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Footy: The Doggies won the 2016 Premiership!! Soccer: From Ronaldo to Ronaldinho to Messi and seemingly back to another Ronaldo. Full circle!



In 2017 St Kilda considered Nick Riewoldt, their greatest ever champion, to be merely clogging up the list for the next 19 year old. For me club sentiment was finished once he and Brent Harvey got forced out.
St Kilda’s results plummeted, by the way.

Dons’ delicate Daniher dance

You were spot on until you tried to stretch it too far by saying Richmond plays as attractively as Geelong did. Richmond took a full three years just to learn how to handle the ball.

Geelong and Richmond set the standard for excellence, precisely a decade apart

Nice article, but I’m guessing you didn’t choose the title.

Why Hawthorn need to axe more of their ageing stars

Certainly an intriguing game. Richmond were good but not as good as usual. I hate playing the blame game but Geelong gave as good as they got, with Hawkins I think they would have got there.

Richmond vs Geelong: A tale of two halves

Suspect it’s the opposite. They needed a good spirit to win the flag from fifth and they won’t have that now. An outside chance to still beat Geelong but they’re done for for season 2019.

The Eagles will soar without Rioli

Also legitimising: their awesome song!
And I forgot to include Heath Shaw and his loose grip on reality in my list of c-s. FML.

Why being despicable legitimised GWS as a football club

Good article. Torres faded much earlier in his career and was the bigger waste of ability, yet still continued to win stuff for Chelsea and Spain after he’d lost it, as you said. Both are because of injury/declining body.

Hard to reach a definitive verdict. Reckon Torres was the bigger fall from grace because for three years he was just about the very best forward in Europe, then faded in (before?) his prime.

Alexis Sanchez vs Fernando Torres: Whose fall from grace was greater?

He is not bewildering, the pattern seems rock solid to me: he doesn’t get a touch in away finals. Adelaide 17 like you said, Richmond 17, Collingwood 18. Matches a team who have never won a final outside Sydney. Bullies when it’s easy to be bullies at home, repeatedly fold when it’s against them.

If it sounds like I’m writing with schadenfreude, you bet.

The good, the bad and the Toby: Greene's gaffes may cost him superstar status

Agree, I was going to suggest this one myself. Their first-ever final, they way they dealt with it could have had repercussions for years. Devastating performance, use of muscle etc.

Was that the best win in GWS’s history?

Correction: Essendon v Hawthorn 2001 was Cox’s 13th game. Something weird happens to my maths brain when I’m looking up even basic sports stats.

Melbourne's and Collingwood’s rise is not guaranteed

This is a really good run-through Cam, nice work.

2019 AFL season preview: Western Bulldogs

Alex Ferguson is a massive outlier but he adapted to changes and reformed his attitude to how success was achieved. Wenger didn’t.

Most coaches only do have the one decade of success before their use-by date (eg Mourinho). In that sense it’s not Wenger’s ‘fault’ as such. I know my judgement is quite harsh on him.

The end of Germany

In my opinion you can be both. You just can’t play for both, legally or spiritually.

The end of Germany

Not sure if you’re still around to read this, but I rate Wenger until about mid-2008. The examples you’ve cited – Cesc, Henry, Overmars and Ljungberg – all come before then. In fact the latter three are ancient examples.

I wrote this about Arsenal in April 2016. Post-2008 I don’t rate them.

Who really cares about Arsenal anymore?

Ozil I’m not as certain about, but he’s not tough. He’s not a player who stands up when the chips are down. He’s skilled and ‘world class’ but he can’t take you to the top. That’s my opinion.


The end of Germany

I agree with both points.The Bundesliga does bring good youth to the fore, and the fact the clubs are not generally PLCs and it feels like there’s a better connection between the fans and the clubs than in England.

Then, I agree too that Bayern are like PSG, there are only maybe three big games for them each year and it can’t sharpen competitive instincts very much.

The end of Germany

Their system is good, they barely need a tweak at best.

The end of Germany

“The end of Germany” is figurative, the end of the cycle of those guys. I reckon the old team from 2010 is getting on in years. Muller’s gonna have to pick up his game, he’s only semi-relevant at the moment. Kroos is still in good nick.

Ozil was always symbolic of that team for many reasons, for his skill, his roots represented a (I guess false) racial harmony and integration, his lack of punch and winning drive mirroring Germany often failing to get it done. Him not being a part of things now feels significant in those senses.

Best regards

The end of Germany

Thank you! They probably won’t, although to be picky, in that book I quoted the author regarded 2002 as something of a fluke helped by an easy draw.

The end of Germany

I’m not French, I don’t have to submit to that. They’re certainly a very good enigma though that they can play that shithouse and still score four goals.

Why France's win has left me unsatisfied

My original line was, “Olivier Giroud did not register a single shot on target for the tournament, lol.” The Roar’s editorial style is a bit too serious sometimes.

Why France's win has left me unsatisfied

Thank you for the compliment. I actually thought France in their own way were quite poor in the first half, their only plan seemed to be to have the forwards run forward individually with the ball. Going down 2-1 should have been curtains but for Argentina’s defence being so poor, plus at least France had to show what they could do.

I think we did extremely well to get both the Spain-Portugal game (especially since neither did anything else for the rest of the tournament) and the France-Argentina one. I sceptical about the rest of the tournament since the one half of the draw looks quite low on quality.

I was gonna say of course Messi will be back if only as the support for someone else, but his personality is so mellow that you can never tell. Plus the next WC is November 2022, so add another six months onto the ageing process. I reckon CR7 will be back. But what do I know, I predicted in 2007 that Kaka would be around for 2014 and he vanished almost immediately.

Best regards

A Latin Saturday

No, the way things are going there probably is no one to be afraid of.

The absurd England-Belgium situation

I agree with you about needing to keep momentum going.

The absurd England-Belgium situation

Yeah Croatia is the blueprint. Rest one or two names, play one or two names still, play normal, take your chances.

The absurd England-Belgium situation

France, Argentina, Portugal and Uruguay are all big names but the only one of those four actually playing well is Uruguay.

The absurd England-Belgium situation