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As a passionate North Melbourne supporter and footy fan, I love a bit of analysis! Also love my soccer.



I certainly agree that Neale is no certainty for any game except maybe round 9 when he kicked a couple of goals himself. However, he just played well in so many games that I think it would be really unlikely for him not to win. Even if he misses out on a couple of 3s, he should pick up a couple of random 1s in other games.

I have him getting 3s in R2, R3, R5, R8, R9 and R11. I gave Zorko the 3 in R16 given his two goals. Generally, the forward needs 7 goals to get 3 votes unless they had a lot of the ball as well, so it will be interesting to see whether that number is 6 or only 5 in shortened game-time this year (mathematically, it should be 5.6)!

My club-by-club Brownlow Medal guide

I think we’ll probably find he drops back to being a B+ player next year, unless Gold Coast start winning a few more games. My tip for next year is a fit Paddy Cripps.

My club-by-club Brownlow Medal guide

Just submitted, so should be up soon! Sorry for the delay

Who led my Brownlow count after the second footy festival?

Keeping it under wraps now until round 18! Probably should’ve changed the heading sorry!

Who led my Brownlow count after Round 13?

What’s your reasoning here?

Who led my Brownlow count after the footy festival?

I’d challenge you on that one to say Neale is better! He is so clean and turns clearances into deep inside 50s. But both him and Gawn still need to prove themselves on the big stage.

Who led my Brownlow count after Round 7?

These are certainly very valid arguments against a bonus system. However, it could be mitigated by adjusting each team’s average based on historical levels of scoring at grounds they play at. This may complicate things and make them less transparent, so this would have to be weighed against the benefits of a higher scoring season.

Tinker time - why scoring has an easier fix

Will reveal after this weekend!

Who led my Brownlow count after Rounds 4 and 5?

Could have anything from 2-6 votes after the first two rounds. Might go top 10 if he backs up last year and Port win a few more games.

Who led my Brownlow count after Round 2?

Ladhams could be a good one to target – Port should be happy with Lycett for another 3-4 years.

Why North Melbourne are neither as good nor as bad as people think

Note the above has been edited ^^

Thanks for the comments, Tarryn could be a brownlow winner! You might be right about LDU, Cunnington should still be a solid mid like Josh Kennedy though.

I’m not sure Curtis Taylor is up to it, there aren’t too many medium forwards in the modern game. If we took out Macmillan and Mcdonald, we’d have to bring in 2 defenders.

Why North Melbourne are neither as good nor as bad as people think

Thanks! Gray is certainly a top 10-15 player at his best, but had too many quiet games this season.

The top 50 AFL players of 2018

I tried to get a good range of positions in, which meant some mids who missed games had to be left out.

The top 50 AFL players of 2018

“Though a tackling machine, Cripps struggles defensively when the ball leaves the stoppage, without having the speed to chase”.

There is no doubt Cripps is very good defensively when the ball is at the stoppage, but when it leaves the stoppage he really struggles. The other mids in the top 10 have the pace to run down opponents with the ball.

The top 50 AFL players of 2018

Thanks for the support! Hopefully Melbourne will follow suit soon enough!

New to AFL? Why you should support North Melbourne

My theory is that on-field stuff changes dramatically from decade to decade. For example, Hawthorn have been the best side to support over the last decade, and in the 1990s, but in the 2030s they could be bottom. Who knows.

However, no team can ever get the credit that North has off-field, simply because they were the trailblazers in these areas. For a supporter new to AFL, potentially unaware of the very best players or game styles, off-field stuff can be a distinguishing factor.

New to AFL? Why you should support North Melbourne