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I definitely agree. I think it is great Lodge can be offered a second chance here in the NRL – but there should have been greater effort to sort out a payment plan for the victims

Mathew Lodge and the moral issues of rugby league

Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback.

My aim for this piece was to compare the ethical concerns about Matt Lodge with some of the wider concerns you might find with rugby league. In other words, if you don’t want Lodge to play because it’s a bad look for the sport, do you also have to consider the implications of being associated with gambling and alcohol? I’m not even sure where I stand on that, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Once I heard someone suggest that people are going to gamble and drink anyway, so why shouldn’t the NRL make some money off it? Again, not sure if I agree with that, but it’s worth thinking about. Wouldn’t want to tell anyone what to think. Just wanted to say my piece.

As for Lodge in particular, I said in the article I am convinced he is remorseful and has turned over a new leaf. I just wish an “arrangement had been made for him to begin paying the settlement set out by the US court.”

As for boycotts, I think my final paragraph sums up my position (that first sentence in particular). I didn’t go into great detail in my article but I really do think rugby league and sport are wonderful things for society with demonstrable positive outcomes. Look at the joy and hope it brings kids all around the country as one example. And just personally my life would be so much poorer without having the Broncos and QLD to support each year!

But the good doesn’t necessarily cancel out the bad and vice versa. A lot of tricky questions! Thanks for reading again.

Mathew Lodge and the moral issues of rugby league

Then wait about a hundred years after that first dare and we’re all debating shoulder charges, forward passes and obstructions. Crazy.

Origin really is a peculiar thing

I wouldn’t be the first person to suggest Jason Statham as Darren Lockyer (on looks alone).

A few ideas for the movie star Maroons