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To really annoy all our first round tippers
#10 The only home team winner was the Bulls

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 1

We’ve already had an injury in the second row, with Lousi long term out. In the pre season games the lack of forward grunt, esp at fuck and breakdown was evident. Canes are really well up front this year, and I can’t see us getting to such a lofty position with the number of ABs we have. They’ll be focused on the RWC, rested slot, and unlike the Saders we don’t have the depth to cover them

Super Rugby 2019 preview series: Hurricanes

Mako had another 10 week injury, there is no way England’s overworked prime PI power players will make it through the RWC intact. A second point is both the Boks and NZ defend with more players in the back field, there is never so much space to kick too. However I really wish NZ had a kick from hand game half as good as England, and Ireland playing well!

Will England rule the world in 2019?

Maybe to get a sell out and good atmosphere? Canes have been struggling pre season, poor grunt work, and will be missing or lacking game time for their many ABs too.

The Wrap: Super Rugby and the art of being ready when you’re not ready

Predictable Ireland bore themselves into a shock defeat by England

Hopefully he’ll stop this sort of utter incompetence!

Don't underestimate the Scott Johnson factor

Makovina Wanangarua I Whanga Nui-Atara Vunipola was the best player this weekend, made a lot of highly rated forwards look average. Finn Russell etc from Scotland looked good, but the level of opposition was much lower. So take a bow, Sir Mako of Wellingtown!

Seven talking points from Round 1 of the Six Nations

Cheika said if he doesn’t improve he is going, so it’s win or bust

Who will be the starting No.12s in the World Cup quarter-finals?

I bet he’s happy the follicle tests weren’t around a few years ago

Kurtley Beale avoids sanction over controversial videos

Your comment about Mick the Kick (as he’s known in NZ, maybe Oz to?) is correct and confusing. After the debacle of the ABs 2009 year, getting spanked by kick chasing teams, Mick was instrumental at turning it around. He was also a key part of developing the ABs ‘triple threat’ game kick, pass, run. So why no change in the Wallabies? My personal thought is he is not allowed to, Cheika goes on ad nauseum about playing the Australian way, so no effort is put in by his assistant coaches into kick skills under his direction

Why don’t the Wallabies have a kicking game?

A hundred years before MC’s appointment, it was said to be all over by Christmas, 4 years later 1918 it finally was – maybe an omen for 2018?

Rugby Australia chairman delivers short update on Wallabies coach

That was haha above, sad but true

Cheika survives Rugby Australia review - for now


Cheika survives Rugby Australia review - for now

Was it last year that the SA provinces voluntarily removed their power over Bok rugby for the good of the game? It is possible!

Australian rugby can turn this corner, but only if it wants to

They’ve won two of the last three, and the previous one we scraped at the death, not exactly one off!

Nathan Grey hits back at Steve Hansen's claims about Australian rugby

And it’s scary to think how shockingly not shocking that would be

Great turn of phrase, nothing to say but Go the Wallabies!

Lose-lose for the Wallabies against the Azzurri

Kia kaha, be strong, Carlos. Best of luck for you and your community

Sir Brodie takes Prince Maro off his high horse at Twickenham

Great article thanks Nick. Although I’m sure you’ve got it wrong, that impeccable scribe (and master kiwi baiter) Stephen Jones rated Mario 9, and BBBR only a 6 😉 As you say, an opportunity lost for England as the ABs wet weather rugby is not the greatest, and our tactical kicking, esp half back box kicks, borders on awful at times. England will be happy with the game in parts, esp the first 24 mins and how close they came with many names missing. The ABs will be happy with getting through another tough test, against a different opposition in bad conditions.

The first try by England was a beautiful manipulation of the ABs defence, with the England fullback cleverly dragging DMac away to create the space. The second was a big error from Read and Taylor, not committing properly to the maul and pushing it back towards the touchline. Scott McLeod is not covering himself in glory since taking over from The Professor as defence coach: already we have conceded the most tries, and on target for most points, ever for the ABs in a year. Obviously that’s simplifying it, but not something I like – I remember successive northern tours without conceding a single try!

NZ TRY was a beauty, along with Savea’s almost try, shows how the two playmakers set up is being used to defeat the rushing defence on beaudy.

Just looking at that last gif, it’s a weird tactic by England to fake the ball to number two, then have three take it mere centimetres behind where two was. Basically hands the ball to the opposition number two, who is set and positioned perfectly just in front of England three!

And if only England had a reliable hundred percent goal kicker like beaudy, the would have won! 😉 No big articles about beaudy and his kicking now that he is going great.

Can’t wait for the upcoming match, I’ve no idea how it will go, exciting and nerve inducing!

Sir Brodie takes Prince Maro off his high horse at Twickenham

He’s not really been good since rwc 15. Too many diversions and injuries, test rugby should not be where people are playing into form. If he doesn’t fire for the blues, past time for him to go

More pain for Sonny Bill in All Blacks win

Seems even the ABs have re learned that with first drop goal since rwc 15 final!

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

I don’t think it’s arrogance, but a weird new attitude. It’s used to be ‘always take the points in a test match ‘ now it’s often ‘you’ve got to score tries to win ‘ Neither attitude is correct, it’s should be something that is weighed up everytime. But often is not, no thought just do. The decision whether to shoot out not is one of the few times in rugby you have time to make a decision, unlike under pressure whether in attack or defence, so use it!

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

It might have been mentioned before, but it’s all part of the master plan

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

The excellent 1014 Rugby has covered Ireland’s great depth profile recently

SH teams here:

Digging for depth: Schmidt still mining in November

I think, outside of a defeat to Italy, you are correct. Something like that, or two utter smashings by Wales & England, he’s in until after the RWC

Undefeated or unemployed for Cheika in Europe?

I think we saw the ABs scrum for a penalty against Australia in Bledisloe 3. It’s the first time of seen that for a long time, in a position other than right on the line. I agree with the other nick (Evans) that, just like the pool matches in RWC 15, the ABs are trying new things and purposely restricting themselves in certain areas – Evans have the example of a recent game where the ABs just didn’t kick like vs Namibia (IIRC). To test themselves I see the ABs playing a more traditional ten man game vs England, maybe even Ireland. They’ll take penalties, kick for position, and scrum for penalties. Vs England they’ll get those penalties.

Twickenham showdown: Why the boot will be on the other foot at scrum time