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I would have sex with David Moyes…. top manager


EPL Preview - Everton

Link to the YouTube Video? As far as we know none have surfaced…and that all chanting videos were at the Blacktown City, Spartans and Nepean Games.



Exclusive: Interview with the Wanderer's RBB

I read it alot on public forums, not to mention Facebook. Their argument is ‘We should have saved Gold Coast and North Queensland.’

No. North Queensland maybe, but Gold Coast was an unfortunant case. There are some passionate fans there, but it was indeed not viable in the end. Maybe in the future yes…

Wanderers could be an A-League powerhouse

Sorry I was basing a lot of my comments on the fail-wishers on forumites on every club, and 442…who say Western Sydney shouldn’t have a club, etc. It’s a bit of an immature stance especially from the Melbourne Heart fans….Yarraside who (not all of them) say stupid things like that when in-fact they were in the same situation a few years ago

And yes I’ll be keen on that beer. I’ll be in the RBB section at the Central Coast game, we’ll meet up at the Woolpack before the match and I’ll show you what the RBB has to offer. PM me on the forums if you like and I’ll hold you to that beer..

Wanderers could be an A-League powerhouse

Any reference on the South Melbourne Call? I had a squiz on the various websites and I couldn’t find them listed on the competition

Exclusive Ian Crook Interview: NSL was a really good competition [VIDEO]

My apologies I completely forgot about South Coast – but yes they should have had a team from the start. God knows why the FFA didn’t seek to include them at the beginning of the A-League era.

Call to end aggressive A-League expansion

This article is less promoting more expansion, its highlighting that the FFA need to change they way they go about it. I’m all for expansion if it is done correctly.

As I did state, the FFA should fix the other clubs first, give them more freedom and work on getting them into budget etc.

The reason the FFA want to expand is that FIFA rules for hosting a FIFA World Cup requires more teams in the competition. And the AFC have stated that we will be risking our ACL spots if we don’t implement a promotion relegation system.

Its a tough topic, but we can’t exactly can expansion. It needs to be done right, and yes you are correct, we musn’t neglect the current club entities.

Call to end aggressive A-League expansion

For anyone still interested in the Western Sydney Bid, here is some progress on the only bid team still working at the moment. Representing the Western Sydney Contigent.

Let's get real about promotion-relegation and B-League

Cheers mate, that came to my mind as I begun writing the part about Ronaldo.

I had a lot of fun writing this article…I’m thinking of bring more comedic articles to TheRoar

A bolter for the 2026 World Cup? Antarctica!

Haha Mate im proud of the group that you guys made (I dunno who)

But yes I saw Pauly at the last minute and added him in haha 😛

Lets start a movement….get it going…seriously 😛

Its a good map as well mate…great inspiration for my article. I needed to lighten the mood after the down comments about FIFA.

Cheers mate 🙂

A bolter for the 2026 World Cup? Antarctica!

I read this comment….its disappeared….?

Fair go Australia! Give Qatar a chance

Im in talks with one of the heads of the bids at the moment.

The FFA are resiliently sticking with the underdeveloped Ian Rowden bid, however they may switch to the other depending on whether they pull their heads out of the sand and realise that the other bid is formed far better than Rowden’s.

Fair go Australia! Give Qatar a chance

I would just like to ask mate that you possibly email me as I am quite strongly interested in finding out a bit more about the acceptance of Qatar in the Middle east and Arab States.

I will be working in part with some of the bid’s advocates and Chris Tanner who will be flying to Doha every now and then to help their team.

If you would like to email me (anyone is able to in order to provide feedback I am located at (m_turner94[at]

I will aim to cover the Qatar bid closer from now on for the Roar readers.

Thank you.

Fair go Australia! Give Qatar a chance

Just to jump in, I respect the AFL apart from it’s bitterness to rival codes, however the compensation is enough, seeing as the competition is ultimately worth several tens of billions of dollars in revenue, for AUSTRALIA not just the code of football.

Australian football's loss is also a blow for AFL

Fix up Twitter links. Sorry. Its too late for the both of us

FIFA's strange choices raise eyebrows

I actually do have insider information in the FFA, but this email caught me by complete surprise. I am currently in contact with Lyall Gorman to help use information posted by readers to create a vivid idea on what the public would like in the Hyundai A-League.

I am also in direct contact with members of the Western Sydney expansion, and will provide information as soon as it is feeded to me directly to the Roar site.

Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

Help design the future A-League (Part 1)

The AFL resolved the issue differently and on different terms. Etihad Stadium is still a no-go zone for the World Cup Bid Team.

The AFL demanded more than they were entitled to, and the FFA complied unfortunantely

Football codes need to work together, not bicker

In a reply to all.

I am an aspiring journalist who doesn’t like the idea of spinning the article, or taking out the controversial points. This is an no holds back interview entailing all that went on during the talks.

Chris Tanner is one individual with strong views, and that is exactly what the football in our country needs.

This has not been edited at all by me, or the editor of The Roar.

I aim to create debates on this website, it is very important to create civilized discussions in order to help us understand different opinions.

Tanner tells it like it is

No, to be honest we had a shocker on some points, I as many others do enjoy a good comeback match. That’s what made it a tops for me, it was against the odds (literally and suspiciously) and a suspenseful match

Pakistan should be banned for fixing

hmm interesting proposition that your making.

How would you state that there is a relation

Pakistan should be banned for fixing

Great Read,

Good to see more international players (apart from Brazilians) gracing our national team now.

Also good to see that the NSW Premier League Clubs (essentially feeder clubs) are playing a stronger role in strengthening our national league.

Moriyasu could be the answer to Sydney FC's problems

CORRECTION: Instead of Hayden, It should say Slater – apologies

Pakistan should be banned for fixing

Hmm interesting ideas you present. Maybe The Roar can help League as well as we did union!

I quite like your ideology!

An alternative to the McIntyre system

Correct, Rangers looked at him, but he’s still at AZ.

Although i now fail to see how the free to air debate has spanned three of my posts :S

Brett Holman has finally silenced the haters

Oh wow! When i composed the article, I was near completion when I found the Wellington Phoenix one so I scrawled a little section at the bottom about it. You had fooled me to believe that it was legitimate!

Kudos to you my friend! I have just tagged you in my latest post.

Social media used to fuel A-League growth