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As a rugby purist I agree with you, I’d happily watch a grinding game for hours. I think the problem is the way society is going and what broadcasters want to put out. Everything is about quick and easy these days. If a game had a number of scrum resets under your rules, the game time may blow out, and only the hardcore rugby fans will stay watching. My opinion would be to look at rules that speed the game up, rather than just switching the clock off everytime there is a stoppage.

The public deserves better for their Test rugby dollar

He and one other commentator said the ABs would win by 40 plus before the game. I thought that was a very cocky prediction against a team with so many unknowns around them. Even though it felt like that was a possible result, it seemed very cocky and actually a bit disrespectful.

Congrats Argentina, one of the best games I’ve ever watched!

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

And play like that for 85 minutes, not 70

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

Lucky then that the Blues are keeping Gutho to balance it out

Maroons make three team changes for Origin 3 as Blues go unchanged

There were tries scored on both sides, none more predominant than the other. Also, Munster went off after two minutes so that made defending on the left harder. Also I believe Cody Walker is more destructive attacking right. The only black mark I would put on Capewell is the poor missed tackle on Walker before his try. Succesful QLD teams have very often fielded a workhorse type centre. He was also one of the best on the park in Origin 1.

Maroons make three team changes for Origin 3 as Blues go unchanged

The only player that I can see is maybe too comfortable holding onto his position is Nic White. Although I don’t think he’s played particularly badly, I think he can play better. And we still don’t know what McDermott could do with a starting shot.

Dave Rennie's influence starting to shape the Wallabies

Who’s making comparisons to Folau? Your maltese terrier?

He scored the try.

What a waste of an article.

Xavier Coates' try in Origin 2 was spectacular and totally unnecessary

Nothing wrong with what Hooper did and everything right. At worst you’re saying he made a bad choice of words. We’ve all seen players get penalties against them for dissent, and this wasn’t anywhere near that threshold. Sorry but this is a really silly article mate.

Michael Hooper needs to show some respect

I wonder how Val will go playing under Bennett – could that ceiling be lifted a bit higher?

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Game 2, 2020

So after 4 matches, what is our best looking 15 on current Test match form (injuries aside)?? I think something like this:

Slipper and BPA have 1 and 2 locked for now.
I think Tupou had great impact from the bench, and can play well there, but still think he should be starting because AAA hasn’t really shown a huge amount has he?
Philip and Lukhan 4 and 5
7 and 8 are easy choices but who is our best 6?? Swinton prob deserves another crack, but this one that isn’t settled.
9 I’d really like Tate to be given a run on shot, I think he would have carved up on his home pitch last night, but really White is the number 9 for now.
11 is obviously Marika
14 Wright has it for now
13 Petaia if he can stay fit (have you ever watched a game from him where he doesn’t look like being injured??)
10 and 12 and 15 are more difficult. I am happy to leave Banks there (he hasn’t set the world on fire, but shown enough that he can grow into the role) I guess it would still be JOC and Toomua at 10/12 if they’re fit? But as Banks most likely has the 15 wrapped up, there’s no where for Hodge in the starting XV and I think he should be there. If I was selector I’d give him the 15 jersey mainly because, for me, even before this game I’ve always thought he was one who should be in your run on side, and Banks hasn’t been outstanding. Hodge always turns up and plays hard, the long goal kicks can be a huge turning point, and he is usually mistake free. For me he should be a starter. Either in the 12 or 15 jersey.

How far off am I?

VOTE: Wallabies Bledisloe 4 DIY player ratings vs New Zealand

MJ I’ve just read every comment from the top down to this one and you are the only one putting a dampner on anything. No one is celebrating like that. Let them have the win and enjoy it.

Wallabies win Bledisloe 4 thriller in Brisbane

I agree that saying Gutherson was the worst on field is bit much, but as a QLDer I’m very happy he’s been picked there again over someone like S. Crichton.

At Origin level do you really want to have to cut players slack??

Keary dumped, Holmes returns as Origin Game 2 teams confirmed

Probably depends on the game situation, we will find out one way or another!

Time for a proper look at the Wallabies' generation next

This is the beauty of our wondrous multi-cultural society. It’s the same in NZ, with over a quarter of regular NZ residents being born overseas. Maybe we should just thank the planet for giving us a fantastic sport where people of all shapes and sizes can succeed, regardless of where they’re born.

Time for a proper look at the Wallabies' generation next

You are most likely right, but I am wondering if Hooper actually may get replaced directly with McReight. Although I am a Hooper fan, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to see what a Wallabies back row combo looks like without him. We haven’t been super successful in recent years with him at 7, and with Rennie’s cut throat selections, seems likely it would happen at some stage. But trialling that theory in this game?? Wow.

Time for a proper look at the Wallabies' generation next

I agree, Hess is a shock, even if it is Benny playing games, surprised he even got the call up to the extended group. But I trust Bennett’s opinion more than my own when it comes to rugby league, so whichever way he goes I would back his judgement.

On the Blues talking themselves up, what else is new, right?!! It’s the same every single year. The SOO is literally built on the Blues saying they are too good and that it’s not even worth playing and the QLDers coming out and smashing them anyway. I don’t know who will win, but anyone who doesn’t think this will be a well fought series is an absolute moron.

REVEALED: NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons teams for State of Origin 1

The Blues could select Gandhi in their team and they’d still be cocky

REVEALED: NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons teams for State of Origin 1

I think the ODI team mostly picks itself, the only position with an argument would be the number 7 position, and usually they pick a pace allrounder no? I’m assuming Green fits that position (does Henriques bowl any more? Is Sams an allrounder?) With Finch, Labuschagne and Maxwell in the team, it seems pointless to have Agar in for his bowling. So I guess the best 11 would be:


Or am I wrong? It looks like a competive team, but I don’t know much about Green, hasn’t most of his success been in the longer format?

Green set for debut after being named in Australia's white-ball squad

I completely agree. I think Cordner has had a pretty bad year – saw him missing some shocking tackles in their capitulation games. As a QLDer, I think if Cordner really does get selected, he’s a huge weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a solid player, but the form of the NSW players that would be on the bench for him is a lot scarier than facing him

Predicted lineups and analysis for State of Origin 2020

Really crazy scoring for the players (not the actual rankings given, I think they’re spot on) more just weird to see that in such a big game neither of the halves and most of the backline didn’t get a big score. You’d normally expect one of the halves to be an 8 or thereabouts in winning final. Just shows that the Storm really are a champion team.

NRL grand final player ratings: Melbourne Storm

I highly rate Koro and I’m not calling for his head. I think he very much has deserved the Wallabies spot he’s kept nailed down, but I disagree he’s been a standout recently. I don’t think he set any houses on fire during the Super AU and would say his last game was probably his worst in the Wallabies jersey. I wouldn’t complain at all if he keeps the number 11 on his back, and think he probably will, but also think it can’t hurt to try someone like Wright who played really well in Super AU. I’m happy to hear lots of people defending Koro though because I do think he’s a fantastic player and doesn’t deserve to be spoken of negatively.

VOTE: Who should Dave Rennie in his Bledisloe 3 Wallabies team?

I think AAA gets a shot at the run on, he’ll be pumped and it will put Thor on notice. L Wright goes to blindside and Ned on the bench. Give Marika a spell after last weeks shocker and see what T Wright can do with an opportunity. Noah can play 10 and push JOC out one, I think this is better than Simone coming in – JOC to me is a better 12, and Noah is a proper 10 who can be quite creative and backs himself. Reece Hodge to full back, not sure what Tom Banks really brings at the back, he hasn’t been terrible, but he’s not doing enough to keep his position. For me Reece is the type of guy you want to try have on the field, we gain an incredible boot and don’t lose much else other than a little pace which TB isn’t using anyway. DHP is done and think it’s a waste of time having him in the team, I’d rather be developing Jock Campbell who could be great if he’s given some exposure to the top team environment. Tate definitely comes into the team, maybe wven starting. The last 20 minutes of last week would have been a playground for a fresh McDermott, we needed some acceleration around the ruck as the ABs were tired. TM must get game time this week. I understand Rennie’s reason for playing Gordon in Bled 1, but that same reason didn’t apply in Bled 2 and there are two other 9s in much better form than him.

VOTE: Who should Dave Rennie in his Bledisloe 3 Wallabies team?

Someone else commented on another article another day, that why wouldn’t we just try one game without Hooper? I am not one of those Hooper haters, I’m a QLDer yet I think he is a fantastic player. But he has not shone in this series and if the standard by Rennie is being set so high, why not give Hooper a shock to the system and drop him for a game. You would no doubt spark a reaction from him but also see if another player, and even more importantly, another backrow combination could be better.

If Hooper was dropped I would put Wright into the backrow. Although I have disliked Hanigan in the past, he stepped up big time on Sunday so he should keep his spot, and Harry Wilson has got the number 8 locked on his back for as long as he wants it. Only maybe Hanigan and Wright are too similar?? Maybe Valetini in the backrow for balance.

All Blacks by 20 means changes aplenty for Wallabies

Honestly, I see where you’re coming from, but I have to disagree. And it seems DR subscribes to this train of thought too because he’s made it clear he sees even a draw as failure. I think this is the right attitude. It doesn’t mean we have to berate our players or run around like headless chooks if we do lose, but we have to be aiming high if we want to improve. Losing a match doesn’t mean we can’t be proud of our players, or that we can’t take great lessons from them, but losing a game is literally failure defined, no matter who you’re playing.

Bold Bledisloe selection calls prove the Wallabies are in excellent hands

Yeah, I was pretty surprised they weren’t challenging the midfield lineouts last weekend. On the 5m line sure, but in the middle of the park, why not?

Bold Bledisloe selection calls prove the Wallabies are in excellent hands