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When it comes to the NRL’s HIA, hypocrisy is apparent

When it comes to the NRL's HIA, hypocrisy is apparent

8 Jun 2017

Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. Unfortunately, this definition describes the NRL’s current stance on head injury and their lack of policing of high-tackle laws.

Stop the Wallabies chop-and-change culture

29 Aug 2013

After watching the All Blacks methodically dismantle the Wallabies on two recent occasions I have once again become fascinated by the knee-jerk response of Wallaby fans in their opinion about who should play in which position and the apparent readiness to move players out of position.

Is recalling Smith inspiration or desperation?

Is recalling Smith inspiration or desperation?

6 Jul 2013

Tomorrow night’s upcoming Test between the Wallabies and the Lions has highlighted an interesting conflict in coaching styles.

Australia's Next Top Rugby Team

21 Aug 2012

With today’s TV dominated by reality rubbish looking to find the next top chef/singer/model etc, I have a wacky suggestion for all of those who have become sick of suffering while watching the same sub-standard Australia rugby players who are constantly selected from the same predictable gene pools.

Why do refs pick and choose the rules?

18 Jul 2010

Having watched rugby league for the majority of my life, I am still left with a perplexing question of why referees seem to pick and choose the rules that they want to police.