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I work in the Recreation space of Local Government. Love all sports, particularly Rugby Union. Particularly interested on how sport can better society at both grassroots and elite level.



Bit of related Trivia-
Q- What were the last colours Mick McGuane ever played in?

A- Pale Blue (the M&Ms game)

Carlton isn't a club in crisis, they're actually making progress

Sort of feel like they are just saying yes morally, but leaving it up to the clubs to say no.

Report finds Tassie should have an AFL team but no one knows how it will work

Sorry for the self indulgence, but I wrote an article about this a while ago, showing why it won’t happen-

Stop dreaming – Tasmania won’t get its own AFL team

Well written article but I still don’t think AFL will be keen, it doesn’t make business sense, just because someone who is tasked with saying it makes sense says so.

Will we ever see a Tasmanian AFL team?

WASS I fully understand that its a business. I assume you are saying that the AFL is burning its money by running GWS and GC?

The AFL are about new eyeballs on the game. More people viewing AFL leads to more demand for broadcasting rights and more sponsorship. Expanding to people already watching doesn’t make enough of a difference.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

Arthur, I’m not convinced that elite teams drive participation. Juniors these days have access to a range of activities outside of sport (including recreation like skateboarding, getting jobs etc) and parents have less time to commit to junior sport. An AFL team would provide a brief sugar hit than go back to normal.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

Ukraine Tiger, you actually support my argument here.

If Tasmania already has high participation and strong support for AFL, how does it grow the amount of people who support AFL by putting millions into a new team? They are already AFL supporters, your just changing who they support.

Unfortunately it is a passion argument, and who deserves it for being strong barrackers doesn’t really matter.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

Don’t the Green Bay packers have over 300,000 members though? That would mean more than half the state signing up!

I also agree with your point about history. A new team would have none, so you can’t just expect those numbers to translate.

Stop dreaming - Tasmania won't get its own AFL team

Ha true AdamDilligafThompson, except I hope this article drives a positive change.

Shut up and play footy: Why do we take down players who stand against racism?

You would have to be more naive to think racism is ok, and if someone isnt prepared to put their entire future by being branded a trouble maker, on the line that it isn’t true.
BTW it was only last year when people where saying Winmar lifting his shirt had nothing to do with Race, and where forced to apologise.
Still trying to take him down.

Shut up and play footy: Why do we take down players who stand against racism?

Fair call Greg.
I don’t think he was an outright racist, but I think the world got away from him about 5 years ago and he stayed there.

Shut up and play footy: Why do we take down players who stand against racism?

Cheers for the comment Aransan.

The story was true, but it didn’t exactly title itself “Why did we bring up Lumumba’s Old nickname when he already addressed it”- the purpose of the title was clearly to encourage people to call him on double standards- particularly if you didn’t read all the way to the bottom where he explains how he was young and trying to fit in.

I also disagree that we should you sport to fix general problems. It’s not the sole fix, but it has to be part of the solution. There are too many young eyeballs watching and participating for it to be a passive player. Sports organisations benefit from being social leaders as well (more goodwill, participants, sponsorship etc).

Shut up and play footy: Why do we take down players who stand against racism?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

"Not everyone will fight a flawed system": Jack defiant ahead of doping ban appeal

na, not a list without the great… Matt Le Tissier!

The top ten EPL strikers of all time

Just out of curiosity, what is Carlton’s highest ever power ranking? These heights are making me giddy.

2019 AFL Power Rankings: Round 22

Hey Brad, id be hesitant to compare populations to participation across times as the population has aged and demographic changes. Whilst I agree the sport is expensive, id also point out that there is less physical activity in school curriculam, and general play has declined due to perceptions of safety, risk, and urban design. I think you also need to consider the changing nature of sport, for example the continued rise of extreme sports. I personally also think we have been hurt by moving away from the centralised AIS model, and perhaps the rest of the world catching up with us.

Mortgage stress: The poison killing Australian sport

Nice article. Totally agree we won’t know how this will go for a long time.

I think the other consideration is how the trade looks in the context of building a squad, given that no teams should be able to afford a heap of high quality players.
In the past, we have had number 1 picks and not much else, I’d be quite happy to see some mid quality players that aren’t going to bust the salary cap if means we have some depth.

I think the other part is the risk/reward factor- Given that alot of early chatter about this years draft is that there isn’t much out of the top 2 picks, and Carlton rated Stocker higher then he went, the decision makes sense… if they gte off the bottom.

Carlton has a good chance of winning the Stocker trade

Sorry IAP but this isn’t an accent thing, it’s a choice. It’s about showing a bit of respect. I have met Japanese people who struggle with my name, but they don’t just change it out of laziness! It’s about the message we are sending. Couple of good thought pieces you could look at?

Just say his name right, BT

Great article. Les Murray managed to nail foreign surnames whilst commentating in a second language, and if AFL is a multicultural sport, surely we can pronounce someones name as they want, no matter where it is from? It’s the sort of archaic casual racisism Australia struggles with. These old blokes running the joint want us to think we are multicultural, but won’t make the actual effort to be inclusive (as opposed to just not being EXclusive).
Maybe BT could make his point on the Footy Show, where it belongs?

Just say his name right, BT

Sorry Michael, but I think you’ll find that European soccer has a mid season transfer window- obviously not as big as the one before the season but still exists.
I actually don’t have a problem with it- tactics, form, and injuries over a season can create a demand, and if someone is just sitting in VFL, why not give them a chance?

The mid-season draft is the AFL's worst idea yet

Great list.

I think I liked Black Cavier better because she was a bit before Winx (maybe a bit too much of once in a lifetime hype in too short a time?) and she is such a beast of a horse- big and powerful, a really exciting horse to watch wind up and bulldoze over. Winx is probably the better horse, but I don’t think she ever really captured the broader public imagination like the Cav did.

The 20 greatest Australian racehorses of the past 20 years

This one seems closer to an Grandpa Simpson rant. “I’m an old man. I hate everything but Matlock!”

Cricket Australia should ban all trick shots

Sorry but Ali Dia surely has to take the cake- pretended to be George Weah’s cousin, trialled for one day at Southampton, and turned out to be a fraud who disappeared…

The five worst EPL signings you've probably forgotten

I guess AdelaideDocker Simpson doesn’t really work though, does it?

Best and worst names of the 2018 AFL draft: A serious investigation

I think we have to be careful comparing Lyon to other wrist spinners- a finger spinner will often have the role of holding down and end and drying up runs, where a wrist spinner is often more aggressive in search of wickets.

In saying that, maybe the same plateau with Benaud and Grimmett, but not as good as Warne.

Where does Nathan Lyon rank among the pantheon of Australian spinners?

I’m sorry, I love the Roar, but this article is noting more then a swipe at Melbourne from an anonymous expert. Victorian Rugby is growing at Grassroots level, we have a fast growing population and a Government who sees rugby as key in being an international sports capital.

Both teams had merits and neither should have gone.I have written before here that teams are paying for the lack of strategic direction from the ARU (
Neither team should have gone.

Forced out! The ARU swings the axe and gets it wrong