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Besides, contracts are a joke. They mean nothing. It’s more just a recognition, ‘yes, you’re in our plans in the immediate future’. You can guarantee that the 17 picked for the Ashes won’t all have contracts. I wouldn’t bother reading anything into them.

Buck stops with the chairman of selectors

Bad call on Hohns. Yes he might’ve had the talented players, but oversaw one of the most dominant periods in Australian cricket. And before you jump in the air about the players he had, remember the ‘great selector’ Bradman had the Chappells, Lillee and Marsh at his disposal. Hohns wasn’t afraid to make a tough call, and each of them proved to be right. Both Waugh twins were past their used-by dates as one-day cricketers when they got the call in 02. They were essentially replaced by Hayden and Symonds, both of whom were crucial to further World Cup successes. Axed Healy for Gilchrist (in ODs and Tests) at what proved to be the right time. Axed Slater and set up the Langer-Hayden partnership. I’d say he got it right

Buck stops with the chairman of selectors

Very perceptive article. I would argue, however, that it is not the versatility of players in question, but how a manager uses them. Is Ronaldo a versatile player, or does he use the same skills where ever he is put on the park? Perhaps a manager needs to have confidence that a player can produce in whatever role he plays

Would Australian footballers do well developing this versatility?

Lack of utility hurts players and their team

Why the dilemma? The batsman is cheating. Maybe we should make a law that you cannot get out stumped either? Or perhaps the batsmen should be considered not run out when they are within two metres of the crease? Or even, let the bowler release the ball two or three metres closer if the batsmen choose to start running from there

Mankad's legacy: breaking the gentlemen's code

Even though I am a Tasmanian fan, Doherty has a very average domestic T20 record (ave 43, S/R 33). There are surely more effective spinning options in Australia. Even though he is not world-class, Steve O’Keefe did not do a lot wrong when given the chance at international level, and has a stronger record at domestic T20 level. As strange as it sounds, Jason Krejza has been a far more effective T20 spinner than Doherty.
Hilf’s domestic T20 record is very good, and in limited domestic opportunities, has proven his worth.

Big job for Australia's T20 World Cup squad

Why not give Bailey and Forrest a chance? Hughes and Khawaja didn’t quite take their chances when they had them. No one’s denying they have the ability to be there, and they have the first-class records to prove it. The selectors felt they had a small amount of attitude and technical problems, that hard work, more cricket and more runs could iron out. This time out of the Test side will serve them well. But don’t draw a line through Bailey and Forrest, simply because they don’t have outstanding numbers. Neither has had the opportunity to play years of County Cricket and boost their numbers like Katich, Rogers, Hussey, etc. At the very least give them an opportunity to show their ability at Test level.

Why Australia needs Khawaja and Hughes

I would hate to run into you on a bad day robstewart23

What has happened to Australian sport?

Probably could’ve afforded Battier more credit, but you’re right in saying these things are easier to claim in hindsight. Probaby what was evident mostly is that it didnt come down to a position v position game. Boston probably won the PF, C and PG match-ups, but not by enough to matter. Heat took out two Celtics’ strengths (Pierce and Allen) so convincingly that it made the difference. Surprising input from the Heat bench also made a big difference to the score. You have to think that if Allen and Pierce got back to anywhere near their best, the game would be closer. Need Rondo to put away a few of those open shots though.

NBA's battle of the East

So what’s your suggestion? How do we fix it? We know things are bad, batting-wise, so why did this happen and how can we change it?

Australia's missing class of batsmen

I think the problem with Teddy is not his scoring rate, nor even how many runs he gets. He’s a guy that needs to bat time, a guy you can build an innings around. At the moment he’s not batting long enough, and that’s translating into low scores.

There's a good case for Cowan

Chris Rogers had an article published today that provides some useful analysis of, in particular, Khawaja and Marsh. Perhaps it may lend a little more weight to the argument for dropping both of them.

Australia's batting needs a pre-Ashes shake up

There’s no doubt that Copeland is a very good bowler, and it wasn’t my intention to completely disparage his ability. The reason why he is in the ‘missed the boat’ category is partly to do with what you mentioned above. Arthur, and the selectors, clearly do favour bowlers who are able to move the ball at a greater pace than Copeland. For Copeland to maintain his spot in the side, he rightly or wrongly needed to make an immediate impact. Arthur has put together an even, disciplined unit that does not concede a lot of runs, and has the ability to bowl out a side. If the bowlers who are there don’t concede a lot of runs, and can bowl out a side, what more does Copeland offer?
On slower pitches, Copeland may still have something to offer. But on harder, faster pitches, his lack of pace can be exposed. County cricket has a number of bowlers with similar ability who have have been found wanting internationally.
Players do have bad seasons, and you’re probably right in saying that he shouldn’t be condemned on the basis of that. But in a summer where bowlers again dominated, he had a really bad year. Those who had been taking wickets continued to do that.

The forgotten players of Australian cricket

I’d like to see Cummins and Starc actually get some wickets on the board before they’re talked about as genuine international players. I’ve no doubt that both have plenty of natural ability, but a couple of good 4 over spells does not make a good cricketer. As Brett Lee proved for the majority of his Test career, pace does not equate to success in the longer form of the game.

The Sheffield Shield 2011-12 preview

Ben Laughlin is playing club cricket in Tasmania, and will play for the Hurricanes later this season

The Sheffield Shield 2011-12 preview

I think what was most pleasing about him was the fact that he kept it simple. Generally, he landed a ball on a length, same ball time in time out. Variations in spin and pace come with experience, but for any young spinner, all you want is them to bowl the same ball six times in a row, spinning it hard. The Sri Lankans showed a lack of respect in the first innings, and played him smartly in the second, sitting on him and waiting for the bad ball.
But in saying that, generally he did the job spinners are supposed to do. It wasnt until Warne that spinners were expected to do much more than clean up the tail. Even Murali got the bulk of his wickets against 7-11.
Keep it simple, and keep spinning it hard.

Nathan Lyon: Love at first spin?

I think you’re right, in the era of of technology and coaching lingo like structures and processes, players simply need to play cricket. I’m not saying we have players waiting in the wings until they’re 30, but give them time to work out their own games and to learn how to play cricket. If you fast track a player through youth competitions and up the grades, they never actually learn about the game. Why are there only 5 Australians playing county cricket this winter? Only two of them (Voges and McDonald) are any chance to play for Australia again, and that is a slim chance at best. Instead of spending 6 months on synthetic wickets facing bowling machines and watching videos, let them learn the game and play cricket.

Australian cricket needs to pull its finger out

Every side has taken minimum 2 specialist spinners and 2 regular part-timers. Apart from Australia. India, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka all took 3. Either they know something we don’t, or we’re going to look like the biggest idiots at the cup. Doherty has consistently been the best domestic spinner in the last 4 years. It is not out of the realms of possibility to think O’Keefe might also have deserved a spot. Perhaps we simply planned too late for the Cup, not giving Christian, Doherty, Hastings, all fringe players enough cricket before the tournament

Aussie selectors swing and miss yet again

You weren’t talking about Buck Rogers there were you??

Fascination with age is hurting Australian cricket

I think you’ve all jumped off Clarke way too quickly. Granted, I don’t think he’s the one-day batsmen that he was 4 or 5 years ago, but has just come off a year where he averaged 55, at his highest strike rate in 3 years. Was it 4, 5 matches ago that he scored an unbeaten hundred in India? At least he has the runs on the board, D.Hussey has failed consistently for 3 years, and now, suddenly, appears to be a vital cog in our one day side???

No room for Clarke in Australia's World Cup squad

Excellent article Elliot. I would argue that your assessment of Liverpool and City is a little high considering neither side has any first-class defenders, given that the cornerstone of any Premier League success lies in the ability to stop goals. This is particularly surprising given City’s spending, but an ageing Kolo, inconsistent Richards or a ‘good’ defender in Lescott are not up to it in the key games. Of course, Yaya Toure and Mascherano (if he stays at Liverpool) are two world-class defensive midfielders, but as United demonstrated since Roy Keane’s departure, defensive midfielders are not necessary to maintain success in the Premier League.
Awesome read though, loved it!

2010/11 EPL season: The contenders