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Footy: The Doggies won the 2016 Premiership!! Soccer: From Ronaldo to Ronaldinho to Messi and seemingly back to another Ronaldo. Full circle!

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The end of Germany

The end of Germany

24 Jul 2018

I meant to write this one the day Germany were eliminated, but real life called. Today Mesut Ozil has published a long piece of writing on his Twitter account about no longer being emotionally able to play for Germany.

Why France’s win has left me unsatisfied

Why France's win has left me unsatisfied

17 Jul 2018

There is something not quite right about France’s World Cup win.

The unbearable lightness of being Brazil

The unbearable lightness of being Brazil

9 Jul 2018

Four matches into Germany 2006, Brazil had won 11 consecutive World Cup matches, had reached the previous three World Cup finals, and won two.

A Latin Saturday

A Latin Saturday

2 Jul 2018

Is France a Latin country? Sort of. Their language is. Their culture is 50-50. They are Latin enough for me to christen this most difficult quarter of the draw ‘The Latin Quarter’. Yes, yes, I’ll get my coat.

The absurd England-Belgium situation

The absurd England-Belgium situation

28 Jun 2018

How exactly does one go about throwing a World Cup match?

Morocco and Peru: In praise of futility

Morocco and Peru: In praise of futility

22 Jun 2018

There is a saying in South America particularly used in Peru: “We played like never before and lost like always.”