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Footy: The Doggies won the 2016 Premiership!! Soccer: From Ronaldo to Ronaldinho to Messi and seemingly back to another Ronaldo. Full circle!



But Geelong have won 3 other premierships within memory! I think apart from St Kilda you could find a reason for any team in the league to be annoying in some way 😂

What we learnt about your club this season

Nah, I’m just here to be negative about Port, I don’t know how to actually be constructive about anything.
But I guess, Richmond vs. either Geelong, or Port, but Port could reach the granny or play a very average finals series, I just got no clue with them.

Rules to work out which AFL teams are truly legitimate

RE the Dogs potentially having to repeat going to West Coast for a final. We also had to repeat a visit to GWS in 2019, that went well.
West Coast would wipe the floor with us this time.

The AFL finals equation: Every contender's best and worst case scenarios

#2 was specifically supposed to be about standing up interstate, but you don’t have to win every interstate match, as long as you get close. The ‘interstate’ part was edited out but is the whole point of that rule.

Rules to work out which AFL teams are truly legitimate

I already dropped this comment on an article about GWS, but 5th is too low a starting point. Geelong 2012, Sydney 2017, West Coast 2019, they all should have made waves but didn’t. Sydney in particular were by far the best team of 2017 generally. You basically have to play a perfect finals series to win below 4th, one bad quarter and you’re done.
The neutral venues of this year would seemingly help low-finishing teams in 2020 but don’t seem to be the Eagles’ cup of tea.

The Eagles are flying under the finals radar

I’d dispute they were good in 2019. There were plenty of games where they didn’t show up and scored only 30-odd points (in a 20 min/quarter season). Those late losses against Hawthorn and WBulldogs were also really poor.

They got to the Grand Final because they didn’t have to play Richmond, Geelong or West Coast until week 4 of the finals, and look what happened when they did.

The Giants don’t deserve finals

Back the the Future almanac only goes up to 2015 😁

Six talking points from AFL Rounds 15 and 16

You look like you’ve done your homework with this article, but you can’t start as low as 6th (or lower, assuming) and make a splash in the finals, it’s just too low. They managed it last year because the best teams were Richmond, Geelong and West Coast and GWS avoided them all until the GF.

The decade is riven with teams who looked good but started too low – Geelong 2012, Sydney 2017, West Coast 2019. You play one bad quarter and you’re toast.

Yes there was an exception, but I think The Miracle defies analysis.

Why the Giants are the AFL's most dangerous team

Agreed. I’ve always thought how crazy it is that dudes paid six figures to do nothing else but kick a ball can’t at least do it on both sides of the body.

Thoughts and observations: Gold Coast vs Essendon

You’re a really good writer dude!

Thoughts and observations: Gold Coast vs Essendon

You’re kidding yourself if you think Port are for real. The Brisbane loss was classic Port. Today likely shows them up again. If they win today, well, then I’m wrong. But they won’t.

Super round of footy could redefine the finals race

I assume he still has it as a pure coach, but I’m damn sick of what he says these days. 2020 is like the year Clarkson jumped the shark.

Just say it: Clarko was out of line

I rewatched this game recently, it was excellent for three quarters. One matchup was Burgoyne vs Akermanis, it doesn’t get better than that.

I decided that, while other games have what-ifs, the way this game shaped up with Lynch getting injured Brisbane were absolutely never winning it. They had only one functional forward in Bradshaw and no run. Meanwhile Black was annulled like you said. They only stayed in it for three quarters because of their experience.

A shame the commentators were the vanilla Channel 10 ones. Bruce would have hyped up the four-peat/historical angles and made the game seem more once in a generation, because it was.

Looking back at the 2004 AFL grand final

Oh you can write them off I assure you. Last year it took them a good 15 rounds to get into stride (and it’s not a given that would even happen this year). No one has a spare 15 rounds to fart around this year.

Poor efforts, weak defending dooming dysfunctional Dogs

Quite the opposite, Beveridge tried too hard to keep the team on edge after the premiership rather than just let them do their thing.

Poor efforts, weak defending dooming dysfunctional Dogs

Strongly disagree, to say the younger players (ie almost all of them) were not responsible for the premiership is blatantly false. They won because every single player delivered and because their midfield got the ball a lot more than the opposition. The midfield core were all 20-24 in 2016. The player most responsible for the win IMO was Macrae, just turned 22.

M Boyd, Picken, Dickson and Morris provided solidity and experience but they were not the number one factor in them winning. To say Stringer was a key factor is pushing it to a comical degree if you look up his stats.

The Western Bulldogs have everything to lose in 2020

Strongly disagree. Premiership was mostly won by the team’s uniform consistency and by the midfield getting the ball heaps more than the opposition, that midfield core were all 20-24 years old in 2016.

MBoyd, Morris and Picken and Dickson provided good leadership and solidity but you cannot say the young players were not responsible for the win. At minimum, saying Stringer played a major part is really pushing it.

The Western Bulldogs have everything to lose in 2020

Collingwood is the most storied club in VFL/AFL history but the author’s questions are legitimate. Why did they lose all those grand finals? What needs to be done to improve? If you want to keep improving you cannot assume anything about yourself, certainly no one can afford the complacency of calling themselves the greatest anything if they actually have plans to keep striving.

The 15 most irritating Collingwood moments of all time: Part 3

Martin Flanagan’s 100-page work ‘1970’ is mostly about Collingwood and these sorts of issues. I did a poor man’s review of this once, his essay is more about Carlton-Collingwood than Melb-Coll but the issues are the same.

Brent Crosswell, Martin Flanagan and 1970

The 50s Demons are basically lost in time/pre-TV, but I found them interesting as a subject to a degree. The book ‘The Red Fox’ about Norm Smith covers this era. It’s too frickin long to be interesting and barely touches the Collingwood side of things, but I found this an interesting reversal, since the 64 Grand Final is always told from the Collingwood side now. The book describes the tension of the whole day of the 64 GF from Melbourne’s perspective and says Melbourne players were weeping with relief in the dressing room at having won it, which is a change of perspective in how that game is usually reported.

The 15 most irritating Collingwood moments of all time: Part 2

Great reads.

The 15 most irritating Collingwood moments of all time: Part 2

I liked that North team a lot, their consistency come finals time the whole decade was almost legendary. One thing I read was that North was the only major premier of the decade who were not an elite defence, almost a throwback team in a way, although of course they had their strengths and strategies.

When was your team the undisputed best in the AFL? Part 1

West Coast 2018 turned out to be about 10-15 centimetres (Sheed ball to goalpost) better than Collingwood in the end, not exactly clear cut 😉

When was your team the undisputed best in the AFL? Part 2

Interesting about the percentages, I have heard that one before.

When was your team the undisputed best in the AFL? Part 1

I can’t just ignore that a team won a premiership, and it does mean they are the best team for at least a month. But I haven’t elaborated on these eg Dogs 16.

When was your team the undisputed best in the AFL? Part 2

For the record, I reckon Collingwood was the best team in 92, just about, but the top 6 finals system screwed them.

When was your team the undisputed best in the AFL? Part 2