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As long as JAC is fit for the pre-season I don’t care.

Melbourne Storm: Proof you can have too much of a good thing

I am a Dogs fan through and through and all I can say is Panthers beware of a Bennett-coached FINALS team, love the Panther’s style of play and their enthusiasm, professional approach, just beware. Glad to have those ex Panthers at the Dogs next year, could Naden shine? and maybe Kikau?

Wayne Bennett needs a solution for Nathan Cleary

I remember his start as a ref back in WA a nice guy til the end. Another ref back at the same time in WA was Ted Goodwin.

Matt Cecchin fights back the tears as he blows full time on his NRL refereeing career

How times have changed, the second rowers of the world had a major job in the scrum, belt the opposition hooker, sorry I missed Pete (my front row best mate) remained mates for over 40 years, that’s football.

Vossy in shock as Bulldogs attempt to get away with sneaky scrum tactic

So the only way to succeed is to be surrounded by the best, why not try to lead as opposed to depending on others?

Cooper Cronk outlines where it all went wrong for Dylan Napa

I would love Demetriou to TELL him to play in the centres, see what dummy spit we get from that.

How did everyone get Latrell Mitchell's hit on Joseph Manu so wrong?

I wonder what LMs reaction will be if the new coach TELLS him to play centre?

'Tough road ahead': How far can Souths go without Latrell?

As shown again – against Manu.

Latrell Mitchell: Great footballer, ordinary fullback?

Made to play center. then he would need some time off to go home and sook.

Latrell Mitchell: Great footballer, ordinary fullback?

Interesting to see what the new coach does with him and if he would accept a positional change without a dummy spit.

Latrell Mitchell: Great footballer, ordinary fullback?

Reminds me of Jarrod Haynes.

Latrell Mitchell: Great footballer, ordinary fullback?

About to become Swiss cheese lol.

Cheeky Cheese resorts to prayer to save Storm from imminent Craig Bellamy spray

But will he?

UPDATE: Trell's monster ban, bunker ref sacked, Manu's op and Robinson investigated

Some of them already have the bolts.

For our next trick ... NRL considers radical kicking rule which could be trialled in round 25

In the good old days when the local cop kicked me in the backside (literally) and then turned up the next morning and dobbed me into the old man – I learned lol. Waited a few months and went drinking legally.

Give a young man lots of money and free time and you can create a very stupid young man

I would swap his contract for Lewis any day, have said it before if we let Lewis go it will come back to haunt us. Yes, he is not yet the finished product, but isn’t that why we have coaches? Maybe Gus might have a say in his retention, the kid just needs some polish and one on one coaching in order to bring out his best. The Dogs fans can see it ( two petitions ) lets hope the club can.

Bulldog placed on report for one of the strangest moments of ill-discipline this season

Cannot blame anyone when we make the eight next year. 😁

2022 NRL signings: Who will continue to amaze, and who just won’t be the same?

Let’s give Barrett a chance, he now has some class to work with which is unlike this year. My gut tells me that these backline signings just might reignite Cotric and that can only be good for the Dogs. Cotric back in form Burton, Ado Carr, and Dufty, some danger and speed there.

2022 NRL signings: Who will continue to amaze, and who just won’t be the same?

Judge the guy next season when he has a team to work with.

2022 NRL signings: Who will continue to amaze, and who just won’t be the same?

Naden and Burton back with Barrett will make a smooth transition, the same with Vaughan and Dufty having played together. Ado Carr will keep shining as he will again have some talent around him. Hope the rumour mill is wrong about Thompson, he could shine next year with Pangai, Vaughan, Jackson, Elliott as well as the young guns that have had a taste this season. Only hope the Dogs can find a spot for Lewis, a good young versatile footballer in the making. The backline signings may be just what Cotric need to get him back to his best. Go the Dogs in 2022.

2022 NRL signings: Who will continue to amaze, and who just won’t be the same?

As long as we bite the opposition.

2022 NRL signings: Who will continue to amaze, and who just won’t be the same?

SBW must have a huge extended family with all hos Bros, more suited to a rap singer than a commentator.

Sterlo says 'freeze it there'. So where does he rank in rugby league's top 20 commentators list?

NRL is the ONLY reason I turn my tv on.

The key reasons why league fans are switching the telly off in 2021

Have a feeling Anna P wrote this article lol.

'Get out of Sydney': The NRL must relocate before it's too late

I hope we at the Dogs have more respect for the game, Personally don’t want him anywhere near Belmore.

'Stupid and irresponsible': Vaughan says sorry after party costs him $750,000 contract