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Sport at the grassroots level is an incubator for social equality in Australia.



It may have been a rather controversially subjective article but i concur, without Kallis the fact that our 3 big boys have Lyon and Watson to complement them, the Aussie attack is slightly stronger.

Australia v South Africa: the battle of the bowling attacks

You raise a very telling point there that many have overlooked… How on earth is Johnny Bairstow a test standard keeper? It wouldnt matter how many ducks on the trott Prior had scored for mine, i’d have to say hes better suited to test cricket.

Who is England's next Test captain?

Brad Haddin has been unbelievable. There are no two ways about it.

Haddin and Smith - two priceless assets in regaining the Ashes

I, much like you, would love to see an unchanged side and complete a 5-0 whitewash with the same 11 players haven taken the field in every test. An almost unfathomable scenario in Australian cricket over the past 5 years. However, should either be rested i would loved to see Coulter Nile get a crack ahead of Faulkner and give Bailey another test to prove his worth. Yes, his series hasnt been brilliant but he, like the rest of our players who we extend our faith in, should be given a suitable run to demonstrate their value.

What will the line-up be in the new year Test?

One of Australian sport’s greatest personalities…Let alone cricket’s. Truly a sad day. I never needed to down a triple scotch to get me through a day of Kerry’s banter. As you put it, a natural raconteur- no question.

Kerry O'Keeffe - one out of left field!

Completely agree Abigail… He cant be wrapped in cotton wool because he may not regain the strength the break free of it should he remain there for too long

Should Australia rest Ryan Harris?

James Pattinson, Colin Miller, Carl Rackemann better than Bichel…youve got to be kidding right?

Should Australia rest Ryan Harris?

Its only a matter of time i feel before plenty of others receive the just treatment and become indicted as well

Sandor Earl learns there's more to life than rugby league

No way they will drop prior for bairstow- the latter has hardly been bashing down the selectors door and prior is their vice captain who is hinting at a return to form. Why on earth would they send him home and have him return for the one day series? Would you ever consider a two week holiday to England if you were an Aussie? You’d just be getting over your jetlag by the time your return flight rolled around… As for panesar replacing swann. There is little point- australian conditions are unresponsive to finger spinners and it would be like CA substituting Gatorade for Powerade,

Prior out, Swann out: Why England must rebuild

That is a seriously good side… Youll notice that Anwar Yousef Inzi and the bowlers were all in the same side that toured aus in 1999. Plus Moin and Ijaz who would stake a claim to get into this team.

HENRY: Australia deservedly soak in satisfaction of Ashes victory

What style of humour after you after now mr Hookin?

Why Australia will reclaim the Ashes

A real subtle omission of Peter Such and Saqlain Mushtaq here… Saqlain had the invincible Australian team at 6s and 7s both times he came here… here is a nice reminder (Not too mention some of the quality cricketers that were around him here.)

They can't pick off-spinners in Australia

Great article Geoff. Completely agree. There is no questioning that Watson has not reached the potential that he once displayed as an up and comer however all things considered, he is one of the 6 best batsmen in Australia. Who is screaming for a spot in our top 6? Phil hughes? Do we need to see his technique exploited yet again on the international stage? Apart from being our 2nd best batsman, he is as you pointed out arguably the most reliable change bowler in the world at present let alone Australia and he may not be suited to number 3 but he bats there because the only other suitable candidate would be clarke and you never fix things that aren’t broken. The vitriol that is hoisted in his direction is unjust. Let him play.

The worth of Watson: He's better than you think

Ridiculous postulation. KP is a match winner and his career record warrants an extended run in the team even if he is going through a rough trot and 165 at 27.5 is hardly dreadful. I wouldnt be surprised if he scored one big hundred in the remaining 2 tests and lifted his gross tally beyond the 360 he accrued last time he was here. Take a look a prior, cook, bell, root, carberry… What have they delivered that has been so magnificent. I am a ironclad Australian fan and if KP were to be dropped i would be breathing even easier every time the english assumed their innings. Did India punt Sehwag a couple of summers back when he looked more likely to run to the meat pie vendor than he did down the other end of the 22yd strip? No because he is a once in a generation player that can win you a game in a session. The aussies have one now in Warner. I would like to think he keeps his place if he has 165 runs at 27.5 in the first 3 test matches of a series…even if hes mouthing off at journos, uppercutting drunks in nightclubs and getting out caught at deep point playing reverse sweeps off opening bowlers within the first 10 overs.

Will England call time on Kevin Pietersen?

Its funny what people can do when they are given a chance.. i suppose it all comes down to which players national programs identify as those who are capable of developing into something special if given the chance. Theres always a fine line between selecting the current best 11 players and keeping an eye on the future at the same time. This gambit if you like, appears to be paying off.

Steve Smith: From a sign of decline, to the (almost) sublime

i think the resentment that you have undoubtedly harbored in this case has shone through and renders your article narrow minded and pure bile. Sam left australia because he couldnt get a run in the shield side and in fact was no where near it. His game is far better suited to county cricket and when he was given the opportunity to make a living out of the thing he loves doing, he grabbed it like anyone else would. I cannot fathom your irritation.

Memo to Sam Robson - you chose the wrong team

a wonderful read Geoff… Its funny how people never break things down like that and realise that the media likes to create things that arent there to get people talking. Loved how you compared the scenario with the Mcgrath- Atherton contest… that certainly was domination. This one is a bit like the Mcgrath- Lara for mine.. A bowler consistently hitting a length and depriving a high class agressive batsman of scoring opportunities thus forcing him to create them when they arent there.

The numbers don't lie - Siddle has no Ashes bunny

Thank you Jack. I take your point but i really wanted to emphasize that he is often far too predicatable and his blaze demeanour needs to change a little for the sake of those he is supposed to motivate. Do you believe that the English set up doesn’t allow for a captain to rule with an unfettered approach because of its stringent structures and planning?

Clarke showing captain Cook the way

People can say what they like when it comes to off the field behaviour and his general demeanour, i for one probably wouldnt be an advocate of his undertakings either. But when it comes to his on field leadership their is currently no better i believe.

Clarke showing captain Cook the way

A wonderful knock- a true display of his ability. He will be a mainstay of the Australian middle order for years to come.

A true Perth scorcher, but Smith can take the heat

Not sure i agree entirely Ronan but i definitely see where your coming from. People misinterpret the term “overrated”- it weighs up the public and media’s perception of a player and the hype that surrounds them if you like in comparison to their ability levels. Whoever threw up the names Imran Tahir and Ashwin need to understand this definition…

Anderson the most overrated player in Test cricket?

I totally agree. Often Australian coaching programs are designed to cultivate the players that they want to see as opposed to the players that they have who are perhaps not quite “textbook.” Johnson was never a classical Akram or Vaas type left armer and why would you try and make him into one when instead he can scare the life out of batsman hurling down 150km missiles?

IPL stint has been the making of Johnson

Sledging is designed to put batsmen off their game through intimidation or distraction. With 2 man of the match performances from 2 games i would comfortably concede that Mitchell Johnson’s sledging isnt fairing too badly. As for Watson, when teams engage in bouts of verbal accosts one always stands up for his teammates. Fielding sides always have the advantage being 11 against 2. I dont think Steve Waugh or Ian Healy used to bite their tongues when Warnie and Glenn were getting stuck in to oppositions…Nor do i think KP or Matt Prior do when Broad or Andersen unleash their smug comments in the direction of batsman. You cannot denigrate Watson for his involvement in a team effort…thats what teammates are for. On the contrary, you would become concerned if him, Clarke and Haddin werent supporting their big fast bowler.

Brave Root stands tall against onslaught

Well written Alec and a great observation. Not enough is being said about the excellence of the Australians in resurrecting their performances on the international stage.

Criticise the tourists by all means, but why not praise the victors?

There is absolutely nothing to lose. Each side will be expected to dominate the socceroos. Anything less than a 3-0 drubbing will be seen as a failure and as you mentioned they will be trying to cash in on for and against points. The aussies on the other hand will be able to play with freedom and without any expectations. It could turn out nicely for them.

World Cup draw means Socceroos have nothing to lose