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Football tragic. A-League and South American football in particular.



The fixture could easily be more balanced if we split the 12 teams into two conferences of 6 teams each.
Play each other team in your own conference 3 times for a total of 15 matches and the teams in the other conference twice for 12 matches and then have the finals consisting of the top 3 teams in each conference

A buoyant Victory and a busted Sydney – just what the A-League Men’s needed

I’ve been a Victory member for more than 10 years but I have never been to an away game interstate. I would love to go to Bankwest or Coopers but I just don’t seem to be able to afford it.
I’d love to know how others manage to attend interstate matches regularly and how they lower costs.

The away day football experience: Following the Jets to Western Sydney

I thought we would hold on for a point there.
Ah well we’re still 3 points above Japan

'Really great, intelligent football': Arnie's weird boast as Socceroos' Japanese jinx continues

Facebook, Uber, Boeing, Citigroup are just some of the companies that the Saudi Government has invested hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to take partial ownership of.
Let me ask, what are your thoughts on those companies and people who use their products and support them?
Would also be interested to know what you think of Vanguard (a major owner of Netflix) given they support the Saudi government by owning Saudi government bonds?

Quid game: Why Newcastle’s Saudi takeover turns my stomach as much as the Netflix classic

No thanks.
I won’t be spending any of my money to support Semi-professional clubs ripping off players.
I’ll save my money to spend on real clubs at the fully amateur level or otherwise at full professional clubs at the A League level.

Last round drama in the NPL

It makes me laugh how virtually every author and commenter on here does not know that the continents of South America, Africa and Asia exist.

Is the second division doomed in summer?

It’s very “Euro-centric” here in Australia in both the football media and the football following public.

Having watched both the Euros and the Copa, I agree with you that Argentina and Brazil would beat Italy and England.

Argentina, Brazil set up Copa showdown

I’ve never seen Messi so fired up for any match ever in his career.
Watch him in the penalty shootout when he screams “Dance Now Mina!” when a Colombian penalty is saved.

I watched some Argentine t.v shows last night and they were ecstatic.

Argentina, Brazil set up Copa showdown

In my opinion this is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on this website.

Thanks for a great read.

Are the APL creating a privatised version of The World Game?

I think outfield players slide tackles are more dangerous and more of a problem than goalkeepers but I get your points here.

Why are goalkeepers allowed to make dangerous challenges?

No need at all for promotion and relegation if you have finals.

At the end of the regular season if you finish high enough you are promoted to the finals and if not you are relegated to inactivity until the next season.

I think if you keep finals going forward you’ve got to keep the league closed.

Should the A-League keep the finals?

As a Victory fan, I just want to know why Nabbout didn’t play this good for us.
He’s in career best form.

Top performers: Melbourne City versus Western Sydney Wanderers

Macarthur v Western United: 46 professional full time players, more than 20 plus fulltime professional football club staff.

State league clubs – Nah.

Attendance is not the measure of success. We need professional clubs improving professional players and non-playing staff, not semi-professional NPL or State level clubs making board members cash whilst exploiting Australian kids.

Why shouldn't Cairns be home to an A-League club?

Brebs has to go.
He is not up to the job.
The board also needs to take a look at themselves for hiring him and for not getting an experienced manager with a proven track record of achievement.

Grant Brebner faces uncertain future

As long as we keep a manager who can’t even coach a team to beat a 10 man opposition, Victory matches will continue to be full of drama and action.
Entertaining for the neutral, but exasperating for the Victory faithful.

Amazing A-League must bring fans back into stadiums

For excitement and unpredictability, the Brazilian and Argentine leagues have been outstanding over the last 10 or so years.
Plenty of different champions and plenty of last day changes at the top.

Dare I say it: European football title races are, well, exciting

We’ve beaten all 3 of Germany, Argentina and France and in 2 cases whilst they were reigning world champions.

Ode to Rhyan Grant: The homespun hero

I’d love to go to a Velez Sarsfield match. That’s the team I follow in Argentina.
There are few livestreams nowadays, so it is hard to watch full matches. Back in the 1990’s, I knew a kid who used to get videotapes sent out from Uruguay and ironically, it was almost easier to watch Argentinian and Uruguayan league matches back then. Now you can get highlights on the web, but livestreams are difficult.

The golden time was about 6-7 years ago when the Argentine Government owned the t.v rights and used to stream all Primera division matches worldwide on youtube for free on the futbol para todos (Football for all) channel.

The battle for authenticity - real or plastic?

I have never been to South America, but I want to. I’m actually planning to live there for a while when I am able to.
I was introduced to football through television, specifically Les Murray and The World Game.
For about 30 years now, I religiously watch matches of some South American teams that I liked the names/colours/cities they come from.
I don’t think I’m plastic.

The battle for authenticity - real or plastic?

Jamie Young is a top quality keeper, and I rate him and Redmayne as the two best keepers in the A League.

As for Victory…. It really is ALL Brebners fault.

He was a terrific player, and is a terrific club man, but he is not up to this job.

He chose the players, he had the benefit of the ACL hub and yet he has been out coached in every game.

There is no cohesiveness, connection or chemistry between the players. They do not know where the next player is going to be positioned to receive the pass. That is down to coaching, not the individual performance of players.

I’m sorry, but he has to go and we need to get a proven coach to rebuild for next season.

How bad are Melbourne Victory? How good is Jamie Young?

Stuart, I don’t think you could be more wrong.
The BLM movement is a political movement and football should not be political.
Football already says no to racism and says so across the world, and in solidarity with all peoples.

Football must not align itself with a political movement.

I would be happy to see a stronger “Say No to Racism” campaign, but I would be aghast at FFA or the A League supporting a political organisation like BLM.

The A-League must show support for Black Lives Matter this season

It makes sense for this division to replicate the A League system.
ie. unbalanced draw, playing some teams more than others, top 6 finals series, with grand final winner promoted to the A League.

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

Conferences are worth looking at.
Maybe we should look at that for the A League. I mean it’s a reason to justify finals, which we currently have, but with no justification other than the AFL sand NRL do it.

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

Asked a mate of mine who’s a Leeds fan who he reckons the 3 teams are that can win the league.
He said, “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds”. Cheeky Git.

The three sides that can win the EPL title

The scary thing is that the A League is the only hope for Australian football.

We have seen that at the level below, the NPL clubs are virtually all self-interested and almost anti-football in their continued desire to stifle the game in this country. Most of the NPL clubs are mono ethnic social clubs whose main reason for being is as social clubs for a particular ethnic community, and where football is a secondary ‘afterthought’. Why just recently, Melbourne Knights, one of the ‘biggest’ NPL clubs, came out and publicly admitted they would not seek to become a professional football club, but would continue to be run as a ‘semi-professional’ club.

Imagine that? A club, who aims to be in the top division in the nation, unwilling to pay its footballers at least the Australian minimum wage.

If the A league fails, then it is these semi-professional types of clubs that will be the pre-eminent clubs in the land, and this will be the true death of football in this country.

Of course, this could easily be rectified if the NPL clubs made a commitment to football as their priority and decided to become fully professional. Full professionalism is the ONLY thing we need in the football ecosystem to make the game flourish in this country.

If we had all the NPL clubs become fully professional, then it wouldn’t even matter if we had a national league or not. We could even revert to State based leagues and still produce a football ecosystem where players would be paid to play full-time and thus develop and improve, with easy travel to away games interest would rise and potentially revenue would rise.

A-League enters death spiral