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Either of these teams would have wiped the floor with Italy and England.

This match was probably a preview of the next World Cup final.

Messi FINALLY claims international trophy with Argentina's Copa America win

Finals are rubbish, but if we must have them, at least have a system that is more aligned to football rather than AFL or NRL.

We could have a 22 round season where every team plays every other team home and away and then declare the winner the champion. This team qualifies for the ACL.

This could be followed with 10 teams participating in a ‘finals’ series. The system below guarantees the top team gets a double chance, qualifies to at least the semi finals and plays a minimum of 27 matches. It also ensures the Grand final winner at least 28 matches to comply with the AFC Champions League requirement of minimum matches. It also means you could have the bottom 2 teams “relegated” if a second division ever came in.

Week 1
Allocation Final (match 23) (to allocate home ground advantage if both teams make GF)
A 1 v 2
Elimination finals (match 23) (losers out)
B 3 v 10
C 4 v 9
D 5 v 8
E 6 v 7

Weeks 2 & 3 are two legged qualifying final ties. (matches 24 & 25)
F 1 v lowest ranked winner
G 2 v 2nd lowest ranked winner
H other winning team v other winning team

Weeks 4 & 5 are two legged semi finals. (matches 26 & 27)
I Winner F v Winner H
J Winner G v Loser with highest ranking from regular season

Week 6 (Grand final ) (match 28)
Winner K v Winner L

Impact on playing time:
This system results in 2 teams playing 22 matches, 4 teams playing 23 matches, 2 teams playing 25 matches, 4 teams playing 27 matches and 2 teams playing 28 matches.

Impact on broadcasts:
You get a regular season of 132 matches of content over 22 match days, which could run to 25-26 weeks with international breaks.
This is followed by a 6 week finals series with 16 matches.
I’m sure it would be attractive for broadcasters, as it allows a good length of season and you can schedule finals in primetime.

Should the A-League keep the finals?

I predict that in the not too distant future, as home consumers, we’ll be able to buy individual games from any league in the world.

eg I might pay $5 to watch a Liga MX game today and tomorrow pay $6 to watch a La Liga match from Spain.

Why Paramount+ is a potential game changer

I predict the VAR will miss more obvious errors, just like it missed Bale being clearly offside at the corner that lead to the goal.

The Roar's Euro 2020 expert tips and predictions: Match Day 2 (part two)

Gareth Bale is offside at the corner. The goal should not have stood.

Gareth Bale makes amends for "extraordinary" penalty miss with amazing corner trick play