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Fusion’s changes to their team definitely hurt their chances, but I think the Hanzo Meta coming in so fast, and the large changes that happened in the last few months really made the results up to luck as you pointed out.

Overwatch is a new eSport and Blizzard with learn what Riot Games has been doing for better or worse, which is you need to let Meta’s (no matter how good or bad) play out until after the major competitive events to keep the playing field even and fair.

And maybe time the release of new hero’s inbetween splits/seasons. Now I’m not saying Brigitte ruined a whole season… But I’m implying it. 🙂

The Overwatch League finals were weird

Love anything Spawn has to say, a huge advocate for E Sports growth in Melbourne. Would have loved to ask him a few questions myself!

Order GM talks Elite Series titles, and why Melbourne is the new home of esports

Great article Micheal, the more even the LCK, LPL, LMS Rift Rivals is, the healthier the game is! Let’s see some competitive Worlds games!

Do you think that worlds brackets should expand so the ‘large’ wildcard regions like Vietnam, Russia and Turkey can be automatically seeded in? Has their ever been as much Worlds hype since Albus Nox Luna?

Rift Rivals and the Korean decline