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I would suggest any decision about the grand final should be put off until after the final round, round 17. That would give enough time to prepare for such a big event.

My preference would be the stadium with the most seats: 1) MCG with 100,000 capacity, but if that is not possible then 2) ANZ Stadium with 80,000 seats. If both of those are not possible then 3) Optus Stadium at 60,000 or 4) Adelaide Oval with 55,320

Here's where the 2020 AFL grand final should be held

If the Crows are struggling to put their infamous 2018 camp behind them, then they might well need some external help. Perhaps the AFL needs to enquire about what happened at the camp.

The Crows must put their infamous camp behind them

I do find that new footballs are too hard and only after being belted for a while do they soften up. I agree with Eddie this is an issue.

Eddie McGuire is convinced the ball is a big issue in the AFL

Sorry about the typo, it should be spelt: Krakouer.

The AFL needs more diverse commentators

Looking back over the decades, I have wondered why at least one of the Karkouer brothers didn’t do some commentating. They were both well-established stars playing in the WAFL and winning a premiership with the Claremont Football Club in 1981, in front of 50 thousand spectators. Oh, by the way, they also played for North Melbourne.

But these days, I would say the obvious choice would be Adam Goodes.

The AFL needs more diverse commentators

I hope the AFL might have some chance of expanding the number of international TV broardcasters. The more viewers watching the better.

It's the AFL's duty to share the TV love

Yes, locating all non-Victorian clubs in Melbourne would have been the simplest option.

SA government deals major blow to AFL restart plans

The June 11th restart date should still be achievable because fortunately the AFL had planned for this: plan B.

Queensland seems the favourite destination for the hub, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one team was based in Melbourne to avoid the travel.

SA government deals major blow to AFL restart plans

It’s about protecting the billion dollar mining industry which benefits all of Australia. We don’t want any mining workers getting sick. Does the AFL appreciate this?

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

The problem with the hub model is the cost of accommodation.

It’s going to be really expensive because potentially you’re talking about many months, at least four months. Accordingly, you might have to look at some farm stay accommodation, say an hour’s drive out of town and with some onsite caravans.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

True, I shouldn’t be surprised. To be honest, when I wrote that I didn’t realise the race was actually the Melbourne Cup on Nov 3rd, only a few days later then the planned GF. I always forget the day of the Melbourne Cup, it’s often not until people come around with the sweeps that I find out.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

Interesting stats.
Anyway, not long now before the big announcement on Monday or Tuesday.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

The states that are COVID-19 free should be in the running for the hubs.

Just be Donald Trump wants to take a risk by opening up his country’s economy doesn’t mean Australia has to do the same. Why would you want to undo all the good work of having a lockdown in the first place.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

Have you heard speculation that the AFL now want to bring the grand final forward to mid October so it doesn’t clash with some horse racing carnival at the end of October. Jeez, that’s the worst example of
a Victorian centric bias I’ve heard so far. Some horse race the rest of Australia doesn’t care about seems to be more important than Australia’s national winter code of football.

Are the two WA clubs victims of the AFL's Vic bias?

I would like to see the grand final played sometime in December 2020 in order of stringing out the season for as long as possible.

The fans need to be satisfied with a fixture that provides matches over a decent six months in length. I know the number of rounds has been reduced to 17, nevertheless, let’s make those 17 rounds last as long as possible. If need be, have a split round eight.

Gillon McLachlan targets October grand final

I would suggest it’s less risky if the hub(s) were in the warmer climate of Queensland and/or Northern Territory. There might be a risk of a resurgence in the colder capitial cities during the months of July and August; although, I could be wrong about that because I’m no expert on COVID-19.

AFL reboot plans still unclear

I agree you want fans at a grand final and if that’s not possible because of the lockdown, then other states could make an offer to host the grand final.
Certainly, the AFL needs a plan B, plan C, plan D etc in a world where the goal posts are moving every time there’s a new COVID-19 update.

Mick Malthouse says AFL must take finals to fans

Let’s not conform with rules.

Easton Wood's premiership medal stolen

The AFL needs to manage player contracts better so that they only get paid for the product they produce. That is getting paid after each home-and-away round of football.

So for clubs that don’t make the finals, those listed players would receive their salary in 22 instalments. There would naturally need to be slight adjustments each week for the match payment component for the players picked in the team.

You know it’s not fair on previous generations of players that the iconic Marvel Stadium had to be mortgaged. Over the decades this asset has been built up by previous generations of players and administrators for the long term prosperity of Australian rule football, and now there’s an A$ 600 million credit facility hanging over the competition — a debt trap.

Families in hubs defeat the purpose and the AFL needs to stand strong

The month of December has already been agreed upon between the AFL and the ALFPA. The players’ union has a strong voice and if they thought it wasn’t doable they wouldn’t have agreed to it. Coaches need to be able to adapt to challenging circumstances, just like players do. Resting players on alternate weekends might be an option used more frequently next year in 2021.

Virus may impact AFL for two years: Malthouse

I would suggest the best chance of getting the season up and running would be to have all 18 teams located in Perth for the next seven months.

Perth has the best timezone for television viewing with a two-hour advantage. You have the potential to broadcast three or possibly four games (with a stretch) on a Saturday, for example, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm. That leaves five or six games for Friday and Sunday.

Another benefit is should, down the track, the Chief Medical Officer lift the restrictions on having spectators at the ground then Optus Stadium has a capacity for 60 thousand spectators. Any cricket matches could be moved back to the WACA, after all, I think we would all agree Aussie rules football is our national game and should take precedence.

Seventeen rounds is a must, but if necessary I would suggest a top four final series.

The AFL has a duty to ensure the 2020 premiers are worthy winners

A television deal with 50% less content for New South Wales, the most populous state; and 50% less content for Queensland the third most populous state. The population of Qld and NSW together (5.0m + 7.5m) is almost twice that of Victoria (6.3m). I wouldn’t want any less TV content for those two states if the AFL is serious about being a national competition.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

A national competition needs both Gold Coast and GWS so there’s a match played every weekend in those states.

Both the AFL and NRL must make serious cuts to clubs

I would suggest the most momentous decision the AFL has ever had to make in the history of the competition. Let’s now hope everything goes well for a successful 2020 season.

Let's be grateful that we have Gill

All the players are under the age of sixty and so therefore, if they do get sick it shouldn’t be fatal. I guess it’s more about not getting too close to the elderly people in their lives or people who smoke, or have pre-existing medical conditions. I would go with whatever is the decision of the AFLPA.

AFL in the time of COVID-19: Sticking together while social distancing