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Sorry where is the info that they had took also forfeit their trophies? I’ve not seen that at all. As far as I’m aware PRL rules do not allow the removal of trophies, so it’s never going to happen. Salary cap issues this season would receive sanction during the following season, according to the rules. So Saracens could have stayed on next session 20/21 and then been Possibly relegated in the 21/22 season, but that would have required an investigation and opening books. so they made a deal that they would accept they had broken the cap again this 19/20 season, would accept early relegation rather than an investigation. Also means that we don’t have another season with cheats still in the series

The big questions coming out of the shortest ever Australian rugby pre-season

No salary cap for the Saracens next season, so they may pay out a few stars in that year. Preparation to return to premiership the following season. However I’m not sure how their money situation is now. Last year Wray wrote off 45 million pounds of debt. But Wray has broken ties with Saracens and no club apart from Exeter makes a profit. Without their big money sponsor, maybe Saracens are going down the gurgler

The big questions coming out of the shortest ever Australian rugby pre-season

They’re all available for selection, but will Eddie want to select people who are not playing top notch rugby?

English champions Saracens to be relegated for salary cap breach

They’re bottom, on track for mid table, because they have already a-35 penalty. If they hadn’t had that penalty they’d be top

English champions Saracens to be relegated for salary cap breach

There is no salary cap in the championship, so their current squad is fine for next year, if the players want to stay. But they won’t get back into the premiership without proof they’re adhering to the cap

English champions Saracens to be relegated for salary cap breach

As long as it is for 2 years, then we should have a lot more options like Gatland at the end of those 2 years, if it doesn’t work. But I think we are in for a pretty average 2 years then a clean out of the old dynasty.

Did the All Blacks pick the right successor to Hansen?

2016 Canes, no tries conceded in any of the knock out games. Never before done, unlikely to be repeated.

Who was the best Super Rugby championship side this decade?

Guttered is the same as versing, it’s what the young kids say and we’ll have to get used to it!
But if you want to add our head coach being in Foster’s team too, according to rumour, it’ll be a tough year for the canes
And we stil haven’t got the promised 2m+ SA lock yet!

The Wrap: 2019’s rugby highlights, lowlights and wish list for 2020

In addition the huge increase in the ABs Sky deal, now estimated yo be $500M NZ, will help all SANZAAR partners with it going into a pot

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

SA’s gameplan from rugbyunion

All is revealed….

England to have the edge over box-happy Boks

Against Ireland they actually commetted much more than they normally would to ensure fast ball. The number of times that the backs were clearing out, and effectively, was a real surprise. It is a def change from normal ABs modus operandi – I think they are going to do the same vs England. Commit numbers to the rucks to ensure quick ball and rely on their fitness to let them keep doing it and accuracy that they won’t turn it over and leave them vulnerable with lots of players in the rucks – fitness and both 10s and Bridge’s ability to scramble back are key to this.

No Jonah-led demolition but All Blacks have too much class for England

Yeah TV commentators wrong. Nice one Shag

Five talking points from New Zealand versus Ireland

Sam Cane had a sore wrist and was taken off as a precaution

Five talking points from New Zealand versus Ireland

Also beaudy achieved an All Black RWC record this game, most carries by an AB with 21 (surpassing the 20 got by Sir JK against Italy in 87)

Great insight on beaudy not getting enough touches there Eddie 😂

Five talking points from New Zealand versus Ireland

UK telegraph have already Published that ‘inside sources’ said the ABs turned down chance to play Italy on Monday (and have a 5 day turn around to quarters). So you can blame Parisse not getting one final send of thrashing on the ABs. This is despite postponement of pool games being against the rules, so I don’t have much faith in the veracity of anon inside sources

Typhoon Hagibis has everyone stirred up at the RWC

“Sam Warburton’s terribly unjust red card.” What? It was a red all day, it was a terribly sad red card. A game ruining red card. A get out of jail card for France, but it certainly wasn’t unjust.

That said looking forward to this game, tho I’ve just had a delayed flight missing a connection and will be getting bus to airport, so dunno if I’ll see it!

Wallabies vs Wales Rugby World Cup preview and prediction

Pretty simple why not “the government commits to broadcasting the GPS signal in space with a global average user range error (URE) of ≤7.8 m (25.6 ft.), with 95% probability. Actual performance exceeds the specification. On May 11, 2016, the global average URE was ≤0.715 m (2.3 ft.), 95% of the time.”

So accuracy is at worst +/- 7.8m, often GPS is much better than that but it is still +/-0.715m. And the worst stuff is in built up reas, like high sided stadiums.

Why doesn't World Rugby use GPS tracking to monitor offside?

Not the way they’re playing Italy ATM

Southern dominance and other World Cup facts

No chance to break that duck now…. Tho I guess he’ll be first called in with injury

All Blacks name imposing World Cup squad, complete with shock omissions

England gave Wales a jolly good thrashing just before the RWC in 2015. How did that one go for them? 😉

Always so hard to judge based on these warm-up games, and the topsy turvy nature of results. NZ v Oz, Wales V Eng, Fra v Sco all shared win and a loss. Sometimes with quite significant margin changes!

The Wrap: Cheika plays his cards while Hansen still shuffles his World Cup deck

I’m cacking my pants – butterflies in my stomach! First time (outside of RWC knock outs) since around 2009 and the Boks giving us a right good spanking!

As much as I love dominance, nervous as hell is a great thing too!

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

The odds were similar for the first Bled, how did that go?

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

The Tri Nations/Rugby Championship has already been won, by S.A.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

I feel the Ozzies are favourites for this. Last game was the first I’ve seen them beat ABs on their set-up/tactics in a long time. They’ve cottoned on to the ABs slack close in defence and have player to exploit it, just like Faf DK. Either way it will be close, but the ABs are stale, and have been for a couple of seasons. It’ll be close but I reckon the Bled is on it’s way to Oz – hope I’m wrong but can’t see the blacklash. There was suppposed to be one after the Welly loss to SA last year, and after this years poor performance against Arg, and after the loss versus the Lions and after the loss last year to Ireland. The blacklash just ain’t happeneing anymore cos we’ve fallen back and a lot of other teams hae improved.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

Unless they lose to England

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1