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I simply love sport. I spent 15 years umpiring cricket. In my younger days I played tennis, cricket and rugby. Yep I agree, most quite badly! I am very fond of horse racing and have previously been in a syndicate that owned dogs and horses. I know the highs and lows of owning these animals! I have a batting average of 2 but a bowling average of less than 18. I made the transition from pacey winger (100m in under 15secs) to flanker. Oh well! I have lived and worked in quite a few countries thanks to my work commitments but love Australia!



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fake news surely! who has ever known a prop to interrupt dinner?

Johnson-Holmes reveals hilarious Wallabies phone call moment that would make any Aussie proud

Interesting use of the word “excellent”. Bledisloe I hear you say? We are back to the sad old days when the cup was lost…found some time later in Melbourne.
Surely “excellent” must be measured against the best…and we have been short if that mark for some time now.

Will Genia announces Test retirement after excellent Wallabies career

Well can I simply say that we play too much short format cricket on relatively dead pitches and on short boundary batsmen friendly places. We got showed up in unfamiliar conditions. No big surprise ladies and gents.

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final

Rugby from a military perspective! Who would have thought! Awesome article Connor. I read it over TWICE…maybe because I couldn’t find my glasses? Anyway…congratulations!

Aufragstaktik: The management style of winning teams

Great article Connor. If we are to be successful then form trumps talent surely. I do understand the need to consider combinations but form is the key. Mind you as the cliche goes “you can’t coach speed”…but maybe improve running technique a little.

Really hanging out for the matches to begin and the idle chatter stopping! Bring on the RWC!!

Has the latest Wallabies squad heralded the end of a selection era?

Sam…a lot of that makes good sense.

What rugby competition would you like to watch?


Sydney AFL Ground? SCG considering moving to drop-in pitches

Wow. It’s the SCG people. Just because the adjacent football stadium is being rebuilt…..doesn’t mean a huge break with tradition. Hmmm….

Sydney AFL Ground? SCG considering moving to drop-in pitches

not sure the engraver would hold it long enough to carve the letters!

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

The trophy for matches between the tahs and rebels is called the Weary Dunlop Trophy.

What rugby competition would you like to watch?

Awesome! We need top class players returning from overseas.

I think that we as supporters of our wonderful game need to think about events of the past and learn from them but not dwell there. I have a son the same age as James and I can certainly say that if my boy was moved across the country away from his family at 17 and then treated like he was a star…well I think I know how that would have ended.

James is a wonderful rugby player and good luck to him I say. Bring on the RWC!!

James O’Connor lines up Wallabies return after signing with the Reds

And Mr Perenara was born in Kalgoorlie! Ever heard of the place??

'Clear and obvious': TJ Perenara says the Hurricanes were robbed of a late penalty

Well it is wonderful to focus on the actual game! Totally over the noise that has surrounded the game they play in heaven.
Very much looking forward to the RWC!

The Wrap: And then there were two — an epic Super Rugby final awaits

It’s really hard to know what’s what. There is no doubt about NKs talent, but his temperament well that’s another matter. But then is it him or the team that surrounds him? Either way I wish him every success.

Newcombe challenges Kyrgios to step up

I wonder how the Crusaders would go in the RWC if they could field a team? Very well I suspect. But sadly they will have to give up their best players for the All Blacks!
We are living in interesting times as the Chinese proverb goes.

Five talking points from the Super Rugby semi-finals

Now my friends…how wonderful is it that the Kalgoorlie Cup on October 5 will be a stand alone meeting! Very much looking forward to that.

The Mounting Yard: Saturday racing at Caulfield

An excellent outline of the legal issue. I am sad that this has dominated the discussion about so many things, not just sport.

A legal view: Why the Israel Folau case could set an important precedent for employment law and religious freedom

Also! It’s wonderful not to be reading about IF!

Brilliant Brumbies must be rewarded at the Wallabies selection table after superb quarter-final

Spiro…insightful as ever. Things are and should be simple. Forwards win matches and the backs determine the margin. I don’t think things are as dark and gloomy as most punters predict.

Brilliant Brumbies must be rewarded at the Wallabies selection table after superb quarter-final