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Will Genia, you being an island brother….you would be the first one to admit and confirm how deep religous the islanders are and how christianity is practiced by the islanders in their lives. some emphathy for brother won’t hurt you!

'You can't be going around spreading hate': Will Genia on Israel Folau

wow. the captain is so rich

Michael Cheika the latest to hit out at Israel Folau's recent social media post

if those gay community and RA are so offended by Folaus’s Christian believes, they should not take public holiday on christmas and Easter. it would be hypocritical of them to do so.

Michael Cheika the latest to hit out at Israel Folau's recent social media post

this is the best written article. however i would like to defer, in that the damage caused by Izzy’s social media post is not worthy of the punishment issued? how do we measure the damage caused to rugby and the governing body? we can put a dollar figure on the penalty to be paid by Izzy, he will forgo $1million a year for the next 3 years. is the damage to RA measurable? all we know, it might be next to nothing.

The parable of Israel Folau and the tax collector

for somebody that does not believe in a state called hell after death, the RA has shot it self. the lawyers will have a field day….the saga just started!

Israel Folau issued breach notice, has 48 hours to respond

this is damn to the point. Christians have no rights what so ever in Australia!

Michael Cheika the latest to hit out at Israel Folau's recent social media post

How would a father son coaching and leadership group result in an improved performance and a premiership for Penrith?

Andrew Johns on the issues a father-son combo could cause for Penrith

For a small poor country, the PNG government puts away $10million each year to rugby league administration and development. It sees rugby league as not just a game but an ideal vehicle to drive social development for its people.

More countries and governments should follow the PNG example for the international game to grow.

England isolated as international rugby league surges in the southern hemisphere

We would like to see a pacific cup being played at end of each year same like the rugby championship. Aus, nz, Fiji, Tonga Samoa and PNG. Australia and nz can play the trans tasman cup ans also the Pacific cup like rugbys bledisco cup.

International rugby league needs to see more of Tonga

You cannot compare PNG with Samoa or Tonga. PNG is way above the other Pacific island countries.

In defeat, Tonga scored a huge victory for international rugby league

Big dady just died!

The Robin Hood of sports reaches for its quiver

But wayn benette build the Broncos from the start.

Was Cooper Cronk's back-to-back brilliance really that good?

Half back dce was tackled with and was playing the thw occasions when when stepped up to put the kicks in.

Kiwis pip Kangaroos 26-24 in Test thriller

Australia will struggle if the same forward that played in the PM 13 against PNG is picked for this game against Tonga.

Tonga name their squad to take on the Kangaroos

Haha. Classic!

Chaos as crowdmembers storm the field during PM's XIII match in PNG

If Tonga get beat by 40 plus points. 2nd test will never happen.

Tonga are really nothing. No debt at all and Australia will weather the first 20 minutes and the avalanche of tries will follow.

Tonga name their squad to take on the Kangaroos

Its online….. digicel tv wan.

Now the NRL is over, the best part of the rugby league season begins

Who is jason tamou?

No restrictions of future Greg Inglis captaincy

PNG is playing Australia this saturday 6th of September at the nfs port moresby.

Live on tv wan action.

Now the NRL is over, the best part of the rugby league season begins

The question should be; what has Cleary done done to deserve a spot in the PM’s 13?

Cherry-Evans set to be named Kangaroos halfback

I am not sure about the “guy around him to build a team” bit. I mean for a starters Cleary is definately not a superstar in waiting or has he shown potential to be a future immortal. All we have is a half back raw one at his best. For all the money, he may end up as a regular hooker – good defence, can kick and with good passing game. Penrith have gambled here and if this decision becomes another flop, it will back to square one for penrith fans.

Call Nathan Cleary overrated all you want, he's still worth every cent

PNG Have good team this time around with the likes of Alex Johnston, Jake DeBalin, Nene MacDonald, David Mead, Rhys Martin, Daniel Russel, Justine Olam, Lochlan lam, Wellington Albert and James Segeyaro leading the charges. Will be a good game in Port Moresby.

Would love to see a game between PNG and the NZ Kiwis and the Tongans too if possible.

Cherry-Evans set to be named Kangaroos halfback