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I simply love sport. I spent 15 years umpiring cricket. In my younger days I played tennis, cricket and rugby. Yep I agree, most quite badly! I am very fond of horse racing and have previously been in a syndicate that owned dogs and horses. I know the highs and lows of owning these animals! I have a batting average of 2 but a bowling average of less than 18. I made the transition from pacey winger (100m in under 15secs) to flanker. Oh well! I have lived and worked in quite a few countries thanks to my work commitments but love Australia!



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Yep a truly unique perspective…verymuch needed. I have had the good fortune to work in most of our wonderful world. I remember 30 years ago a young Danny Morrison of NZ pushing off the fence at the Harare Sports Ground…well he was sweating out the previous evening’s hospitality!

By the way is is a coincidence that “hospitality” starts with “hospital”? I have always wondered!!

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations

Wingman…always interesting to read your articles. Keep it up!!

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations

Yep…It’s not easy. No issue with Paine but clearly he is struggling to captain whilst keeping. I guess his concentration wavers a little and he has gotten more cautious with DRS. Mind you the umpiring in this series has been woeful at times. Again we select good cricketers…but as so much short form is played these days it’s really hard to select test cricketers…

Have Australia really been the better team in this Ashes?

Also appoint 3 separate captains who have the responsibility for success in all its forms…not just winning. That would make a strong statement that it should be rare to play in all 3 formats of the game. Just like horse racing…sprinters won’t win the Melbourne Cup…but can still be wonderful horses. And a legend in 15 man rugby might fail at sevens.

Are the great eras in Australian Test cricket over for good?

Yep I totally agree. Quick cash in the IPL…or other tournaments around the world might be great but if we actually decide that test cricket is our no 1 focus then we should select players carefully.

Are the great eras in Australian Test cricket over for good?


Piece of toast discovered bearing divine image of Steve Smith

yes very sad t hear of the death of a wonderful talent.

A tribute to Abdul Qadir

yep. it’s a bit like saying the Korean war wasn’t decided by China sitting out the first bit. hmmm.

Did Australia really win the Ashes?

Excellent article! As I was watching Roots Rabble in action last night I must admit I was wondering what Mr Starc was thinking…

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

yep mate it’s like being in the artillery…every ones a gunner.

Rugby Championship wrap: Eighty minutes until the panic sets in?

Shooting stars?

VOTE: Pick your Wallabies squad for the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Wonderful news! Been busy giving stick to lots of bros! Monday will be painful if we lose in Auckland…

Michael Cheika sticks solid with winning Wallabies, confirms team for Bledisloe 2

Don’t get too excited mate…you don’t know my rates yet! Thanks for your insight….very thoughtful. It is the game they play in heaven and gold is the colour of choice! Buty the way why do we wear various shades of yellow….Greer. Oh that’s right the colour “Wallaby Gold” was trade marked by the three kiwis….otherwise known as the Canterbury Clothing Company.

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

keep your fingers crossed and your invoices up to date!

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue


All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

Please save these detailed analyses until after we shock the planet at the RWC!

All Blacks only see the red in a Wallabies bolt from the blue

enjoying a quiet glass pre game. giddy up Wallabies!

Wallabies and All Blacks gamble at Perth, are they defying the odds? Good for them

Spiro…another well thought out and written article. I will be there and we will see won’t we? It is shaping up as an an interesting match!

Wallabies and All Blacks gamble at Perth, are they defying the odds? Good for them

Hilarious for its seriousness. I don’t usually get stuck into umpires but they WERE poor. Either way an awesome match!

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test

Right. Now my buttons have been pressed big time! Surely the aim of major competitions is to provide a “proving ground” for potential Wallaby selection. So please don’t fiddle with the rules! Global Rapid Rugby rule changes are not good for the game. So how do the Aussie selectors deal with the possibility of say a wonderful talent playing for the Western Force or some other team in the competition but playing under ever so slightly modified rules? Sure it might be pace. Yep easy to measure. But the other skills? Ok…maybe a centre who can tackle well and run the ball hard. But for other essential skills? Yes we are all far more aware about player welfare…safety etc. No problem. But if elite competitions are designed to give the best a chance….then surely they should be playing by the same rules…laws etc that they may be judged on for higher honours??
Keep it simple stupid.

NRC draw for 2019 announced, along with new World Rugby law trials

It seems there are several alternate dimensions!

Pace stars in Ashes battle, while Bancroft firms as Aussie opener

Having lived in Zimbabwe for a while I get the amusement!

Zimbabwe remembers historic win over All Blacks

Even my Kiwi acquaintences have remarked about our scrum and defence. Hmmm.

Australia's Argentina win; New dawn or flash in the pan?

A great read Wingman. Of course the ABs had to leave their Maori players at home when they toured South Africa back then. Further highlights the Wallabies incredible effort in 1963 in my humble view.

Zimbabwe remembers historic win over All Blacks

Will..I don’t really know. I spent lots of time left back at the esky. Lack of pace is not a problem there!

What is James O’Connor’s best position for the Wallabies?