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Yeah true, but looking at the club’s higher paid players, James is amongst those whilst playing only half the amount of games players like Digne, Richarlison etc. Yeah he definitely began the season well, but after the 7th or 8th match week, he began to fall off with injuries and inconsistent performances.

If he can remain healthy for the most part of a full premier league season (which a lot of critics believe he cannot), then he can definitely be a huge use to the squad. But it is also likely that he may continue to struggle with the physicality of the Prem.

Yeah also Rafa’s off-field interactions with James could be a factor, since they similarly clashed at Madrid when the spaniard arrived as Real manager and refused to have the Columbian in his regular playing squad.

Benitez wants Rodriguez out: Right move for Rafa's Everton?

Thanks mike! Yeah definitely, I wouldn’t be surprised if he secures himself a big move next summer window.

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