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Avid Sports Fan, sports player, and high school student who loves football, cricket and NFL. I support Sydney FC, Liverpool and Dallas Cowboys.



It is very annoying having to on a Thursday move to Jubilee. Playing in a big stadium with a large Cove turnout was refreshing.

A-League moves Sydney FC from SCG

Like I said it is the most insecure second in football, I support Sydney FC but we have played a game all season where I thought we played well.

Should Sydney FC sack Steve Corica?

Maybe the Jets aren’t finals contenders anymore after this weekend.

Jets slip on the Mariners' banana skin

But your crowds are on a downward spiral and your RBB is dead

Hot property FC: Macarthur crosses the line in 2020

I don’t see why they wouldn’t put in an Illawarra team based in Wollongong or a Canberra team. Wollongong Wolves would be a perfect team to give a license, they already have a large Stadium to play in and they have a big market area with no other rival professional sports competition. Canberra could also be better than the South-West Sydney team because they also have a stadium, are in the nation’s capital, have a women’s team and most importantly ran a startup membership where somewhere near 5000 people signed. South-west Sydney seems like a hopeful by the FFA to me and is defiantly in Wanderers territory. As a Sydney FC supporter, it pains me to see the Wanderers die because at the end of the day I love to hate them. The FFA know a trick or two on how to kill a club.

Hot property FC: Macarthur crosses the line in 2020

Even though, yes, the Mariners were soft opponents Krishna still performed extremely well and should have gotten at least four. He should be a shout for this list.

The A-League team of the week: Round 21

Honestly, the quality of Goalkeeping in the A-league is poor and is somewhere that needs improving especially considering how solid Australia’s Goalkeepers have been in the past. There have been some very good keepers in the past with the likes of; Vukovic, Covic, Bolton and current keeper Galekovic who isn’t great anymore. But at the moment there are no keepers with the exception of Thomas in the A-league who you think I’d like to have him in my team. Maybe it is because there are no great internationals coming over or is it the lack of the A-league being able to keep the good goalkeepers.

The A-League's goalkeepers don't get enough credit