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Not the way they’re playing Italy ATM

Southern dominance and other World Cup facts

No chance to break that duck now…. Tho I guess he’ll be first called in with injury

All Blacks name imposing World Cup squad, complete with shock omissions

England gave Wales a jolly good thrashing just before the RWC in 2015. How did that one go for them? 😉

Always so hard to judge based on these warm-up games, and the topsy turvy nature of results. NZ v Oz, Wales V Eng, Fra v Sco all shared win and a loss. Sometimes with quite significant margin changes!

The Wrap: Cheika plays his cards while Hansen still shuffles his World Cup deck

I’m cacking my pants – butterflies in my stomach! First time (outside of RWC knock outs) since around 2009 and the Boks giving us a right good spanking!

As much as I love dominance, nervous as hell is a great thing too!

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

The odds were similar for the first Bled, how did that go?

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

The Tri Nations/Rugby Championship has already been won, by S.A.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

I feel the Ozzies are favourites for this. Last game was the first I’ve seen them beat ABs on their set-up/tactics in a long time. They’ve cottoned on to the ABs slack close in defence and have player to exploit it, just like Faf DK. Either way it will be close, but the ABs are stale, and have been for a couple of seasons. It’ll be close but I reckon the Bled is on it’s way to Oz – hope I’m wrong but can’t see the blacklash. There was suppposed to be one after the Welly loss to SA last year, and after this years poor performance against Arg, and after the loss versus the Lions and after the loss last year to Ireland. The blacklash just ain’t happeneing anymore cos we’ve fallen back and a lot of other teams hae improved.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

Unless they lose to England

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

Those are the same numbers for NZ, not sure what the salary cap is for Oz SR team. Wallabies, or at least top ones, also get paid more than ABs
“The 2016-2018 Employment Collective specified contracting budget of $4.65 million per team, with 32 full contracted players – maximum retainer $195,000, minimum $75,000. An additional six players can be contracted (previously called WTG) who assemble fulltime and with retainers of $50,000”

The Wrap: The Rebels prove there is no short-cut to Super Rugby success

ABs seem to once again have misplaced their aura, a regular occurrence in the minds and voices of pundits around the world

Phil Waugh believes the All Blacks are a shadow of their former selves

The All Blacks lack a clear 6, the midfield isn’t quite working and the back three is unclear, but it is otherwise pretty good. We are okay to strong in all other positions.

David Pocock's back as Wallabies name squad for Bledisloe 1

If the ABs lose the first game, the Wallabies won’t be playing the top ranked team in the world at Eden Park….

A win, signs of improvement, but still plenty of questions for the Wallabies

Great article nick thanks. I was most gob smacked by DHP, what was he thinking!?
I’d love to see your analysis on the other game, like how the Abs were kept to two tries against an opponent whose tackling percentage was around 50 to 60, depending on what site you look at

Why the Wallabies were caught short in Johannesburg

It would surprise and not surprise at the same time. I just expect the ABs to beat Argentina, in my blood, it’s just natural! But this B+ team, and first game of the season, is ripe for an upset. Since Shag already has the stain of a loss to ireland on his watch, I think Arg could be next.

Four key match-ups: Argentina vs New Zealand

I think that’s right, it is a short turn around for the Jags>Argentina guys. So they should have some cohesion, something the ABs won’t – and our first tests of the season have been poor showings for years. The inclusion of a ‘euro’ ten will cause wome disconnects, but the Jag ten was so poor vs Crusaders coach had no choice.

If Arg win by 15 or more, NZ lose their #1 ranking for the first time since 09!

Four key match-ups: Argentina vs New Zealand

Left out – Coaches know he’s the best, trying out other guys/new positions. Same with George Bridge.

Four key match-ups: Argentina vs New Zealand

In bare feet, 110% effort

Ellis Park win a golden chance to get Wallaby tails up

No it’s not, it just emphasises fitness. ABs look better than the boks in the closing of altitude matches for years. It is an advantage to the fitter team.

Ellis Park win a golden chance to get Wallaby tails up

It was a move for non rugby reasons, his partners job and family are in Auckland. He’s putting family first, rightly so imo.

But still SPLITTER!

Beauden Barrett staying in NZ Rugby, but makes surprising Super Rugby club switch

So are the saders, and a more likely destination. He could go straight into his preferred 12 there, inside goodhue

Beauden Barrett staying in NZ Rugby, but makes surprising Super Rugby club switch

No I was meaning final, rather than any knock-out finals, but it is more common than I remember – like Lions Crusaders.
Ah well, point is Jags have a real good chance to top the table next season

The Wrap: The Crusaders do it once again for Christchurch

Good point, forgot about the Landers! Tho travel to the Caketin not quite the same a B.A.

The Wrap: The Crusaders do it once again for Christchurch

Great wrap, and the first three-peat of the year, one more to come ????
Next year I can see the jags being top of the log. The SA take are being totally gutted post RWC, and the jags will dominate. Along with a closer NZ conference with a lot of leavers and sabbaticals, jags are looking very good for a maiden title next year. The crusaders have proven they are a team capable of winning away, but that was a while in the past!

The Wrap: The Crusaders do it once again for Christchurch

Succinct write up, thanks. For the Canes, the highlighted change in attitude was key to the second half. The number of times as a rugby, esp canes and ABs supporter, I have screamed at the TV/roared from the stands/ranted on the internet (like now) “Stop kicking the flipping ball away!” is ridiculous. I’ve been re watching all the ABs games since the RWC15, and (outside of kick passes, which work well if executed perfectly) I reckon the ABs regain one in ten chips/sort kicks, and gain advantage from a similar amount. 80% of the time it’s just giving possession away. Frustrating. And we see the difference in this game once BB kept the ball in hand and challenged the line.

Still, best team won, and the travel weary Jags will have to play a blinder to come close to a Crusaders team that just got a fright.

Crusaders win a tight one against the Hurricanes to advance their third consecutive final

That was the real final, 1st and 2nd best teams in the comp. What a game, esp 2nd half.

Crusaders hold off Hurricanes in thrilling Super Rugby semi-final