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Fanatical football romanticist with a murderous loathing of undeservedly unpredictable bounces. Not a fan of Sharrod Wellingham's hair nor the sleeve tattoo. Do like Sean Dempster's humble simplicity.



Hi Lee.

The reference is to the likes of Peake, McQualter, Eddy etc. The filler-innerer brigade.

Noble, but not in the same class as their Freo ‘equivalents’.


Why has everyone forgotten about the Dockers?

I had my Saints slotted for about 7 wins this year. They lost their fair share of close games. The Saints also showed – a bit like Gold Coast a few years back – young sides with a sprinkling of aged talent simply don’t have the capacity to run out four quarters. Usually they mucked in, though and, man, did they circulate some younglings through their year. Frankly, given all but a decade of finals and a couple of close flag tilts, the Saints probably couldn’t give a rats about win/loss this year. They’ll simply be more concerned with getting miles into young midfield legs (very much the Pelchen way – work a pool of mids). They’ll draft defenders this year. Next year will be a similar tale and they’ll look for forward KP talent to cover as much as they can the demise of Riewoldt. Thereafter they’ll begin the climb again. A two year bottom out after such a long run of relative success would be a massive coup. That their year was light for ladder success but heavy on consistent competitive effort would be construed as an early rebuild win.

Brisbane continue to be the greatest disappointment for mine. They have been in nowheresville for far too long.

North are a Top 4 side. That they were ultimately 10th-ish is as weird as it is unbelievable. Huge underachievers.

This year's top three AFL disappointments