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Football tragic. A-League and South American football in particular.



@Waz. I don’t rate Thomas anymore. I think he’s in the mid to bottom half of keepers in the league. His distribution is poor, and he is struggling in decision making. I rate Redmayne, Young, Kurto, Lopar all above Thomas.

When I saw your comment, I wondered if I was being too harsh, so I checked the stats on the A League website. I took the time to put in the keepers I thought were playing better than him, and the stats seem to back up my observations. Have a look at the saves, clearances, catches, punches.

Could Melbourne Victory bounce back next season?

Good on these three for standing up for their rights!
How ironic that it’s Rugby UNION, and the administrators are seeking to stiff the workers out of their pay!

Reds trio refuse to take pay cut, stood down by QRU

Rugby really is a sport that is only for the wealthy elitists few isn’t it?
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Wrap: Cauliflower Club a shining light in Australian rugby

I’m a football fan, who sometimes watches some rugby games. As someone who doesn’t know all the laws of the game, and who only watches occasionally, I bring a different perspective.
For me, I reckon a try should be 6 points so that it is twice as valuable as a penalty. Give 1 point for a conversion after a try. To me, this seems like it would encourage more attacking play.
Change 2. The scrum. Instead of each team getting it’s whole scrum ready, I’d like to see the two front rows engage, then the two middle rows , then the two back rows, upon which time the scrum becomes active. If a scrum collapses or wheels twice, and the referee can’t pinpoint it was the attacking side that collapsed or wheeled it, then forget packing the scrum a third time and just give a free kick (not penalty) to the attacking team who can only tap and play on.

Which laws of rugby union need changing?

@Justin, I have to agree with you on the active support in the A league. I think it’s fair to say that the active support groups in the A League are some of the least talented, least intelligent and most useless active supporter groups in world football.

Unnecessary swearing, no wit, no class, very little humour, not good at chanting/singing for the whole match, not able to have different tempo’s in chants like south americans do, not good at picking the right times to lift the team and just all around hopeless.

I go to watch and enjoy the football, so I wouldn’t be too fussed if the active groups were shut down, but I’d actually rather just prefer that they lifted their game to get half decent.

The football community is its own worst enemy – but it doesn't have to be

Yes, Gallop. Please take Gallop. Please, please take Gallop.
We’ll throw in free entry to all Socceroos matches for the RA board.
Maybe a corporate lunch, all drinks provided.
Is there anything else you need? A free set of steak knives?
He’s really good, you’ll love him. Can he start with you tomorrow? We’ll pay for the taxi fare over.

Who should take the helm at Rugby Australia?

You’re right Alex. Anyone who calls for Football to regress to semi-professional in this country is NOT a fan of football.

You will find that they are often NPL stooges who really only care about their social club, and couldn’t give two hoots about the game of football itself.

Football in Australia must be patient for change

The same question can be asked about finals, but we have them. I note that none of the leagues in the biggest/most successful football countries have finals.
In regards to ‘conferences’, Argentina has recently implemented a 2 group system for the second championship and they’ve had 2 groups in the league a number of times in the past.
Mexico for many years (maybe 20) used to have 3 groups (conferences) in the top league and only recently changed to a ‘top 8’ finals system.
The Brazilian championship in the 1970s and 80s had some years of conferences.
In most of the Brazilian State championships, including the big ones, they have conferences.

It is actually quite common around the world.

If you are going to have finals, it makes more sense to have conferences than just one group in the lead up.

Of course, ALL of the big leagues don’t have finals so they don’t need conferences.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

A conference system has been used for years and continues to be used in a number of football leagues in countries around the world. it’s a workable option that should be investigated.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

I don’t think you can really ever make an “all time best” team. It is impossible to compare players over different generations. No matter who you put in or leave out, there will always be controversy.

As an example, for me, Maradona was the best player I’ve ever watched. i would take him over Messi every day of the week. But hey, that’s the beauty of different points of view.

The all-time greatest football XI

I’m a football fan and I thought we were struggling, but geez, Rugby is in dire straits!
From the limited information I’ve seen, I think Castle’s performance has been terrible and I’m not surprised that the board is now looking for another person to take on the CEO role.
Hopefully they’ll headhunt Gallop from us!

Raelene Castle resigns as Rugby Australia CEO

Would love to go to: FIFA World Cup Final, Copa America Final, Copa Libertadores Final match, Football League matches in Spain (El Clasico) , Portugal (Lisbon Derby), Scotland (Old Firm), France (Girondins), Mexico (Santos Laguna), Colombia (Medellin Derby), Argentina (Velez) and Brazil (Paulista Derby). Australia v West Indies cricket match in the Caribbean, an NBA match, Tour De France.

Have been to many matches of many sports over the years, but a few memories that stand out; Football-Asian Cup Final, A League Grand Final, Premier League match, Melbourne Victory vs Liverpool, Argentina v Brazil, have seen both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play live, Cricket- World Cup Final, Other- AFL Grand Final, State of Origin Rugby League match, Melbourne Cup

What events are on your sporting bucket list?

Sorry Anthony but an error in one of the article’s first few paragraphs . Other teams have won 3 European cups in a row. (Madrid, Bayern, Ajax)
It’s only since the change to the name of the competition to the “Champions League” that no ones won it back to back until Madrid.

The UEFA Champions League belongs to Ronaldo

I was watching highlights of Neymar last night on youtube. Unreal player and so enjoyable to watch. Still not as good as Maradona though.

Respecting the brilliance of Neymar Jr

I miss Les. I remember the World Soccer days fondly along with the all day Sunday football programming on SBS. They used to show South American football, and now, it’s not shown anywhere in Australia.

How the '80s made football my life

Thank you. I enjoyed that article. I remember the FA Cup finals from the 1980’s and 90’s. It seemed to me like it was the only match that was broadcast in Australia at the time. In the early 80’s, as a young Melburnian used to only Aussie Rules, I couldn’t grasp the idea of a league and separate cup competition and always thought that the FA Cup winner was the ‘top champion’ of England. It was probably only from about my mid teens that I appreciated the difference between the two competitions. Now if only we could get the A League and FFA to grasp the idea and have an even league season and get rid of finals it would be great.

How the 1970s made me a football tragic

@Nat. Polyamory is not ‘playing up on the missus’. There are many people (I would suggest millions) who are not capable of limiting their romantic love to only one other person, or sharing their sexuality with only one other person. I am one. This is our natural state of being. Consenting adults should be legally allowed to live how we want and express our feelings how we want. It is grossly wrong that our government unfairly retains outdated anachronistic laws that discriminate against us, and big corporations refuse to come out and support us for fear of a backlash from ‘the public’. As I said in my first post, I think the NRL is playing it safe, and I would love for them, and others, to come out and support all forms of diversity. I believe that our nation is ready.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

Corporate Australia and our government just pay lip service to equality and inclusiveness.
Polyamorous people are still actively discriminated against by our government. To date, not one major sports governing body has come out and said they support the rights of polyamorous people.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

@soapit, My eyes are wide open, and everyday I see discrimination against multi-partner relationships. It is time big corporations, and in fact our lawmakers moved to end discrimination and recognise the rights of all people of all sexual orientations and all religious faiths. Discrimination needs to end.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

Your straw man argument doesn’t hold true. As I said, “When I see…”
The NRL and other big corporations have NOT shown that they support multi-partner relationships.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

I will believe the NRL is inclusive and welcomes ALL people when I see an advertisement where a man and his 3 wives, all wearing burqa’s, are shown watching a game.
Until then, I really think the NRL and in fact all other big Australian corporate entities are just ‘playing it safe’ and following where they think the values of the general population lay on certain issues.

By the way, for the sake of clarity, I fully support the right of any number of consenting adults of any gender to enter into any relationship they wish to enter.

If you don't like the NRL TV ad, you may need to change

I agree with you Shabab. I think Elvis deserves his spot in the team at the moment. He is working hard and just needs a change of luck, and maybe a little more confidence.

Why Victory should persist with Elvis Kamsoba

@ Waz.
I highlighted the top football nations as an example of how the best do it. We should aim to be like the best.

The main reason I have advocated against finals for years is that Football, due to it’s difficulty in scoring and relatively low scoring rate, is the sport where a ‘one off’ match can deliver a result that allows a lesser team to upset a better team on the day.

However, over the course of a long league campaign, these abnormal results will become less statistically significant and best team will accrue the most points and rightly be crowned as the best team of that season.

A finals series is just what the A-League needs right now

Just a straw poll for anyone who is reading/commenting.
I’d be interested to know how much you would pay per month to be able to watch a) one 8 team division containing your team, b) all three divisions containing 24 teams.

A discussion on potential broadcast rights structure for the A-League

England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands.

All of the major football countries with the biggest and best leagues and the biggest and best clubs understand that finals are an anathema to a league system. We need to get rid of finals and have a true league system.

A finals series is just what the A-League needs right now