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I work in the Recreation space of Local Government. Love all sports, particularly Rugby Union. Particularly interested on how sport can better society at both grassroots and elite level.



Sorry but Ali Dia surely has to take the cake- pretended to be George Weah’s cousin, trialled for one day at Southampton, and turned out to be a fraud who disappeared…

The five worst EPL signings you've probably forgotten

I guess AdelaideDocker Simpson doesn’t really work though, does it?

Best and worst names of the 2018 AFL draft: A serious investigation

I think we have to be careful comparing Lyon to other wrist spinners- a finger spinner will often have the role of holding down and end and drying up runs, where a wrist spinner is often more aggressive in search of wickets.

In saying that, maybe the same plateau with Benaud and Grimmett, but not as good as Warne.

Where does Nathan Lyon rank among the pantheon of Australian spinners?

I’m sorry, I love the Roar, but this article is noting more then a swipe at Melbourne from an anonymous expert. Victorian Rugby is growing at Grassroots level, we have a fast growing population and a Government who sees rugby as key in being an international sports capital.

Both teams had merits and neither should have gone.I have written before here that teams are paying for the lack of strategic direction from the ARU (
Neither team should have gone.

Forced out! The ARU swings the axe and gets it wrong

Thanks for the feedback and conversation Roarers.

I see the point made (particularly by TWAS and Geoff Parkes) that all the states are to blame, and on this I stand by my article. If the ARU had a strong, genuine commitment to their strategic goals, the state bodies would be compelled to follow. However, this lack of direction has led to states following their own separate paths, just like any team without a leader. I think the Force and Rebels have done the best they could with what they had, and laid some serious groundwork for the future. I think complaints about the performance of NSW and QLD unions relates to the ARU and not being an inspiring leader with a clear path as much as anything.

I also now question whether the ARU fought for 5 teams in SANZAAR- surely they could have argued that with the NRC, the quantity and quality of Super Rugby Players is expected to increase over the next 5-10 years, and by chopping a team now you will actually be losing a good team in the future.

Anyway, as an update, I’m glad the Melbourne Rebels and Victorian Government stuck their heels in overnight.

Force and Rebels are paying the price for hapless ARU

Thanks for the comment Tennis Dad. Your comments have really broadened the scope of the piece, and it seems maybe TA need to look at the culture of both elite and sub-elite tennis. From what your saying, I would assume that the bullies and aggressive coaches and players at your level become the erratic seniors. It is a really sad state of play. The worst part is, as players and coaches watch the likes of Kyrgios and Tomic react under pressure, they will take that on board as the ‘norm’. I would love to see things like drug information, self awareness, and media management classes rolled out to juniors early- even if they don’t make the elite, the worst case is kids gain some new skills for life…

Tennis Australia is as much to blame as Kyrgios

I think Bailey has been saved from scrutiny by The Big Show’s almost slapstick comedy batting lately. If Maxwell was in any type of form, Bailey would be getting a lot more attention.

If Clarke is fit, drop Bailey for the Cricket World Cup

DIZZY: A true(ish) version of my 201

The big show gets a big NO!

Australia's batting Picasso: Glenn Maxwell

Still a fail? yeah, I’m a Saints supporter…

Club Grades: 2014 EPL Summer Transfer Window

Great article, Good to see Sarah put some perspective on the argument.

Lazza is right about restraint of trade as well. The salary cap limits an individuals earning potential, so a club is actually holding them back financially if they don’t let them move somewhere to earn more income. Remember when Sonny Bill first went to Union? The Bulldogs and NRL where threatening to take him to court, but if they had, ever salary cap in Australia would have been destroyed by the end of the day.

Free Agency: whose game is it anyway?

Ha! yeah I remember the 64 sleepover parties playing goldeneye…..

I did a post on sport games ages ago,

Gamers or athletes? FIFA15 as an eSport

I kinda see what your trying to get at, but no. Yeah there is skill in gaming, but the skill is making avatars do what you cannot. I know you said there that car drivers and darts players don’t use their bodies as much, but I bet you couldn’t use your body to beat them, only on video games, where the skill is greatly diminished.

Also I would argue NASCAR and other car drivers have high levels of endurance to be able to concentrate at high speed for extended periods of time. Dart players also have a great capacity to lower the pulse rate and focus on their physical actions in highly energetic environments.

Gamers or athletes? FIFA15 as an eSport

Do you know what Don, that is another symptom of the culture, you get so suspicious of everything. You could be right, especially in T20 when a bad bowling spell can lose the game. I was thinking the other day of a certain former AFL footballer who kicked 99 goals in a season then was found to owe debts to bookies after he retired…

We are still naïve about match fixing

Fair call simoc, I should have differentiated the terms between spot-fixing and match fixing, I had them under the same umbrella and should have stated that. The example I used with golf was spot fixing as well.

I still stand by my view that it is a bigger problem then we realise though. As I stated, it will not necessarily be the elite sportspeople, but those middling sportspeople who have not much to loose and a lot to gain. I would strongly argue that horse racing is dirty everywhere- does the name Damien Oliver ring a bell?

Of course form can be a factor as well, but you simply can’t use that as the blanket excuse. And it might be harder to fix matches in team sports, but if the profits there, why not. Michel Platini states here ( that match fixing is the biggest threat to world football.
Why is it any different for own our own sports?

We are still naïve about match fixing

I don’t think you can call Southampton a fail just yet. Osvaldo was already a flop last year and not at the club. They got more than Lallana was probably worth from Liverpool, and good prices for Shaw and Chambers. They replacement what they lost position wise, added a better goalkeeper, bought in some real eridivisie talent in Tadic (who is equally as good as lallana) and Pelle, as well as nabbing Belgian international defender Alderwield. I think they have done alright.

Club Grades: 2014 EPL Summer Transfer Window

Nice Rob9. Hope you get an A+ (you owe me a uni assignment if you do)

Why The Bingham Cup is important for straight men

Thanks Cameron,

It’s great to read your story, and see how the Bingham Cup and the Diablos (which is an awesome name) came to be. You have definitely succeeded in giving some important context. Thanks for taking the time!

Why The Bingham Cup is important for straight men

“Why did it take you so long to realise that people, whatever their sexuality, are all the same?”.

Good question Olaf. I think it relates to the other quotes you pointed out. I was in a bit of a social bubble, where you think saying that stuff doesn’t matter. Honestly, if nothing had changed, I would probably still be the same, and influencing the next generation. I was lucky that someone was brave enough to challenge it, however, I bet there are a lot of football change rooms where it still goes on, and will keep going on.

Why The Bingham Cup is important for straight men

Great answer! I’ve been a huge saints fan for years (I got to see them play Bournemouth in League 1). They play good footy, and although they have lost some big names, they made some very astute purchases and have bought in the same amount of players at about 20m pounds profit. And they will find some more talented youngsters along the season, as they do…

Big money buys trophies, and it sickens me

Spot on Ash. I’m all up for a bit of controversy as well. A lot better than the sandman wasting 5 minutes just to say “vision inconclusive”, and a collective groan from the nation.

Time to holster the score review system

I think there are going to be more losses, Schneirderlin cracked it because he wants to go to Tottenham, and hasn’t returned to training. On the other hand, apparently they are after Hernández. Koeman can basically just play Football Manager. With all the players gone, I’ll be waiting by the phone if they need a fill in….

2014/15 EPL season preview: Southampton

Yeah, I just think this article would have been good if there was an uproar. But there isn’t. So I dunno…

The shapely peril: Becky Hammon and women in sport

I think the Chile vs. Netherlands game is actually now more crucial, as it is now entirely possible that Spain’s fate will depend on this game as well.

Top five World Cup group matches not featuring the Socceroos

The fact that, as you say, most Taswegians already have a team is exactly why they will never a new AFL team. It’s not because they are worried about a lack of support, however, it’s because the AFL would gain hardly any new supporters. They already dominate the market. It’s a bit like Safeway building a new supermarket in a town when the only supermarket is already a Safeway.

Can Tasmania sustain its own AFL team?