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Tim, I think you need to take the loss here and look at this more rationally. Answer me this, if any other coach did what Ricky did on the weekend would you have still written this article?

Sticky situation: NRL should enforce a few more rules in Operations Manual after Stuart's spray

Tim, I think you need to look at this without the lens of a raiders fan. What Sticky said was inexcusable and on both Twitter and here you seem to keep looking for ways to excuse it.

Sticky situation: NRL should enforce a few more rules in Operations Manual after Stuart's spray

I have no issue with it and hope others follow suit to create a super competitive world cup. I guess the catch 22 here is that if Tonga and Samoa keep improving then they will eventually fall into tier 1 status (You could argue that Tonga should already be after their recent results and ranking). If that occurs you will see players side with Australia and the island nations will return to also rans.

Paul Kent mentioned last night that the tier 2 status will be reviewed in December thus big performances from Samoa and Tonga in the world cup will likely see them move up.

Brian To’o's Samoa call is everything that's great about rugby league

Was also critical on Twitter suggesting Jake’s legs tackles were costing NSW field position from quick play the balls and were responsible for Qld’s first try.

'One hell of a player': Cleary masterclass leads NSW to crushing win to set up Origin decider

Great analysis Mike! Saab is no threat to losing his spot to Tafua or Vaega (who I don’t believe is in the top 30 anyway) but he is in real danger of losing it to Tuipulotu when Turbo returns.

Tui has shown he has the ability to make the tough metres out of his own end which the team had been missing. Saab’s speed and ability to finish off a line-break is also negated by Koula being in the team.

Manly were right to drop Harper but right-edge problem goes way deeper than him

It all depends on media bias. NRL360 never mention Ricky and it is known he is close with Kenty. On the flip side 9’s WWOS put a Twitter post up regarding coaches under pressure and Barrett was nowhere to be seen, with his boss working for that channel.

Interestingly, it was the three coaches you mention in this article that we’re pictures in the WWOS post.

'Small' NRL clubs may not get close calls, but their coaches don't get calls for their heads either

Wait isn’t Manly the team that has complained to PVL that the ruck is too slow? e.g Turbo can’t rip them apart like he did last year. Why would speeding up the ruck be something that could go wrong for Manly?

Four tiers in one season: The NRL drawn and quartered

Manly have won 4 out of their last 5 without Turbo but no one ever seems to bring that up

Mr 42%: Turbo makes world of difference to Manly's win rate as Koula gets call-up

Someone got paid six figures for that ‘so real, it’s unreal’ campaign. It is woeful.

Don’t freak out, it’s only one game: NRL Round 1 talking points

Thoroughly enjoyed the series Tony!

The rugby league club graveyard: Balmain and the unhappy third merger (Part 10)

Great read! Looking forward to the rest of them

The rugby league club graveyard: The first casualties (Part 1)

Super stiff on DCE who was man of the match in game 1 last year and led ‘the worst Queensland team in history’ to a series win.

And why are Gagai (who has played 17 origins not 11 and won the Wally Lewis Medal) and DCE being compared with Prince and Bowen? That isn’t really explained.

Is Daly Cherry-Evans Queensland's version of Mitchell Pearce?

At first I thought this was satire, but I am astounded that Cleary getting picked for origin seems to be the hill you want to die on. Regardless of past performances, who would you pick at halfback ahead of him this year? If it is no-one then what is the point of the article? He is leading the Dally M’s and is widely considered a top 4 player with Teddy, Turbo and Munster.

I won’t touch Klemmer as I haven’t been taking a great interest in his form this year and can’t be bothered looking into his numbers against those picked.

Where's Klemmer and why Cleary: Two of my greatest gripes ahead of Origin

I agree, credit where it’s due. I was quick to bemoan Hadley and also had private intentions to boycott the show. Alas, I couldn’t help myself and ended up watching. I found Hadley quite measured with some well thought out discussion.

Fox League's decision to hire Ray Hadley is baffling

I like your idea about country footy, although there has been a bunch of games played regionally this year without forcing the clubs.

I don’t see any glaring issues with magic round concept at all. Plenty of teams move home games to neutral venues every year. I dare say teams probably nominate to be the home side to take their share of the ticket sales.

The NRL must even up the magic round disadvantage

Didn’t it more evolve from copying the UK Super League concept?

The NRL must even up the magic round disadvantage

What draw are you looking at? Manly only have 3 games left against the top 5 this season.

There final 10 games include the Bulldogs and Raiders twice, Tigers, Sharks, Cowboys and the Dragons.

A tale of two rebuilds: Dragons versus Bulldogs

It does make the draw fairer as to make the finals you are only judged against the teams that had the same draw as you.

Conference system reportedly back on the NRL's radar

I would like to mention that DCE had the 4th most try assists and 3rd most linebreak assists totally 37 last year. Is is definitely a misconception that he has nothing ‘left in the tank.’ While a very disappointing year for the club, he was consistently the teams best player and can’t do it all on his own.

Closing time: The NRL clubs watching their premiership window slam shut

Author is a 13 year old Broncos fan from the bio Paul, go easy. While I don’t agree with my Sea Eagles coming 14th its all a bit of fun at this stage of the year. Good to see a young fella having a go and putting a few article together. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 1 (16-14)

I love how much Saints fans want Saab to fail 😂 But he is exactly what Manly needed- height and speed.
Suli will start at centre, Morgan Harper would probably be above Parker in the pecking order too.

Potential NRL breakout stars: Manly Sea Eagles

Dragons fans sure are bitter at Saab and don’t want to see him succeed (and probably rightfully so). This is a prediction article, let’s come back to it at the end of the year and see how he went.

Sign me up: The five most astute signings of 2021

An astute signing is a smart signing (synonyms) and can apply to anyone who adds more value to their club than what they are paid. Ben Kennedy came to Manly on big money but the way he changed the culture made him an excellent signing.

This is a prediction article, let’s judge it at the end of the year. I also disagree about Bird, he’s on big money but that doesn’t apply to the Dragons as Brisbane is paying a large chunk of it.

Sign me up: The five most astute signings of 2021

I agree with Sironen as a good signing but have a few question marks over the others. McIntyre was impressive last season but I can’t see him offering much other than a few minutes off the bench in that Titans pack. Souths already have one of the comps best locks- so where does Arrow fit in? And the Roosters rarely let a good one go- Flanagan might fall into that category.

Sign me up: The five most astute signings of 2021

You’ve given Johnston 38 extra trys here

Manly's greatest NRL team