the highest level.

How will our Women’s Ashes squad go?

How will our Women's Ashes squad go?

30 May 2013

Last week when James Sutherland announced the significant boost financially for female cricketers in Australia, lost in the media coverage was the Ashes squad that was also announced.

Landmark day for women’s sport as cricket cuts a cheque

Landmark day for women’s sport as cricket cuts a cheque

23 May 2013

21 May 2013 is now no ordinary day in the Australian sporting calendar. It will go down in history as the day that women’s sport took a giant leap towards professionalism.

The Ashes of a slightly different kind

The Ashes of a slightly different kind

16 May 2013

As Michael Clarke’s men face up against Alastair Cook’s, another Ashes clash will take place in England. The difference is we already hold the silverware.