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my love has wavered over this long time period since he’s been involved, but I feel like he is playing excellent this season, and has stepped up as a captain as well

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

Yeah well said. Gill certainly could have been developed further, but at that time Hooper was clearly the more dominant of the two.

All the current haters of Hooper are like when a team losing by a heap of points are bagging the winning team, all the other team need say is “look at the scoreboard mate” likewise Hooper can say the same about his achievements, not that he would.

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

I remember very clearly that time when both Gill and Hooper were coming through in the young Super Rugby days. I played openside for many years and was always interested in the battle of the 7s. I am also a QLDer and at that time was very much on the Gill side of the fence, big time I wanted him to win that battle and be the next big 7. But the more I watched both of them play, no matter how much I wanted my QLD boy to be the one, Hooper was just so dominant every time they played. Hooper very rightly took the advantage at that time. Gill may have possibly become a Wallaby great too if he’d stuck around, but Hooper is shattering all sorts of Australian records, how likely is it that Gill would have achieved as much? I’d say very unlikely.

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

Has taken it up a notch hasn’t he?! As a player and also as a captain. I am actually super proud of how he’s handled himself. He’s better in interviews and seems better on the field with referees.

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants

Problem is our lineout is pretty much diabolical, and the same hooker has been picked for the game

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants

Yeah, fair point. But the same could be said about QC yeah?

I think either way you look at it the 10 and 15 positions need someone new. Hodge has to start in one of those jerseys, so who do you roll the dice on in the other position?

Whatever I or anyone else believes I reckon Rennie will pick Hodge at 10 unless JOC is fit, as he likes to pick on form and Hodge played well when he came on at first five. 15 could go to Kellaway as some have suggested but I have only ever seen him play at 13 or wing.

'He's a freak': Quade questions won't go away, while legend calls for 'Thor' to start

I like Hodge at 15 too, and definitely think Banks needs to be dropped, so while there aren’t many other options for FB, it’s probably the right decision. And while I don’t mind QC on the bench, for me picking him in the 10 jersey is too big a risk considering we have virtually no current form to base it on. I would however take QC over Lolesio right now. But would it be a bigger or lesser risk to try Petaia at FB – so 10 Hodge 15 Petaia or Cooper 10 15 Hodge??

'He's a freak': Quade questions won't go away, while legend calls for 'Thor' to start

Tupou needs to start for mine. Best front rower (and possibly best overall) in SRAU two years in a row, and AAA hasn’t been setting the world on fire at all. We always talk about test players needing time to develop combinations and harmony, well surely if he gets a consistent starting position it will allow him time to work out how to maximise his impact in that specific role.

With regards to Cooper, I can understand the non-selection. Let’s be honest, he hasn’t been playing at high level for a long time now. When he last played for the Rebels there were some good moments, but also some terrible ones, and as we’ve seen SRAU is no where near test level, especially against tier 1 teams.

I like Cooper and always have, but think that Hodge deserves a crack before him. Hodge has won a Bledisloe playing at fly-half and apart from some near misses from the kicking tee, is the type of player who never lets you down. He also looked good in the brief time he was on the field in the last match, and Rennie seems to like picking players on current form.

I believe Hodge is very underated due to his versatility, he needs to play 10 or 15 and stick with it. Dan Carter, the best fly half to play the game, was not a flashy player, he just did all the fundamentals perfectly. I’m not comparing Hodge to DC, I know that’s a stretch, but why couldn’t we use the same methodology as picking a player who can distribute and manage the game well and let the highlight reel moments come from Kerevi/Paisami/Koroibete etc.?

'He's a freak': Quade questions won't go away, while legend calls for 'Thor' to start

Let’s hope the series is still alive by the team he joins the team!

Retro Rennie's latest blast from the past sees Sevens star called up with starter in doubt

Hey mate, cool first article, well written.

With regards to the game:

If I’m an All Blacks supporter I would be incredibly unhappy with that showing, and to be honest I would be worried about the rest of this international season. That was the worst game I’ve seen the ABs play in recent years and possibly the worst ever. Australia were abysmal in the first half and a firing ABs team should have been at least 20 points up by then. And I know the game was done, but to let in three tries at the end is very, very un-All Black like.

I don’t mean to be team bashing here, I think I am fairly capable of making a unbiased view (I am a Wallabies supporter). Considering the Wallabies are 7th in the world, had very little experience in the backline, one of the scores was an interecpt try against the run of play, Lolesio missed a bunch of goal kicks, they gave up so many turnovers and generally played a very ordinary game I think the ABs should have been miles ahead. The fact that the Wallabies even had a sniff with their performance is more of an indictment on the ABs.

I’m interested Emery in how you think they will fare against stronger teams like SA and some of the NH big guns?

Plenty for the All Blacks to build on in Bledisloe 2

Totally! Same goes for Kerevi, or even a smoky like McMahon or Morahan would create a tonne of hype. I’d love to see that.

Where would the Wallabies be without Michael Hooper?

It will be interesting to see if/when he chooses to use this power. And surely the selectors would be having a say into this? I’m surprised RA wouldn’t want some big stars home to pump up interest!

Where would the Wallabies be without Michael Hooper?

Hi NB. Has there been any chatter about bringing o/s players back in for the RC? So far Rennie has seemed reluctant to use non-Aussie based players

Where would the Wallabies be without Michael Hooper?

He went off for an HIA, but seemed to be back on the field within about 8 minutes

'Absolute travesty': Outrage over Koroibete red in Wallabies v France decider

I think this is the right combo for the next test at least. 10 Noah 12 JOC 13 Paisami – I wasn’t a huge Noah fan before this series but he has really taken some big steps forward and think he deserves first crack at the 10 jersey for a while. JoC and Hunter in the centres could be great as they can both play 12 or 13 and they play together in clubland. I think Hunter has a more improvment left in him and it seems DR is very keen to keep developing him. Ikitau looks good, but think he is still a bench/impact player just for now.

Noah's arc: Sonny Bill pumps up Lolesio for shot at redemption v All Blacks

What does Tate have to do to get a start??

Fresh faces and new combinations in Wallabies team for France Test

Everyone is worrying about the backs, but that’s the least of QLDs problems. If they can’t get a strong a platform from their forwards whoever is selected in the backline won’t matter much. They need Welch fit and firing and hopefuly Papali’i comes back roaring. Then Fifita can be unleashed properly. The QLD bench needs to make serious impact too. The QLDers need some fire and if they bring it they definitely have it on them to win it at Suncorp.

Maroons blow: Kalyn Ponga ruled OUT of Origin 2

I agree but he hasn’t played much this year and hasn’t set the world on fire we he has

Dave Rennie reveals his Wallabies squad to take on France

8:16 for sure

Origin 1 kick-off bingo: What time will State of Origin Game 1, 2021 actually start?

Well said, best comment here (apart from you supporting the Blues 😂 )

Origin stuffs up the NRL, again

I also thought Hegarty played his best game in a long time last week. Although his place kicking is still bad.

Super Rugby AU Round 8 teams: Liam comes Wright onto the Queensland bench to face Brumbies

Am I the only one who thinks White is overrated? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player, and based on his style of play probably will get the number 9 jersey for the wallabies, but one of the best three players in Australia?? I just don’t agree with that at all. I can think of at least a dozen players in Australia who I think are better, and not only on current form.

Six talking points from Super Rugby AU and Aotearoa

I think Vunivalu is highly overrated. He hasn’t done anything significant in SRAU yet. I’m sure he has the athleticism and talent to get better, but for now Marika is still miles ahead, as are many of the other Aussie wingers

Who lines up for the Wallabies' first Test against France?

Reds Rebels scrum battle will be epic!!!

Also think 11 Daugunu 12 Stewart 13 Paisami 14 Petaia 15 Campbell is the strongest backline

Super Rugby AU Round 7 teams: Brumbies get star winger back ahead of Tahs clash

The NRL have said these are sexist comments – degrading towards women.

But how do they know he was talking about women? Maybe he swings the other way.

It seems like the NRL are the insensitive ones by assuming his sexuality.

Toby Rudolf warned by the NRL after these comments