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Can’t argue.

Why, though, does the attacker have to play the ball with his feet?

Rugby league is not a rubbish game, it doesn't know what it is

Top stuff, Clyde.

Write more stuff.

Israel Folau's confusion proves good intentions are no match for bad ideas

Me too.

Lessons learned at Shark Park in funny game of rugby league

Come from Canberra, see how you go.

Mate! It’s as funny as footy satire gets.

Truly. It’s funny. It’s meant to be funny. It is funny. The line “Frankly, if administrators wanted to stage a match in a freezing remote location with minimal interest in the game, they should’ve scheduled a Test match in Melbourne, or in my soul.” – that’s funny!

There’s heaps like that. They’re all like that. There isn’t a sentence that’s meant to be taken seriously. It’s a light knock on Melbourne, at best, which is funny because it’ll silly and slightly true. Ha.

Chill / pill, etc. Bro.

An NRL club CEO reacts to news of a Test match in Denver

I don’t write about AFL, at all.

It’s not across my radar.

The RBB was this week. And … that’s why I wrote a story about them.

I also don’t call it soccer, unless I have to. Y’know, in case there’s confusion what football.

Red and Black Blockheads

Boys. The focus on an anti-social element within the RBB? A group you yourselves don’t support?

That’s the only focus.

Red and Black Blockheads

Mate I didn’t tell you how to support your team.

Get nude, leap about, clench a flare between your teeth and take a flying nude leap at the moon. You pays your money, as they say.

But know this: you’ve crossed a line calling my golf videos “boring”.

And that is ts.

I’m sorry it’s come to this.

But we can’t ever be friends.

Red and Black Blockheads

Mate – I also say I like flares. That they’re harmless. And the RBB is harmless, also, though on TV and tabloids they don’t look it.

Miss that bit?

Or did it not suit your argument?

Red and Black Blockheads

No – you’ve mis-quoted me. You’ve taken out: “Yet in the mind’s eye of some folks, most of whom would never have actually been to an A-League football game, the RBB is …”

And you’ve just put in the bit that proves your point, which is false.

You should retract it.

Did you read the piece? You’ve gleaned from it that I’m anti-football, anti-fans, whatever, when it’s a thousand words having a crack at the fools in the RBB who let off flares and think they’re tough, and like being scary.

That’s it. It doesn’t knock football. It doesn’t knock the FFA, or WSW.

You’ve gleaned an implication that isn’t there.

That’s on you.

WSW gets plenty of press. And the RBB gets plenty, too, and plenty of it’s positive. As does the FFA. And the Socceroos.

But whenever someone’s having a (in this case completely justified, and agreed with by football pundits) crack at the dickhead element within football, fans get all up in arms and think you’re having a crack. Please. It’s part of sport, and sports coverage.

You need to suck it up, and calm down, and cop it sweet, and have a nice cup of tea.

Red and Black Blockheads

Ha. It’s worked for Alan Jones.

But, alas, I bags not.

Red and Black Blockheads

Thanks mate.

Red and Black Blockheads

Sorry mate.

Red and Black Blockheads

They didn’t specifically ask me to write about RBB and flares. It was just my Friday, and I’ve gotta come up with a thousand words, and I chose RBB and flares because it was topical in the news. Plus I didn’t give a stuff about the NRL season launch. Or even the cricket Test in South Africa. But I had an opinion about the RBB, and that I think flares are harmless and even cool, and so on and on, and here we are.

Red and Black Blockheads

No, I get paid by the comment. Buck each! Thanks mate!

Mate … Come on – I”m just one gibberer having a crack at some knuckleheads in the crowd being dickheads. I’m not attacking the entire sport, just as Robbie Slater isn’t in the video attached to this yarn.

The premise of yours and other Roarers criticism appears to be that Yes, we agree that the RBB needs censure and they should not let off flares. But No, you, non football writer are not allowed to criticise them because you aren’t a football writer and are just feeding off the carrion of this latest controversy, and that’s your agenda and … so on.

That about it?

Red and Black Blockheads

Yeah – you see, that isn’t true.

Your premise appears to be that if I didn’t write about two incidents in AFL (that I didn’t actually hear about) then were I to write a piece having a crack at the dim-bulbs who left off flares in the RBB’s active area … then I’m just attacking football?

This is the premise?

Red and Black Blockheads

Thing about this stuff is it needs to be recorded on video. Otherwise it’s like it never happened.

Mitchell Pearce’s poodle would tell you that.

Know what I mean?

It’s effectively hearsay unless you’ve got “proof”.

I don’t doubt there’s maggots in the footy crowd. Racists. But small minority. Same with the RBB boys. Most are just kids having fun, playing at being notorious.

Claims that they let off flares aren’t News … vision, though. You’ve got a yarn. So …

Red and Black Blockheads


Red and Black Blockheads

mate the vested interests thing, in the case of this yarn, is flat out not true. i don’t have an agenda to any sport. I have an agenda to food on the table. It’s just an opinion piece. That’s all. There’s no plot. It’s It’s just one drongo’s opinion. It’s actually the same as Robbie Slater’s and Simon Hill’s, and all the “football” people. But I’m bagged for it because I normally write about league.

The RBB are good “TV”. And they make good back pages, because of all the black shirts and muscles and all that stuff. And I’d suggest they know that. And the website and all the carry-on – I reckon they enjoy the notoriety. Playing at being “bad”. And that”s what I wrote. And if you’d have agreed with it if there was Simon HIll’s byline under it, then you need to have a think. Cup of tea maybe.

Red and Black Blockheads

What am I doing?

I’m not part of some big plot, mate. I’m having a crack at some fools in a crowd. As you would. As Johnny Warren would.

I’m not bagging all football fans, or the game itself. You’ve read it wrong if that’s what you reckon.

Red and Black Blockheads

Fine ideas. And as I said of Dubbo and croquet, someone pays me to do it, I’ll do it.

But … y’know.

Crickets, mate.

I’ve written for Four Four Two. And Inside Sport, about football. I’ve interviewed Craig Johnston. Followed Liverpool as a kid. Been to a bunch of A-League games. But mate if someone’s not paying me to write about the damned games I’m not going to write about them.

Red and Black Blockheads

What problem?

Red and Black Blockheads

Mate I do it for money. That I enjoy it is a bonus.

But it’s a job.

I didn’t write it to be inflammatory. I wrote it be paid. But for whatever reasons these Football yarns tend to grow legs and get everyone arguing. It’s a code wars thing. I wrote about it. In Inside Sport. But it’s not online so it’s like it never happened, which is sad. But I did get 1800 bucks for it, so. There you go.

I dunno about condescending. Patronising, maybe.

I dunno, hell – old mate used conflated in the wrong context and bagged me for saying I write to get paid, which I do, it’s a fact, as if you shouldn’t or something I dunno, and so I had a crack back and I’m condescending.

Hard yards, these.

Red and Black Blockheads

Top stuff. Thinky.

Red and Black Blockheads

Not one i agree with mate.

I wrote it to get paid, yes. That’s what I do. That’s what journalists do.

You write so that you’re paid for it. That’s … how the publishing industry works, or has worked, until these infernal ‘internet’ sites came along and gave people stuff for free.

Anyway. I believe you are wrong.

Also conflated doesn’t work in this context.

Red and Black Blockheads

Not to bag anyone from Dubbo. Or who likes croquet.

Red and Black Blockheads