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An avid sports fan... but a diehard Rugby supporter. Especially the Wallaby & Tahs.



Apologies Nicholas… but late (again) to this

My first pair of jeans were a pair of Levi Strauss which was, at the time, so so important that they were jeans with that brand name. Therefore, I’m very familiar with the concept of ‘raw versus cooked’… but as to a future 6 for Rennie’s reign as the new coach of me Wallaby, well, those are some good candidates, like the two of your Donkey examples. Let’s hope that’s still the case when we return back to the future. 😂

Stay safe in these difficult times… and keep pumping ‘em out for ours, and yours, distraction to these terrible times. 😊 🏉 👍

The raw and the cooked: Canberra candidates at number 6

Yep Brett… but the cynic, in back of me brain, screams it probably won’t happen because the same people are still there, the same vested interests are still there, the same mind numbing approach will still probably be there too… at least here in Aussie.

A classic present example is Kafer’s current spray at RA… which I don’t quite get. Here’s a guy who has a good understanding of the big picture, in fact he recently had a gig with them. Therefore, it disappoints me to hear him squawking like a parrot about the present situation we now all find ourselves having to deal with… that’s everybody.

I was brought up to be all about team… especially when things go to shyte. This is when you know who has your back as opposed to those who just want what’s best for them 😔

Everything will be on the table when rugby eventually returns

Thanks Brett… as it’s nice to see that some things are still the same, when all around is definitely not the same. Thus your article today is one such same. 👍

It’s fascinating to think that when ‘all‘ appears lost there is still hope for things, when they return, and they will return, to be ‘all’ the better. Re-jigged. Re-vitalised. Reunion.

And to further this positivity, the one thing that’s for certain, is now THE opportunity to do so. It’s in your face. It’s staring right at you. And that in itself is HUGE!

As to broadcasting revenues, sponsorships, funding et al… well, that’s still a wait and see. But if rugby presently takes this opportunity to have a ‘everything on the table’ and think tanks every possible future scenario… then this down time will have been not wasted. It could workout to be a blessing in disguise 😱

To finish on more positivity… we’re back in the game buddy. Golf is back on!

Mind you there are some sensible restrictions around play, like you can only play in twos… but ffs we can still play. And as it’s now my church, so to speak, I’m giving it that one big HALLELUJAH 😊

Everything will be on the table when rugby eventually returns

Haha… and if I was any good I would’ve provided actual factually correct info 😔

It was David Stern… not Silver. Adam Silver is his very able successor. Apologies.

SANZAAR, copyright and myopia

Pointed piece this, H’lander… and while I’m at, I’ve likewise enjoyed your other penned pieces too. Always substantive and good reading in their composition and topic 👍

For mine, and I think it was Harry I’d previously discussed similar with, but SANZAAR could well take a leaf from the NBA book, and how easy it is to access anything to do with b/ball. The late David Silver, the NBA’s long standing Commissioner, was absolute marketing genius and visionary in this regard. And for the life of me, the more accessible content is, for whatever purpose, the better it is for that product in the long run. If you build it, they will come… especially if you have a good product. Rugby is a good product!

Won’t it be fascinating if SANZAAR does actually read your piece… let alone take it on board 😊 🏉 👍

Keep up the good work and stay safe buddy… especially when it comes to that treadmill thingy 😛

SANZAAR, copyright and myopia

Aha… the odd positivity from the negativity thingy, eh sheek?

The Wrap: Why rugby can’t rely on government intervention to save itself

Morning G… just!

And as everything right now is pretty much just, just… I’m thinking we’ll all have to just wait ‘til it’s over. Hopefully over. Gotta wish yeah it’s over. Or just gone, gone like, Cheika gone. Gone. 😛

The Wrap: Why rugby can’t rely on government intervention to save itself

Grief takes many guises, G… and I really did think he’d actually gone to that other side. Across da ditch like. Up Wellnotwellactually way. Via Upper Hutt, NZ??

FFS, you mean he’ll be back… now that’s what I call a real Obitchry!?! 😁

Super Rugby on hold: Try of the year? Try of the year!

Ah ffs Tragic… it definitely wasn’t me! 😛

Look after ya self old man in that 4m high walled-in water-tight place they call QUEENSLAND.
😂 😂

Super Rugby on hold: Try of the year? Try of the year!

Thanks Brett… and also those other surviving so-called experts members for your valuable time in these exceptional times.

Geez, gotta say I find myself agreeing with myself here as it seems surely strange not to have Diggeriwi around any more. Sure he was mostly disagreeable most of the time, and then unagreeable the rest of it. But for a Kiwi he wasn’t all that bad. Sorta. Mind you, had he been more agreeable I probably would’ve been more inclined to be agreeable myself. Sadly this was not the case. If ever the case!

Anyhow, he will live on in my memory… as that is all I have now. Yep, that disagreeable rotundity from Upper Hutt was a friend. Well, maybe not really… and funnily enough he, too, would’ve probably agreed with me on that 😱

Best try; any try scored by da Tahs… or scored on da Tahs.

Keep safe amigos 😊 🏉 👍

Super Rugby on hold: Try of the year? Try of the year!

😛 😂 😂 😢

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Thanks Nicholas… Round 2 it is! 😂

I never understand why people dish Michael Hooper so much. Is it his hair? Is it his socks down around his ankles? Is it his crazy eyes? Is it his salary?

I can tell you for free it’s not because he never gives up or stops. Or that he covers so much ground during a game tackling anything that moves that you have no option but to understand the saying… ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’. Or that if other players in his team could keep up with him he’d be more successful come the breakdown. The team would be more successful. Or that to be named captain of your team is usually seen as an honour, and also recognition that your coach believes in you as a leader. A leader of men the coach coaches and wishes you to lead. Nah… surely can’t possibly be any of these ffs??

Yep… must be one of the before mentioned. I’m going with the socks down thingy 😱

The great Australian openside debate: Round 2

Yeah, and while you’re at it… an expert tipping panel! 😂

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Mmmm… ‘This is a time to pull together.’

I reckon this was pretty close to being on that list, eh Stormy. Not to mention it can also make you go blind. 😔

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Thanks DA… yep, too much imaginary sport is never enough! 👍

Gotta say though I thought it hilarious that Bakkies actually had to bend down so Hoops could go to work on him… never seen anything like that ever before. Hence, George’s response was befitting the situation and thus no card was needed/ handed 😛

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

On ya Harry… beautiful piece of prose 👍 😊

Although, if your new avatar photo is anything to go by… if you walked past me today I’d probably miss you. 😛

Oh rugby, how I miss thee

Morning G… and nice to see albeit read this Wrap. It’s brings comfort in a period of loss, and that in itself, presently, has great value. So, thanks.

Interesting insight from Wessels on the need to keep trying to move forward when all seems so strange. Let alone the reality we now all are faced with and it’s many implications.

As to that galah Alan Jones… it beggars belief that at time when we all need to be positive, compassionate and caring, he just continues with his rants about his own agendas. His fear mongering is reprehensible. He is irresponsible in the extreme. And, frankly, un-Australian. 😡

The Wrap: Rugby’s off-again, on-again, rollercoaster a test for players and coaches

Made comment in acknowledged agreement… but it’s disappeared?? 😱

What's wrong with Eddie's England?

‘The leadership core is not as stable as it was under Dylan Hartley.’

Yep, Nicholas… and even under Dylan is was somewhat villainous.

Sorry about the rhyme thingy… but it does fit for mine 😁

What's wrong with Eddie's England?

Yeah H’lander… I’ll bite too!

– Once we were warriors 👍
– Trading Places 👍

I’ll add ‘Argo’ and ‘No country for old men’… and anything Tarantino 😊

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

😂 😂 😂 😂

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Thanks G… more a ‘hover, maker and shaker’ 😱

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Agree… in fact ‘I wouldn’t be so sure…’ is probably a Sure Thing 😁

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Thanks Zenn… pretty sure your comment is one of those oxmoroney thingys 👍

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse


Initially read that as ‘Pants off!’… still works for mine 😛

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse