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Journalist at a local newspaper in Melbourne. Love my sport, especially AFL and cricket.



Shortening the game is not the answer

St Kilda coach Ross Lyon suggested the standard length of an AFL game may have to be shortened after his team’s win over Fremantle on Sunday, but does this provide the answer to this season’s injury woes? Lyon said two 45-minute halves, like football, may be the answer. This debate has one objective: to slow […]

Loose defence will sink the speedy Bombers

Essendon is not the best team in the AFL, and it is not the worst. But it might just be the most unaccountable. Last season, the Bombers attracted praise from all quarters for their attractive run-and-gun style, which left plenty of opponents one-step behind. In the end, Essendon exceeded expectations and made the top-eight. But […]


Agree with you Ben.

Too many talented players in that line up for them not to go deep into September – or even one step further than last year.

Riewoldt is the Saints’ best player, but football, no matter how you look at it, still relies on a team performance.

Saints far from done despite Riewoldt blow

I take your point on board, Tom.

But there were plenty of shots missed on the weekend from straight in front. What you say doesn’t mean we shoiuld accept more behinds being kicked than goals across a round, surely?

I still think, regardless of where the shots are being taken from, that Lloyd, Dunstall and Lockett (just three examples) were better kicks than any forward today. And – you would know this – surely all their shots were not taken from directly in front? I’m sure Lloyd used to practice the difficult shots, too.

Are the goalkicking superstars losing their radar?

Don’t know if too many people would like the ‘swap’ idea, but it has been mentioned.

I personally love seeing a team win against the odds (for example with two or three injured players), and it has happened many times before. Those matches are as exciting as any, and show how far determination and a will to win can get you.

The big questions this season, Part Two

You should post that as an article on the site, Al. Very comprehensive.

Well-made point, Tom, but do you really think four is not enough to have in reserve? If we keep adding to the bench, where will it stop?

The big questions this season, Part Two

Jimbo, I put this article up to inform people about the basics of the policy. It’s my view that it is sound, and not much more can be done at this stage.

The sport will never be fully clean – it’s a reality.

Thanks for the tips, Mr Real Australian it’s called Football Man formerly known as Kurt . You are definitely correct with both points you make. It’s much appreciated.

There are plenty of misconceptions about this policy, and a few comments prove that they still exist.

Forget the criticism, AFL's drug testing not a soft hand

ItsCalledFootball, don’t get on here and claim I have copied an article when I haven’t.

The example you have put up is nothing like what I have written, which proves you can’t read yourself.

I write for a number of different publications and I know the importance of copyright rules. But thanks for your concern.

AFL to finally rid the game of stagers

That comment hurts me deeply, Fred. I’ll try better for you next time.

I never made any conclusions on the topic – simply raised the question. People have plenty of thoughts on it, as you can tell.

At an average of $230,000, are AFL players underpaid?

Rookies are on about 40 to 50k I think per season. Then there is the veterans list to consider where half the payments (I think) aren’t included in the cap, so it is a bit less than the 9.2 million, but not much under that.

Matt, $230,000 has always been the figure reported and mentioned. It may be 229k or 231k, but 230 is very close to the mark. The average AFL career would be an interesting thing to look at – it’s not very long, I can assure you.

At an average of $230,000, are AFL players underpaid?