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A second division is the best option for NRL

25 Feb 2011

Clubs are now coming out of the woodwork to express their interest in joining the NRL. Even without any definite indication from the NRL that expansion will take place, there are now seven groups that have expressed serious interest in joining the NRL at some point in the near future.

Rugby League should bring back a knockout Cup

31 Oct 2010

There has been some talk in the press recently about the introduction of two new national knockout cups. Australian soccer is considering introducing a knockout competition which would bring together the national clubs with some of the stronger clubs from the state leagues.

Replace the salary cap with a luxury tax

21 Jul 2010

With news this week that Brett Finch, Ryan Hoffman and Jeff Lima will be leaving Melbourne to play for Wigan in the English Superleague next year, only the most ardent and uncritical supporter of the salary cap will deny that “something” has to change.

Two divisions are better than one for the NRL

24 Jun 2010

An idea that deserves serious consideration by the proposed Independent Commission is that of splitting the NRL into two divisions of twelve clubs each. So how would a two division NRL work and how would it be come about?

NRL needs a second division with promotion and relegation

18 Jun 2009

There has been much recent discussion about the possibility of the NRL competition expanding from sixteen to eighteen teams.